Can you access Twitter without an account?

In this article, can you see Twitter without a Twitter account? I will explain about the problem and whether you can see what you are seeing.

Have you ever wanted to see other people’s tweets, even though you don’t want them to know?

It is possible to see Twitter without an account

In such a case, you can browse Twitter without an account (not logged in).

If you want to browse Twitter without an account (not logged in), we recommend accessing twitter.com/explore on your smartphone or web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Since the keyword search screen opens, you can type in your favorite search words to view the “Topical Tweets” tab or follow the information from the “Account” tab.

If you browse without an account on Twitter, is there a possibility that the other party will find out?

In conclusion, even if you search and browse the other party’s tweets on Twitter without an account, it is impossible for that to be transmitted to the other party.

This is because Twitter’s system cannot identify you without an account.

It is recommended to use incognito mode (private mode)

Even if you don’t think you’re logged in to Twitter, due to some mistake or the automatic login function, you browsed while logged in, followed the other party by mistake, liked or retweeted the other party’s tweets, etc. If you do, it may be transmitted to the other party and they may find out that you are browsing.

If you absolutely do not want to tell the other party that you are browsing the other person’s Twitter, use the incognito mode (private mode in Safari on iPhone) on your smartphone or PC browser to browse the other person’s Twitter. recommended.

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