Does Samsung Have a Trade in Program? | How Does Samsung Trade In Work in 2023

Want to trade in your old Samsung? If you’re wondering does Samsung have a trade in program? Read on!

Samsung’s trade-in program is among the best in the business because it provides you with value today for the smartphone you will trade in in the future.

In other words, rather than receiving a credit back weeks later, the value of your old phone is applied to the purchase of a new one.

When everything goes according to plan, it’s a joy to behold.

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

What is the Samsung trade-in program?

With Samsung’s trade in program you can receive trade-in credit instantly on any device that’s eligible according to the Samsung trade in program. You can use the trade-in credit to get yourself a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy. 

Trade-in programs allow you to get a discount on a new device by returning your old one.

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

When you use the Samsung trade-in program to get a new device, their trade-in vendor will come and get your old one.

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

Although you can see the estimated trade-in value of your old device before making your purchase, this value is subject to change based on the selected Samsung model, the traded-in model, the old final device condition during pickup, and other eligibility criteria.

How does Samsung trade-in work?

When you use a Samsung trade-in program, you can get credit toward purchasing a new Samsung phone or tablet by exchanging your old one.

You must meet Samsung’s requirements to participate in this program. 

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

In addition to mobile devices, Samsung has partnered with a Fortune 500 company that provides various services, including cloud computing and data storage.

Are you eligible for the Samsung trade-in program?

To be eligible for the Samsung trade-in program, your device must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Conditions of Operation

Devices that do not function can’t be traded in. You must be able to turn on, charge, and keep your device from shutting off on its own.

  • Device display 

No pixelation, no black spots, and a fully functional screen are all requirements for your device to be approved.

  • Functionality of the Device

This is a good indicator of how fast your device is. Except for everyday wear and tear, your device must not be damaged beyond repair. Water, damage to the charging port, SIM card tray, and the battery are all included in this category.

  • Ownership of a device 

Samsung’s trade-in program does not accept leased devices. You must have paid in full for your device. Keep in mind that this only applies to devices on a contract.

  • Blacklisted devices

Your device will not be eligible for trade-in if it is on the banned list.

  • The Federal Communications Commission ID
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If you have an FCC ID number, it means your device is legal to use in the United States. When you remove the battery pack from your device, you’ll see your FCC ID number on the back.

  • Trade-in of a Cracked Screen

Even if your device has a cracked screen, you can still sell it. It’s possible to trade in a Samsung phone with a broken screen for a new one.

Your device will be accepted at a reduced price if it meets the requirements. The following are the rules:

  • An FCC ID is required
  • Not on a list of people to avoid.
  • The factory reset was successful.
  • Resetting the security software

Even though your device meets these minimum requirements, it must still be sent to the Samsung warehouse for the second round of inspection before it can be released.

Simply put, this means that Samsung experts will examine your device and determine whether or not it meets its requirements.

Things you should know before trading in your Samsung device

Does Samsung Have A Trade in Program

You can only trade in one device per new Samsung product under this Trade-In Program, or you can change in multiple devices as specified during checkout.

For the Trade-in Device and New Samsung Product, Samsung has sole discretion to determine the model’s eligibility and Trade-In Value. This can change depending on when the device was purchased.

Samsung reserves the right to require that your Trade-In Device meet all of the specifications set forth by the company.

If your Trade-In Device is a pair of headphones, both sides of the headphones must be able to hear each other. Make sure your device is ready for a trade-in by following these steps:

  • Memory and Sim Cards

You’ll need a sim card and a memory card for your new device. That’s why you can proceed with the removal.

  • Data back up

 It isn’t necessary to back up your photos, music, and other data, but it does help ensure that you don’t lose anything. Your Google and Samsung Cloud accounts are viable data storage and recovery options.

  • Removal of Personal Information 

If you want to delete all of your personal information, you’ll need to use this software wipe method to erase your passwords and banking information.

  • Factory Reset

The final step in preparing your device for a factory reset is to perform a factory reset. It will be as if your device has just been purchased. 

So are you In need of assistance with a factory reset?  No problem, simply follow the steps outlined-

  • The first step is to tap settings.
  • Backup and resetting your tabs is the second step 
  • Tap Factory data reset the third step 
  • Reset the gadget is the fourth step 
  • The last and final step is – When you’re done, press the Erase Everything button.

What to do if your Samsung trade-in request was rejected?

The following conditions and any others Samsung may specify to you at the time of such offer to return your Trade-In Device apply if Samsung rejects your Trade-In Device:

  • Within seven days of receiving Samsung’s written offer, you must notify the company.
  • You can only ship returned Trade-In Devices to the address you provided at the time of purchase; otherwise, they will be returned to you.
  • After your Trade-In Device has been accepted, you can no longer cancel your request to return the rejected device.
  • If your Trade-In Device is rejected, it will be returned to you with factory settings and all of its data wiped clean.
  • A swollen or damaged battery in your rejected Trade-in Device makes it unsafe to ship and will prevent it from being returned to you.
  • Delivery requires a signature. No second attempt will be made to return your rejected Trade-In Device to you after Samsung’s authorized carrier cannot complete the delivery.
  • As soon as you return the Trade-In Device that was rejected, Samsung will charge your payment account for all the Trade-In Device credit you received when purchasing your New Samsung Product, plus any applicable taxes.
  • Certain conditions must be met before Samsung will return your Trade-In Device, and if you don’t meet those conditions, you won’t get your Trade-In Device back, even if you return the New Samsung Product you purchased from Samsung. 
  • It is impossible to get your Trade-In Device back from Samsung if it accepts and doesn’t reject your device.
  • Samsung also states that if you return your New Samsung Product, regardless of whether Samsung accepts or rejects your Trade-In Device, you will not be refunded for the Trade-In Device credit that was deducted from the purchase price of your New Samsung Product.

Terms and conditions for the Samsung trade-in program you must follow

  • Samsung offers and manages the Trade-In Program.
  • Trade-In participants must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Other promotions, discounts, or offers cannot be combined with the Trade-In Program unless clearly stated in their terms and conditions. For example, your name, address, and information connected to your payment method may be required to complete the service and support duties under the Trade-In Program. You may receive Trade-In Program-related messages from Samsung, its affiliates, and agents. You may also be asked to participate in surveys or marketing emails from Samsung and its affiliates.
  • This means that if any provision (or portion of a condition) of these Terms is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable legislation, that provision (or part thereof) is deemed omitted from these Terms and has no effect on the other terms.
  • It will be emailed to you. If you don’t have an email, keep a copy of these Terms and any sales receipts or other papers related to your transaction.
  • Samsung maintains the right to terminate the Trade-In Program or modify these Terms at any time.
  • Samsung reserves the right to refuse or discontinue your participation in the Trade-In Program if we suspect it is being used for a fraudulent or illegal purpose.
  • Neither Trade-In Program eligibility nor Samsung’s Trade-In Value is transferable.
  • This New Samsung Product may be returned in compliance with Samsung’s Returns and Refund Policy (or in the case of in-person purchases made at Samsung Galaxy Studios, you must return the New Samsung Product that you purchased under this Trade-In Program to the Samsung Galaxy Studio from which the device was purchased within 30 days of such purchase). 
  • If you are due a refund, it will be processed using the same payment method as your initial order. However, if you return your New Samsung Product after sending Samsung your Trade-In Device, and Samsung accepts it, Samsung will not replace your Trade-In Device to you. You will also not be reimbursed for the Trade-In Device credit taken from the purchase price of your New Samsung Product.

Does Samsung accept trade-ins for new phones?

Samsung accepts devices in its trade-in program if the device meets the eligibility criteria. And you can get a discount on a new smartphone by trading in your old phone at Samsung.

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Is it possible to use the Samsung Trade-In offer to exchange a phone that has a cracked screen?

You can’t trade in a phone with a cracked screen under Samsung’s Trade-In program.

Under the trade-in program, how can I pay for my new Samsung phone?

You can use debit/credit cards, net banking, wallets, and other payment methods to complete your payment under the Samsung mobile exchange offer.

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