How Does Samsung Smart Tag Work | Complete Guide 2023

For those times when you’ve become anxious about misplacing a valuable item like your keys or wallet, you’ve wished there was a magic trick that would help you locate them on a map or summon them by voice. 

At the company’s 2021 Unpacked event in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung unveiled its tag, a small device the size of a key ring. Smart Tag helps you locate missing items using your Galaxy smartphone Bluetooth and the SmartThings Find a network. 

Smart tag is a small, portable device that you can easily attach to the things you love most, whether or not they have their connection and its coin-size battery lasts for months, so you can trust that Tag will help you track down your favorite things — even if they’ve been missing for a while.

Let me take you through how the Samsung Smart Tag works.

How Does Samsung Smart Tag Works

The Smart Tag can be attached to anything, from a wallet to a backpack or even your pet to keep track of them.

An inexpensive and widely available CR2032 battery powers each Smart Tag, which can be removed and replaced.

As soon as it is linked to your Samsung account, SmartThings can locate the tag. 

Setting Up Samsung’s Smart Tag

To begin tracking your items with a Smart Tag or Smart Tag+, use the SmartThings mobile app to set up your device.

The app must be current to add your Smart Tag. To learn more about SmartThings, open the app and select the menu icon (three horizontal lines).

Tap the Update button to see if a new version of the app is available.

How Does The Samsung Smart Tag Work

Here’s how to set up your Smart Tag once your app is up to date:

  • Launch the SmartThings application. Make sure the app is running before you press the button on your Smart Tag.
  • Tap Add Now when a pop-up appears on your Galaxy device. Pop-ups aren’t always necessary. If one doesn’t appear, press the “Add” icon (the plus sign), select “Devices,” then “Samsung.”
  • You may proceed once you’ve agreed to the terms of this agreement.
  • Select the device’s location and room by pressing the Start button. If you’re using a mobile device, the Room drop-down menu has an On the Go option.
  • Upon completing your setup, click the button on your Smart Tag and wait for a few moments for the process to complete.
  • You can now give your Smart Tag a name. Name it after the device that it is connected to.
  • Begin the process by pressing the Start button. You’re good to go.
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You can also refer to the official instruction manual below

How to Locate Your Samsung Smart Tag?

Using your Galaxy smartphone, you can locate a lost item with a Smart Tag attached in a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your SmartThings account.
  • To access the menu, press and hold the Menu button.
  • Select All Devices from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Go to Map by clicking on your missing Smart Tag or Smart Tag+.
How Does The Samsung Smart Tag Work

You have three choices based on how far you are from your Smart Tag:

  • Use this tool to look for places nearby: Using the Search Nearby function, you can find out how close your Smart Tag is. Look at this function as a “hot-cold” thermometer for finding your lost items.
  • Navigate: The Navigate function can be used to launch Google Maps and get GPS directions to the item’s location if your Smart Tag appears on the map, but it’s a long way away. This is useful if you forget your wallet at the coffee shop across town.
  • Ring Feature: Finally, you can use the Ring feature to alert you if your Smart Tag is nearby. As long as you hold down the Stop button, the Smart Tag will beep.

To help you find your keys, Samsung’s Smart Tag+ uses AR technology.

Using the AR Finder, you can see how far away you are from your Smart Tag+ using a simple overlay interface.

To find your Smart Tag+, follow the directions until you get close enough to hear the sound of the ringing alarm.

How to locate a lost item using Samsung Smart Tag? 

Open the SmartThings app on your smartphone as soon as you realize you’ve lost something. Then select All Devices from the menu that appears.

Maps can be viewed by selecting the Smart Tag or Smart Tag Plus you’re looking for. Your tag’s current location will be displayed on a map.

You can use the gauge on the screen to see how close you are to the missing item. The closer you are, the more full the indicator becomes. You can make it play a sound to aid your search for the tag.

How Does The Samsung Smart Tag Work

Don’t worry if the tag isn’t correct in front of you. Other Samsung devices near the tag will locate it for you and then tell you where it is, all without the device’s owner doing a single thing.

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Because it’s done in the background and the data is encrypted, you can rest assured that your information is safe.

How Samsung Tags Help Businesses with Location-based Services?

Although the Samsung Smart Tag and Smart Tag+ are intended for personal use, this location technology also has significant business applications.

Adding asset tracking technology to an organization’s asset management strategy can be beneficial for any organization that needs to know the exact location of facility equipment quickly.

How Does The Samsung Smart Tag Work

Some examples include medical equipment in an intensive care unit, power tools on a construction site, or expensive testing equipment in an industrial setting.

The Galaxy Smart Tag+’s more accurate location services are made possible by incorporating UWB technology.

When used in conjunction with AR mobile apps, UWB improves spatial accuracy and directionality, finding the items you’ve tagged.

Thanks to these new technologies, you and your employees will be able to protect all of your company’s devices better, no matter where they go.

Samsung Smart Tag Features

SmartThings App To Track Your Belongings 

The SmartThings app can display the tracker’s most recent location on a map, based on the last time it was linked to a mobile device.

Unlike in the movies, where you can see the blue dot moving with extreme precision, this game has no real-time tracking.

To make it easier for you to locate a misplaced tracker, Samsung is making use of its vast network of smartphone users.

How Does Samsung Smart Tag Works

Using the SmartThings app, other devices with the Smart Tag app nearby can pick up on the Bluetooth Low Energy signal that Smart Tag emits.

In this case, if you leave your backpack on the bench in the park with a tracker attached, its location will be updated even if someone else passes by.

As far as Samsung is concerned, all SmartThings Find users’ data is encrypted and protected.

The Smart Tag’s ability to act as a remote control for Internet of Things routines sets it apart from other trackers.

The Smart Tag button has a single-press programmable function that can be linked to trigger a wide range of IoT and home automation devices, such as bright lights and thermostats, via various protocols.

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The Smart Tag’s ability to serve as a small IoT remote is what makes it so expensive.

Battery Life and Range Of Samsung Smart Tag

The Samsung Smart Tag’s primary function is to help you find things around your house, making it ring from as far as 30 meters away in our office.

How Does The Samsung Smart Tag Work

Instead of serving as a theft deterrent for priceless items, it’s designed to be attached to everyday household items you keep close at hand.

Samsung Tag can make the phone ring with a simple double-press of the button, and the range can be around 30 meters.

Moreover, The Samsung tag’s battery is a standard CR2032, rated at 220mAh and readily available.

How Does Samsung Smart Tag Works

All you need to get to the battery, all you need is a coin inserted in an opening at the bottom of the tag to pry it open. It’s not a difficult task.

To re-pair the Samsung tag with a different phone, you will need to remove the battery and reinsert it while holding the button pressed.

What’s the range of the Samsung Smart Tag?

Smart Tags uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your Galaxy smartphone or tablet, with a maximum range of 120 meters.

Offline finding in SmartThings Find can help you find your Smart Tag even if it’s out of range.

Do other phones work with Samsung Smart Tag?

Only Samsung smartphones can use it. While Tile and other popular Bluetooth trackers can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, the Galaxy Smart Tag is limited to Android-only use.

This Samsung tracker is intended only for people who own Samsung smartphones.

Does the Samsung tag have GPS?

The Samsung Connect Tag will receive precise location information both indoors and outdoors using GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS), and Cell ID.

In addition, the Samsung Connect Tag has several useful functions that help reduce stress and make it easier to use.


    Samsung Tag is an excellent device. An IoT device remote control has a replaceable battery, looks good and is extremely loud.

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