How the Sharesies App Works With Sharesight

Sharesies is a micro-investing app that offers trading in Australian, New Zealand, and US shares and funds. The platform charges transaction fees and integrates with Sharesight. Here’s how it works. To download the Sharesies app, open your web browser, tap the share icon, or the three dots at the upper right corner of the window. From there, you can edit the page name and select a folder.

Sharesies is a micro-investing platform

Using a micro-investing platform like Sharesies, you can invest in several different types of companies. Depending on your needs, you can invest in either a stock or an index, or in all three. You can choose a portfolio that best matches your needs, or you can create your own. You can choose to invest in the markets you are familiar with or in a niche that interests you.

The cost of using Sharesies is minimal. You only have to deposit a small amount of money to invest. Sharesies is free to use and offers a support team that will assist you. The platform is easy to navigate and doesn’t require a minimum investment amount, making it great for new investors. There are several other micro-investing platforms to choose from, but Sharesies is one of the best. If you’re new to investing, Raiz, Superhero, Spaceship Voyager, and others may be better suited for your needs.

If you want to invest on a micro-scale, you’ll need to invest a small amount of money. Sharesies’ fee structure is easy to understand and follows the same fees as other investing platforms. You can top up your account with either a credit card or a bank deposit. Since launching in New Zealand in 2017, Sharesies has signed up more than 350,000 users and invested over $1 billion. While there are many micro-investing platforms available online, Sharesies does not charge any brokerage fees.

Sharesies also offers 2-factor authentication, which is an additional security measure. This means that when you log in to your account, you have to provide a secure code. This helps protect your money. Despite the fact that Sharesies doesn’t store your money in your name, the funds you deposit in your account are held in a separate bank account. Sharesies does not guarantee future returns, but it does offer a safe and secure environment for investing.

Sharesies is a New Zealand micro-investing platform that allows you to invest in a range of different stocks. This platform is an excellent way for new investors to learn the ins and outs of investing. It is designed to make investing easy and hassle-free. It allows anyone to invest their hard-earned money and make a big difference in their lives. It is important to remember that all investing involves risk.

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It offers trading in funds and shares in Australia, New Zealand, and the US

As a consumer-focused broker, Sharesies aims to make investing easier for women and new investors, despite a wealth gap that still exists between men and women. For example, women in Australia have 47 percent less superannuation than men, and many more are retiring in poverty than with a sizable amount. However, the company is still relatively new and its app is available to download in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

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Users can access over 400,000 companies and funds across three countries. The app is free to download and offers an investment minimum of $1,000. Sharesies maintains a detailed record of the funds in the Wallet, and a separate account for company operations. Sharesies also performs an annual audit to ensure compliance with legal obligations. Sharesies, however, does not guarantee future performance.

While Sharesies provides an option for low-risk investments, the fees involved will likely outweigh any potential returns. For example, 0.5% brokerage fees do not make for a good deal, and the fees that accompanies “lower-risk” investments are often exacerbated by the exchange rates, which add volatility. The short-term investor should consider investing in bank deposits or other lower-cost platforms.

However, the downsides of this app are not all that bad. Despite the low cost, it does not offer social trading, complex derivatives, or leveraged products. There are some drawbacks, however. While the app does allow users to trade shares and funds from Australia, New Zealand, and the US, there are several important limitations that make it an unsuitable choice for most users.

One major limitation of the Sharesies app is its minimum purchase threshold. Most platforms have a minimum purchase threshold of $500 or even thousands of dollars, but new entrants have lowered this threshold significantly. The free app also allows you to connect your portfolios to Sharesight for free, and it automatically sends details of all your Sharesies trades to the latter. You can also import past Sharesies trades.

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It charges transaction fees

If you’re thinking of making an investment using the Sharesies app, you should be aware of its transaction fees. These fees are for single orders, and include transaction and currency exchange fees. These fees are also included in the unit price of the funds. Management fees are charged by funds, and cover the operational costs of the company. You should ask the provider of the funds about these fees, since they may vary from one to the next.

The Sharesies app has no minimum investment, so you can start with a small amount of money and gradually increase your portfolio. The platform offers many investment options, including managed funds. There are over 8,000 companies listed on Sharesies, and it has a “auto-invest” feature. You can also choose to choose your investments yourself, or purchase premade orders. Transaction fees are also low, so you can test the waters with a small financial commitment.

While there are no monthly or yearly subscription fees, the Sharesies app does charge a transaction fee when you buy/sell shares. This fee is sometimes called a brokerage fee, and is based on the amount of money you’re buying or selling. The fee is calculated based on the net amount of the transaction, so if you bought a share for $4,000, you’d pay a fee of $15 and a $1. That works out to $16. If you’re looking to buy shares from US and Australian companies, you can pay 0.4% to avoid being charged this fee.

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While the transaction fee is small, it can add up fast. Using the Sharesies app, you can invest as little as $1990 and invest $2000. This will require you to pay a $10 transaction fee. If you’re unsure of the transaction fee before you make your investment, check the app’s terms and make sure it’s worth it. If the transaction fee is too expensive, you’ll have to invest more money to break even.

The Sharesies app offers an automatic investment feature, which allows you to set and forget. To use the auto-invest feature, you’ll need to have funds in your wallet at the time of the investment. You can also set the frequency of your investment. The app also allows you to invest as little as one cent. And because Sharesies offers three exchanges for investment, the convenience is hard to beat. You’ll be saving yourself time and money while you’re at it.

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It integrates with Sharesight

The sharesies app integrates with Sharesight to give you an up-to-date view of your portfolio. You can view your past Sharesies transactions, and you can automatically send new ones to Sharesight. The app also has several features to help you manage your portfolio. If you want to connect Sharesies and Sharesight, follow these steps. You can connect your account for free. After that, you can choose which features you want to integrate.

The Sharesight app has a very intuitive design that will allow you to get a quick overview of your portfolio. The app automatically tracks the value changes of your linked accounts, as well as dividends and brokerage fees. It also generates detailed reports. You can also set up groups and track individual investments to make things easier. And as long as you have a Google account, the app is compatible with both Sharesight and Sharesies.

You can also sync your portfolio with Sharesies using the Sharesight API. This will automatically sync your Sharesies transactions to your Sharesight account without any manual admin. Sharesight allows you to track more than 240,000 stocks. This is great for investors who want to see their portfolios anywhere in the world. Its API is available for Android, Apple, Windows, and the web. There are also free plans. There are many perks of using the Sharesies app with Sharesight. You’ll never have to leave your iPhone behind.

You can use Sharesight as an alternative to Google Finance. The free version allows you to track up to ten investments. However, it doesn’t offer personalised settings, which makes it less convenient for users with more than 2,000 holdings. If you want to keep track of more than a few shares, you’ll need the Sharesight Pro version. This version is geared toward professionals. You can get a free trial of Sharesight before making a decision.

As for Sharesies’ integration with Slack, the app allows you to share real-time information with external vendors and industry partners. The Slack integration is a great addition to the Sharesies app. Sharesies employees can also take ownership of the Slack experience, which fosters connection, flexibility, and inclusivity. If you’re an aspiring investor, you can use the free version to get started.

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