How To Daisy Chain Routers | Complete Guide 2023

Learn how to daisy chain routers here. You can learn how to connect a bunch of routers together to expand your network and minimize any dead zones in your home. Read on to find out more!

You may detest dead WiFi zones in your home or locations where your WiFi signals cannot be reached if you use WiFi. There are times when you will have intermittent signals or a slow connection speed throughout the house.

As a result, you won’t be able to get strong connectivity and high-speed Internet across your home. This is a problem if you want to connect more than one device to the WiFi network throughout the house.

You can solve the issue by purchasing a longer-range router or a WiFi range extender. Daisy chain routers can also be used to overcome this problem. Daisy chain routers are great for extending the WiFi range.

Many people, however, are confused about whether routers can be daisy-chained. So, yes, we have a step-by-step procedure for daisy-chaining routers here.

What is a Daisy Chain?

A Daisy Chain is a connected technique of linking two routers that allow your network to be extended across a wider distance. The connection will become exceedingly strong, and the signal strength will improve dramatically.

Furthermore, the WiFi range will extend and can go as far as you daisy link them. Connecting the routers is really simple and quick, however, if you are doing it for the first time, make sure to follow the instructions.

How To Daisy Chain Routers

To begin, the following items are required to finish the daisy chain router process:

  • You must have access to both the original router and the second router to which you wish to connect.
  • Check to see if it is compatible with the ISP of your WiFi.
  • A wireless Ethernet cable must be used to connect both routers.

You must first prepare your second router before beginning the Daisy Chaining operation. Let’s wait and see what occurs.

Step 1: Reset the Router

How To Daisy Chain Routers

To begin the process, you must first reset your router. Navigate to a web page and enter your router’s IP address to reset it.

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There are some instructions from the router’s manufacturer that you must follow.

Step 2: Disable the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

You will be requested to disable DHCP after rebooting the second router. Deactivate the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) (DHCP). Because enabling it can lead to some redundancy, which should be avoided.

Depending on the operating system, the technique for disabling DHCP differs. We’ve provided step-by-step instructions for disabling DHCP on a variety of operating systems, taking into account the unique requirements of each user.

Step 2.1: How to Disable the DHCP in Windows 8/ Windows 10?

How To Daisy Chain Routers
  • Navigate to the Network Connections section.
  • Select the option for an active network connection by double-clicking it.
  • Finally, when you select the Properties option, you will be presented with a list of several Internet Protocol versions. Version 4 of the Internet Protocol is recommended.
  • Select the Properties option once again.
  • You will now see a choice. Use the IP address mentioned below, followed by a click.
  • You’ll be asked for your IP address, Subnet Mask settings, and the most commonly used Default Gateway.

Step 2.2: How to Disable the DHCP in Windows 7?

How To Daisy Chain Routers
  • Go to the Control Panel section.
  • There will be a Network and Sharing Center option; select it to access the Local Area Connection Link.
  • Finally, when you select the Properties option, you will be presented with a list of several Internet Protocol versions. Version 4 of the Internet Protocol is recommended.
  • Select the Properties option once again.
  • You will now see a choice. Use the IP address mentioned below, followed by a click.
  • You’ll be asked for your IP address, Subnet Mask settings, and the most commonly used Default Gateway.

Step 2.3: How to Disable the DHCP in Apple Devices?

How To Daisy Chain Routers

Apple is distinct from Windows-based operating systems. They have an AirPort Express incorporated within the gadget. It is a fantastic wireless extender system of exceptional quality.

  • Go to the AirPort Utility section. It is located in the Applications folder.
  • A Base Station option will appear; edit the base station.
  • Now, to bring up a pop-up menu, click the Network option.
  • Turn it off, or select Bridge Mode from the option that appears.

After completing the preceding steps, you can finally begin Daisy Chaining the Routers. To make the operation less complicated, go through it step by step.

Step 3: Determine the Subnet and IP Address

How To Daisy Chain Routers

To begin, look for the subnet of your original router as well as the IP address used to give users access to additional devices.

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If you’re using a Windows device, use the search bar on your desktop to find what you’re looking for.

Now, type “cmd,” and a pop-up window will appear, prompting you to type “ipconfig” to obtain your device’s IP address.

Step 4: Assign the new Router an IP address

How To Daisy Chain Routers

The next step is to assign the new router an IP address. Ascertain that it is within the sub-net you discovered in the first step.

The IP address you’re assigning is referred to as a Static IP address. This is a critical step because if you do not provide the router with the right IP address, your network will not recognize the router as an extension.

Step 5: Establishing a connection on the same network

You must ensure that all of your routers are using the same network mask. As for the connectivity, this confirmation is essential.

Step 6: Use the Ethernet Cable to connect

Now, using your Ethernet cable, connect the new router to the LAN port to establish a link between the two routers.

As a result, you’ll be able to connect the old router to a new one as an extension.

Step 7: Examine the WiFi Channels

When you use the WiFi extension to connect two routers, your Wi-Fi may overlap on some channels, which should be avoided. Keep an eye on your WiFi channels.

Step 8: Secure your new router

Secure your connection by locking down your new router. You can modify the network passwords by altering the IP addresses of both routers.

Simply enter the IP address into the browser and you will be prompted to change the password.

Why Should Routers Be Daisy Chained?

Before you start daisy-chaining your routers, you need to understand why you’re doing so. Daisy chain routers will extend the range and strength of your internet connection across your home.

You should think about daisy-chaining the routers if:

  • Have A Large House
    If you live in a large house with a huge surface area, numerous stories, or an apartment, chances are you will have difficulty obtaining an internet connection in the house if you walk away from the router.
  • Stream 4k Quality Videos Or Games
    Another reason you should daisy chain routers is if you spend the majority of your time streaming games or watching 4K films in the highest quality. Multiple users on the same router can eventually impair the speed; daisy-chaining the router can successfully address this issue as well.
  • You Are An Avid Gamer
    It doesn’t matter if you’re just scrolling through a social media platform; however, if you’re a professional gamer or online streamer, chances are you’ll need the strongest internet connection possible to ensure a glitch-free gaming experience for yourself and the audience you’re streaming the game for. In such instances, you can daisy chain a router to bring the connection closer to you, ensuring continuous connectivity without the chance of buffering.

Is It Possible To Daisy Chain Two Routers?

It is entirely possible to daisy chain two wired or wireless routers if all of the instructions are followed to the letter. Furthermore, your router must have some features that allow it to implement the same. However, you will only notice it absent if you have an old-aged substandard router that is no longer useful in today’s fastest-growing tech world.

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Can You Daisy Chain Three Routers?

While it is not necessarily impossible, we recommend that you avoid doing the same, particularly because of the tremendous disarray and chaos that would result.

Do Daisy Chaining Routers Affect Security?

It doesn’t work that way. Once you’ve completed the daisy chain method, make sure to lock down the routers and secure the IP addresses. It should be sufficient to keep the routers and your internet identity safe.


Daisy-chaining the routers together is a novel approach to connect them and expand the signal’s reach as far as you want to distribute the connection. You will be able to quickly establish the extended connection using the information provided above.

To fully utilize the WiFi connection, follow the steps above. Daisy Chain routers are extremely efficient and outperform any other choice, as other extenders can be rather expensive. If you have ancient routers, you should purchase an Ethernet cable to connect them.

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