How to deal with Twitter “Something went wrong, please try again”

In this article, we will explain how to deal with the message “A problem occurred. Please try again” on Twitter.

When I use Twitter, I often see “A problem has occurred. Please try again.” Is it a freeze, block, or account deletion?

Please read to the end as it explains in detail what to do when “A problem occurred. Please try again” is displayed.

How to deal with Twitter “Something went wrong”

The following are the main actions to be taken when “There is a problem. Please try again” is displayed on Twitter.

  • Follow Twitter’s policies/terms of use
  • Update the app version to the latest version
  • Operate in a good network environment
  • restart the app
  • Restart your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

If you can’t solve the problem by following these 5 solutions, we recommend that you contact the management of Twitter.

How to fix “A problem occurred. Please reload.”

Here’s how to fix the “Something went wrong. Please reload.” screen doesn’t appear. This is effective when using Twitter with Google Chrome on a PC browser.

  1. Close all tabs displayed on Twitter.
  2. Click “︙” in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Click “Privacy & Security”.
  5. Click “Cookies and other site data”.
  6. Select “See all cookies and site data”.
  7. Enter “twitter.com” at the top right of the screen.
  8. Select and delete all displayed site data (URL).
  9. If you open the Twitter site and log in again, you can solve the “A problem occurred. Please reload.”

Why does Twitter say “Something went wrong, please try again”?

Here’s why you might see “Something went wrong”. We have summarized the main reasons.

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The account was (permanently) suspended for violating Twitter’s policy.

If you are using Twitter and have violated our policies and your account has been permanently suspended, you may see a message “Something went wrong” on your screen. In this case, the problem is that your account has been permanently frozen.

Twitter is famous for its strict terms of service and policies, but permanently suspending accounts is considered the most severe sanction.

If you are permanently frozen, you will not be able to register a new account, so the image is that you will be permanently banned from Twitter.

You can use Twitter without registering an account, but you can’t post, so I doubt if you can use it 100% satisfactorily.

If you have not violated our terms of service or policies, please file a complaint to remove the permanent freeze.

Blocked from account showing “Something went wrong”.

You may see “Something went wrong” when opening the profile page of a blocked account.

If you try to display the blocked account’s profile screen or posts shortly after being blocked, an error may occur in which the page or post itself is displayed without content. “Something went wrong” is displayed.

The version of the Twitter app you are using is old (not the latest version)

Even if the Twitter app you are using has not been updated to the latest version and is outdated, a “problem occurred” message may be displayed.

Twitter is updated regularly to improve usability and safety. If you do not update, new functions added may not work properly, and bugs and malfunctions may occur.

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Keeping the app version up-to-date may solve the “something went wrong” issue.

If you find it troublesome to manually update the app, you can set the automatic update settings for the app from the settings of the smartphone or tablet you are using.

Searching for and opening deleted accounts or tweets: “Something went wrong. Please try again”

When you search for deleted accounts or tweets and try to display the screen, “Problem occurred” may be displayed.

Normally, after deleting an account, neither the profile page nor the posted tweets will be displayed in the search results, but they will be displayed when there is a system error or when the deletion of the account overlaps with the search. phenomenon occurs.

In that case, you will be notified that “A problem has occurred. Please try again.”

You clicked “back” during an account registration investigation

If you click the “Back” button while registering an account using Twitter in a browser instead of the Twitter app, the registration procedure will not be completed in the correct procedure, and you will receive the message “A problem has occurred. Please try again.” .” may be displayed.

If you do not follow the correct procedure for account registration, the registration process may not be completed. Please be careful not to click the “Back” button when registering.

A problem occurred on Twitter.

When there is a problem with Twitter, the message “Problem has occurred” may appear on the screen when you perform an operation.

This issue cannot be dealt with by the user side, so it is necessary to wait until the management side solves the problem.

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Please be patient while waiting for the problem to be resolved. Regarding Twitter’s failure information, you can check what is happening in real time on the official page, so if you check frequently, you can quickly grasp that the problem has been resolved.

Used in an unstable network environment

When using in an unstable network environment, the message “A problem occurred. Please try again.” may be displayed due to the fact that the device cannot import data.

This problem happens quite often. Please be careful when using it in places where the internet environment is likely to be poor, such as on the train during your morning commute or underground.

In places where there is a time limit, such as cafes that offer wifi, when you are viewing Twitter using wifi, it is possible that a “problem occurred” message will be displayed if you go offline. Please be careful in such cases.

How to deal with Twitter “Something went wrong”: Summary

Here is how to fix the “Something went wrong” message. It was a problem that I sometimes see when using Twitter, but when I write articles myself, I see! I had a thought, so I’m glad if it’s for those who read it even a little.

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