How To Tell If My Router Is Bad | 11 Signs Of A Faulty or Dying Router 2023

Here’s a guide on how to tell if my router is bad or is failing. Check it out!

When you are playing a game and your internet connection begins to lag, you may lose your winning game. As the Internet has the potential to make a difference.

When you are watching a video and it begins to buffer, you may believe that the problem is caused by the router growing old and obsolete. Many people wonder, “Do wireless routers fail?”

Yes, routers get antiquated and malfunction with time. Routers are made up of a working mechanism that is incorporated within the device.

This mechanism does not stop functioning for even a minute; when a machine operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it will likely begin to perform slowly and inefficiently at some point.

But how can I determine if my router is broken? We’ll go through some frequent issues that can indicate that your internet problem is caused by your router.

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

If You Have Login Problems Then Your Router is Probably Failing

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

If you experience login problems and start receiving connection notifications, you should update your router; otherwise, you will continue to have problems and have limited internet access. It implies that the router has a problem.

However, occasionally the router is not properly connected, or there are problems with the USB or Ethernet cable.

In this scenario, you must unplug the router’s wires and reconnect them. In most circumstances, the router resumes normal operation. However, if your router fails, you must replace it.

If Your Router Is Facing Sudden Stoppage, Your Router Is Probably Failing

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

It is not uncommon for the router to abruptly cease working and lose connectivity. The connection between the router and other devices occasionally disconnects unexpectedly.

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If such a signal fluctuation occurs throughout the day, it is still another symptom that the router is not in functioning order. Restarting the router helps on occasion, but it is recommended for having the router tested to determine the true cause.

In rare circumstances, signal inconsistency or sudden loss of connectivity also occurs when there is an increased load of other devices on the WiFi network. However, in most cases, the problem is caused by a faulty router.

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If Your Internet Has Dropped Performance, Your Router May Not Be Working Properly

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

The biggest symptom of a router operating problem is a slowing down of internet speed. It interferes with online work and jeopardizes internet functionality.

To determine the cause of the interruption, you must first determine whether there is a problem with the connection. You can also connect the router to a different device, test it, replace it, or buy a new one.

If you see that the router is no longer working with any of the devices, you will realize that it has become obsolete.

If Your Router Is Non-Responsiveness, Your Router Is Damaged

The router acts as per the instructions that are given to it. However, if the router becomes delayed in responding to non-responsive commands, you can temporarily resolve the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting it.

You may accomplish this by just unplugging the router and plugging it back in after a few minutes.

It means that the slowness was caused by a queue that clogs up the network if it starts immediately.

However, if it still does not work after being properly inserted and double-checked, you must repair or replace the problematic router.

Faulty Indicator Lights On Your Router Indicate That The Router Is Faulty

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

The LED indicator lights on the router provide a clear indication of whether or not the internet connection is stable. However, if these lights indicate a failure, it signifies that the router is not functioning properly.

If Your Router Is Reconnecting Continuously To Your Device, There’s Something Wrong With The Router

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

If you have to constantly reconnect the router to your device throughout the day, something is wrong with the router. It is possible to resolve the issue by resetting the device.

You must navigate to the router’s configuration page and select the Reset Device option. If it resolves the issue, you do not need to replace the router right away, but you will need to replace it if it goes down often or fails to work even after resetting.

Check Your Router For A Bad Port Or Wireless Failure If The Device Connected Is Not Working Properly

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

This is a less likely possibility. The router may stop working if the wireless features of the port do not function properly.

In this instance, you may notice that other devices connected to the router are functioning normally, but only one device’s connection is failing.

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If the device is not working and is connected via an Ethernet cable, you might try another WAN or LAN port.

Router Age Can Be Why Your Router Is Failing

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

If used properly, a router should last three to five years. For a smooth and fast internet connection, you must upgrade the router every five years.

After years of use, if it breaks or becomes slow due to outdated technology, it must be replaced.

Over time, it often accumulates layers of dust, which often seals the inner vents. It can also be slowed down by outdated hardware. As a result, as the router ages, its effectiveness deteriorates, necessitating an upgrade.

Overheating Of Router Can Damage The Router

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

It is one of the most common problems with technological devices. When the router is overused or improperly placed, it emits heat and destroys the equipment.

As a result, if you’ve been using your Wi-Fi router for longer than the given average life expectancy, it starts to break down, and any of its internal components no longer work owing to the router’s heating.

Such indications of router overheating include internet connection fluctuation, sluggish speed, a burnt plastic stench, and hardware failure. If you notice that the router overheats quickly, you should replace it.

If The Router Is Physically Damaged, It Can Will Stop Working

How To Tell If My Router Is Bad Or Failing

Routers are typically well-built and can endure wear and tear as well as the impact of falling off the shelf.

Only a catastrophic fall or drop from a significant height can cause damage to the internal circuit board. If you discover a large break in the casing of the router, you must repair or replace it.

The Router Maybe Outdated To Support Newer Gadgets

If a newly installed device to the router fails to function properly, this is due to incompatibility. As technology progresses, many ISPs and tech companies release new devices that make use of new chips, components, and networking components.

These cutting-edge gadgets and components are only compatible with routers that utilize cutting-edge technology as well. As a result, some routers will eventually be unable to support any new devices.

If the router displays this warning of inability to support many devices and you’re having trouble connecting to your newest gadgets, the device should be considered obsolete. The best way to remedy this problem is to replace it with a more recent version.

Solutions To Commonly Faced Router Issues

When performing these tests, you may discover a variety of results, depending on which you may need to take preventative actions to resolve these concerns. Let’s have a look at the possible results and preventative measures:

What happens when you have an issue with your ISP?

If you’ve tested and determined that the problem isn’t with the router. If the problem is with your ISP, you should reboot the system and, if that does not address the problem, contact your ISP.

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If you don’t detect any problems with your ISP or router. There could be an issue with your power cords or Ethernet cables. It could be disconnected or not functioning properly. It can also be broken, therefore check the wires attached to the device before declaring your Router obsolete. To address this issue, simply change the cables.

What to do if your router is bad

Following these tests, if you conclude that your router has grown obsolete and is no longer functioning effectively, you know it is time to replace your old router and purchase a new one.

What to do if it’s an internal network issue

Your router may be malfunctioning as a result of a huge number of devices connected to it sucking bandwidth. So make sure to keep an eye on that as well. For optimal performance, you should use a tri-band router.

It will display the activities and devices that are connected at the same time, causing the network connection to be very slow. So double-check that before tossing out your router in favor of a new one.

What are the Key Features Of A Modern Router

With these symptoms, you’ll be able to determine how well your router is working and whether it’s in good working order. If your router is no longer functional, you must replace it. Aside from the price, a modern router must include the following features:

Range: The range of the signal determines how far it may take the connectivity.

Bandwidth: If you want the most bandwidth, you should have at least a dual-band router.

Speeds: The speed of your router is determined by your ISP, but other factors, such as the speed that your router can manage, also play a role. A speedier router has a longer lifespan than slower routers.

Compatibility: The new router you purchase must be compatible with the ISP with which you were previously connected. As a result, if the router is incompatible, your connection will be inefficient.


This article will provide you with all of the information you need to determine whether or not your router is functioning properly.

If your router is malfunctioning and your connection is likewise slow and disturbed or if it is not responding to instructions and you are having difficulty using your WiFi then it is time to get a new one.

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