How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote 2023 | 5 Awesome Hacks!

Here’s 5 quick solutions on how to use your TiVo Stream without a remote. Check it out!

We all have faced this predicament at least once in our lives and if you’re an TiVo Stream user then you probably would have misplaced your remote way more than you would like to admit.

The thing about the TiVo Stream remote is that it’s quite small in size and tends to go out of sight in no time. 

But misplacing your TiVo Stream remote does not necessarily mean it’s the end of the world. I have figured out a couple of temporary solutions that can help you navigate your TV and control your TiVo Stream without a remote. 

Let me take you through what you can do if you’ve lost or forgotten your TiVo Stream remote.

How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote

The TiVo Stream device works on a Wi-Fi network, so when you’re setting up the device for the first time you will require the remote to set up your Wi-Fi credentials and navigate the device. 

The thing about losing the remote is that you will not be able to navigate the menus or control the TiVo Stream, though your device will still power on and connect to the Wi-Fi.

After trying out a number of solutions, the following five have proven to work successfully. So, without further adieu, here’s how you can control and navigate your TiVo Stream even when your remote is lost.

How to Use The TiVo Stream TV App On Your Smartphone With Wi-Fi at Home

How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote

If you’ve misplaced your TiVo Stream remote at home and if your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use your phone as a temporary remote control by opening the TiVo Stream app.

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You can follow these steps to connect your smartphone to your TiVo Stream.

  • Start by downloading and installing the TiVo Stream app
  • Launch the app on your smartphone and make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Tap on the Menu icon and then click on the option labeled Remote Control to pull up the virtual remote on your smartphone/tab

Now, your smartphone will be connected to the TiVo Stream and you will gain access to a digital remote control which you can use to navigate the interface and control what’s playing. You even get access to the Settings section of the TiVo Stream remote, and even a channel option as well as a touch pad to navigate the direction of flow.

It’s a decent app which covers pretty much everything and can do whatever the remote could. It’s a great solution only if you’ve misplaced the remote at home or if you’re too lazy to fetch it.

How to Use The TiVo Stream TV App On Your Smartphone Without Wi-Fi at Home

How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote

For those who don’t have Wi-Fi at home or if you’re setting up the TiVo Stream at a place with no wireless connection, you can try out this method by manually creating a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Follow these steps:

  • Start by opening the Settings App on your smartphone and proceed to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can do this by heading to Wi-Fi & Network followed by Hotspot & Tethering and finally Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Proceed to rename the hotspot (make sure the name of the hotspot matches the Wi-Fi name your TiVo Stream was previously connected to).
How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote
  • Now change the password of the hotspot to the same password that your TiVo Stream was connected to earlier. The reason we’re doing this is to make sure that TiVo Stream connects automatically to the hotspot and would require any user intervention.
How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote
  • Since you managed to start your hotspot with the appropriate configuration, restart your TiVo Stream. It should automatically get connected to your newly created hotspot.
  • Take the second smartphone and install the TiVo Stream TV App from the App Store or Play Store. Follow the same steps as listed above under “Use The TiVo Stream TV App On Your Smartphone With Wi-Fi
How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote
  • Once you have successfully set up the hotspot and App, you will be able to navigate and perform any task on your TiVo Stream device without having the remote around. 

Use a Third Party App to Control the TiVo Stream if you’ve Lost your Remote


There’s an app on the App Store that lets you control your TiVo Stream straight from your iPhone. TVO-Remote for TiVois probably the only remote app for the TiVo Stream that offers more features than just your regular play and pause.

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You will be able to record, play, pause, go back, go home, type, switch off and on, and even control the TiVo Stream via voice commands. Here’s how you can download and use the TVO-Remote for TiVo app.

  • Accept the Permissions such as audio and network.
  • Select the TiVo Stream from the list and then tap on Pair.
  • You will see a 4-digit activation code appear on your TV, enter that code in the app to pair the devices.
  • Once paired you will be able to control your TiVo Stream device without a remote.

How to Use Alexa to Navigate & Control Your TiVo Stream

How to Use Your TiVo Stream Without a Remote

Since 2018, TiVo devices support Amazon Alexa and you can pair your Alexa device with the TiVo to control the unit remotely. Simply say “Hey Alexa, Change the channel to ABC” or “Hey Alexa, launch Netflix” and the TiVo stream device will automatically respond.

With Alexa, you can launch your favorite apps, skip commercials using TiVo’s skip mode, change the channel by calling out the number, play, pause fast forward or rewind and much more. It’s one of the most relaxed ways of controlling  your TiVo without a remote at hand. 

How to Use A Keyboard And Mouse To Control The TiVo Stream

Finally, if none of the other methods work then you can resort to using a computer keyboard and mouse to control the TiVo Stream via the USB-C slot on the side of the device. You can use a wired keyboard and mouse with your TiVo Stream and it works flawlessly. 

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All you’d have to do is purchase a USB-C splitter and connect your mouse and keyboard to the TiVo Stream. This is available on Amazon and can be yours for as low as $6.00


Losing your TiVo Stream remote is something that should not be taken too seriously as it’s going to keep happening unless you tag it up to something at home.

These solutions work wonders and help you save time trying to figure out what to do next. Trust me, the easiest solution is to download the TiVo Stream App onto your smartphone so you can control your TiVo Stream TV anytime from anywhere (within Wi-Fi range).

I hope these methods were able to work for you and proved to be helpful as they did for me when I managed to misplace my remote.

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