Klear Review 2022

Are you looking for a detailed Klear review? Well, you’re at the right place. Here’s a guide on Klear that will help you understand its useability, interface, pros, cons, and a lot more. Read further to know more about it. 

Social media is emerging as a new platform for small or big businesses, and influencers. On a day-to-day basis, we find more than thousands of them trying to stand out and catch the public eye while scrolling through our phones. 

Klear is an influencer marketing that helps businesses or a brand in creating brand campaigns with customers by providing real-time marketing information.

It’s worth using for small and medium-sized businesses because of its advantages like influencer market research, real-time data analysis, performance tracking, keeping track of your own socials, etc. The interface of Klear is easy to use and understand. 

While many of these businesses and influencers are genuine, there are also online profiles with fake followers, reach, and credibility. The question here arises how will you find out which profile is genuine or fake so that you can conveniently conduct your market analysis?

Well, here’s where Klear comes into play. The app is known to conduct market engagement research and help with influencer marketing on Twitter. This tool is quite useful and has various features that will make your online life pretty easy and insightful but there are a few downsides too. 

So, without further ado let’s find out if Klear is worth it or not. 

Klear Review

Before delving further into the Klear tool’s benefits or disadvantages, let’s first learn what it actually is.

Klear is an app that helps a brand in creating and maintaining interactions with its customers by providing authentic marketing data. It also helps a brand or business in making data-driven decisions to promote their business online on Twitter through influencers. 

Klear Review

Klear is a tool that helps in finding the right influencers that are in accordance with your brand goal. The app analyses veteran influencers using data-driven insights and effortlessly handles all the collaborations. It also collects and examines collaboration content for your brand. 

What I Liked About Klear

As an entrepreneur in the current generation who’s constantly trying to put out their brand in the market, Klear has been our support system throughout. Here’s how it’s helpful:

  • In-depth research: Klear is an app that provides you with in-depth research with a full influencer program report related to reaching, mentions, engagement, etc. This will help you differentiate between quality and random influencers.
  • Find the exactly targeted influencer: You’ll hit the bull’s eye in searching for an influencer 
  • Organise and shortlisting: With over 500 million accounts on social media, Klear helps you make a detailed profile of an influencer and have options that help in grouping your top choices using custom labels. 
  • Keeping track of your socials: As an entrepreneur, the Klear app will help you in keeping track of your own socials and easily notify you in case any influencer has mentioned your brand. 
  • Performance tracking: You can get insights into how the campaign is doing in detail. Klear automatically delivers important key performance indicators such as engagement, reach, etc. comparing them month after month. 
  • Addresses business priorities: The Klear app addresses all the important business priorities from building the brand to looking into ROI, and also improves brand management. 
  • Good for new marketers: If you’re starting a new business on any scale (big, or small), it’s perfect for you to enter social media with the help of Klear to filter out your relevant influencers for marketing. 
  • Responsive customer service team: All my queries are sorted out in no time whenever I’ve reached out to Klear’s customer service. They respond quickly with creative and reasonable solutions that will help you run the tool smoothly. 

 What I Didn’t Like About Klear

While there are numerous benefits of using the Klear tool for influencer marketing and analytics for Twitter, there are also a few things where Klear lags behind. Here are a few things that I personally didn’t like about the Klear tool: 

  • No multiple campaigns: It’s extremely hard to run multiple campaigns on the tool as there are limits on campaign research and editing lists. So, if you’re someone looking to run various campaigns at once, Klear might not be the best option for you. 
  • Reloads from start: This is one of the most annoying problems that I’ve faced with Klear that wastes my time and energy. When you start a campaign, “create a brief’ and save it for later, you won’t be able to find it later. This is because the page reloads from the top and you have to fill everything in again. There are also times when creating campaigns where you can’t manually upload posts. 
  • Broad spectrum search: The current search filter on the Klear tool seems quite broad where you would find it difficult to filter out specific influencers suitable for a particular project or business type. 
  • Invaluable matrics: You’ll find that some of the valuable proprietary metrics in the Klear tool are quite absurd and unmatching. It seems like the numbers are random as there’s no justifiable answer to it.
  • One workplace only: Even when you buy a business plan in the Klear tool, it only allows you one workplace which bars you from assigning tasks to your teammates.
  • Unreasonable error: I’ve found that many times I’m unable to find a particular handle on social media even though the account exists.  

Usability And Interface Of Klear

The best part about the Klear tool is definitely its interface and usability as it’s simple, unobtrusive, and instinctual to work upon. The header consists of the main menu, lists, influencers, etc. that is easily discoverable. 

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You’ll find a monitor menu downwards where there’s an overall report that has mentions, account engagement, performances, and other analytics. You can also find a content tab that is segregated by date or engagement that shows content by the brand or author. 

My personal favourite feature in the tool is definitely the Influencer search. In this feature, you can either run a search on your own by skills or location or even take a look at the options that the app provides.

It’s extremely easy to use, understand and transverse. There’s a different menu for demographics and reports.

Plans & Pricing Of Klear Tools

The Klear tool doesn’t offer a pricing table that’s fixed from before. Instead, the company has a slightly different and rather interesting pricing system that depends on business to business. 

To know the pricing of Klear for your business, Go to the Klear tool and click on “Pricing”. After that, you’ll be asked to fill up a “Schedule a demo” form.

klear pricing

Once you fill-up the form and provide the necessary details, a sales executive from Klear will reach out to you and let you know the price estimates.

You’ll also not find any coupons or discounts to run the tool as there’s no fixed pricing for the app. You’ll get quotations from the sales executive of Klear for your business’s personal requirements. 

There’s also no free trial period available for the app. However, you can check out the “Live Demo” on the top right corner of Klear’s website to see how the app works.

Once you understand the basics of the app, you can schedule a demo. In case you have any queries regarding its working, customer care is available for help. Drop in your questions and wait to be contacted. 

Quick Guide on How Klear Works

Now that you know what exactly Klear is, let’s dig deeper into its working. So, let’s decode this below.

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As soon as you log in to your Klear account, you’ll be taken to the homepage. To use the search engine of the tool, you’ll need to click on the “Influencer” option in the topmost console.

Now you’ll be able to track down influencers by topic, hashtags, monitors etc. You can even search for them through your affiliate’s network. 

Klear tool collects data and utilizes machine learning to derive influence as well as demographics of the audience. Make sure to use filters for a location as well as a niche before performing an influencer search. 

There’s a “Campaign” tab that can be used for handling and redistributing the marketing campaigns to new influencers. You can also find out if the influencers’ sales are successful. 

On the Klear tool, you’ll also find a “Profile” tab where all the saved influencers will be located. The profile page can be opened by clicking on the contact and you’ll also be able to discover the influencer’s connection by clicking on “Network”.

Final Verdict on Klear

The Klear tool is worth investing in if you’re a small or medium business for influencer marketing on social media.

The app has various features that address business priorities like in-depth research on influencers’ profiles and backgrounds, filtering the right one that will align with your business goals, performance tracking etc. The interface is easy to use and understand as well. 

There are a few downsides that can hopefully be fixed in the future with upgrades on the Klear tool.

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