Modern Royale Challenge Deck

The modern royale challenge deck is an incredibly strong set of cards. Some of the most powerful cards in the game are Goblin Drill and Cannon Cart. However, these aren’t the only ones to consider. A few other powerful cards include Elixir Golem and Fisherman. These are four great choices that will give your opponents a tough time. Using these four powerful cards will make your deck far more effective and competitive.

Electro Giant

One of the most common meta decks in Modern Royale is the Electro Giant. This deck has a high number of cheap troops that can win you battles and rise to higher ranks. Other cards in the deck include tesla, goblin barrel, and ice wizard. If you are considering building this deck, here are some tips. – Focus on good elixir trades and high DPS troops.

– When choosing your deck, try to avoid using the Electro Giant too often. The high cost of this card means that you should trade it often. It is not a good idea to play it all at once. Try placing it at the back so that your opponent has no momentum. Its damage is reflected, so it can destroy troops within close range. Dashing units can also push it. When playing with an Electro Giant, try to stay out of your opponent’s back row.

– Make sure that you have lots of counter units. It’s possible to deploy your counter units close to your opponent’s King’s Tower. This way, you can damage his tower and keep him from using it. It is also possible to use a cannon to attack his troops. However, this will cost you a lot of Elixir and may not be worth the cost of the card.

Battle Healer

If you’re looking for a Modern Royale challenge deck, you may want to consider the Battle Healer. This card is a powerful support card that acts as a mini-tank. It can protect three musketeers and a few minions while providing extra support from zap and elixir. The deck also has a giant as its main tank, which can kite units into the opposite lane and princess towers.

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The cost of the cards is low, which makes this deck more affordable than some others. You can buy one or two elixir for 3.3 or less. You can also invest in other cards such as Goblin Drill, Furnace, and Mother Witch. This deck has strong defense and a decent attack potential. It’s a good deck for a challenge, but it’s not the best F2P choice.

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The Modern Royale Challenge is a great way to test your own deck. You can build a deck with the most powerful cards from the game. It only requires cards released since the global launch date of March 2016. The deck must include comm on cards, a log, a poison, a tornado, and a hog rider. These cards are extremely powerful in Modern Royale, so if you can make a deck with them, you will have a huge advantage over your opponents.

Elixir Golem

The Elixir Golem is one of the most powerful and versatile modern royale challenge decks in the game. Though not a super offensive deck, it can be devastating on the ground and air. Some of its strongest units are the Battle Ram, Poison, and Ice Spirit. These units can help counter pushes with their chip damage and assassination abilities. As a result, it has the potential to annihilate most buildings and towers.

The Elixir Golem deck does not have any legendary cards, but it does have a fast cycle and can get extra efficiency from the cards it plays. It does not play well with Elixir Barbarians, Electro Dragon, and Battle Healer, but it does work well with these types of decks. There are a few disadvantages to this modern royale challenge deck.

The Ice Spirit and Tornado combo is effective against Balloons. In addition to this, it can help you protect against the Three Musketeer. As long as you have enough elixir, this deck is a solid choice. With the right card choices, you can have a powerful Elixir Golem deck that can destroy everything in the game. If you’re unsure of which card to play, here are some suggestions.

A good modern royale challenge deck is one that is easy to use. A good deck should be able to wait until the opponent moves. Then, you can counterattack with the Dark Prince, Goblin Drill, and Mother Witch. With a strong defense, this deck can put your opponent to a halt. Its high-powered spells and ability to deal damage are also great qualities to have.

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If you’re playing Modern Royale challenge deck, there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind. You don’t want to use too many cards that cost four or more elixir, because they won’t help you win any games. You also don’t want to play too many of the cards that cost one elixir or more. This means that you’ll want to choose the best cards and invest in them.

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If you’re looking to build a defensive three-elixir deck, Fisherman is an excellent option. It slows troops for a certain period of time, slams them with fish, and activates the King Tower. He can also help your troops change lanes and activate King Tower. The drawback of this deck is that it can be quite tricky to play well. You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared before you start to play this deck so you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

As you can see, Fisherman is not an overly expensive deck. Unlike other challenge decks, Fisherman can help you get a decent amount of wins in Modern Royale, as long as you play smart. If you’re not quite so confident, you can try other types of decks. You might be surprised at the results. You might find that you can get up to 20 wins with this deck!

Mother Witch

One of the most powerful cards in Modern Royale is the Mother Witch. This card can spawn hoggies, giving it a powerful attack and defense. It can also be useful in decks that focus on the graveyard, like the Graveyard deck. The Graveyard deck also has many useful units such as Valkyrie, Flying Machine, Musketeer, and Electro Spirit, which are helpful in defense and offense. It also has a poison spell and is good against swarms.

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The Mother Witch is a legendary card that costs 4 elixirs. It can be obtained by winning Arena 15 or the Legendary Arena. It is considered to be the best legendary card in the game right now and has completely changed the meta for decks. Many of the decks that feature Mother Witch use Fireball instead of Poison. This is a huge win rate for a deck that focuses on chipping damage to enemy towers.

If you have a Mother Witch in your hand, you can make a good defense deck. This deck has great attack and defense. The Electro Giant can also damage any troops that attack it. You need to be patient with this deck because it doesn’t have a lot of health points. Compared to the Golem, you can also make use of your Goblin Cage and the Inferno Dragon, which are all great support cards.

Electro Dragon

The ElectroDragon is a new unit in the Arena. It stuns three units at once and also prevents charging units from connecting to a tower. It is a very powerful card that you should consider using if you want to dominate the game. It also has good defense, making it a good choice to counter a push from an enemy. Here are some tips to help you build a strong ElectroDragon deck.

The Electro Spirit is a very cheap card that can be used in your Modern Royale challenge deck. It costs only one elixir and can attack three units at a time. This is a great card to use in order to protect your king tower from being activated by the enemy. You can also use it to foil a poison spell. The Goblin gang is also an excellent choice for this deck.

Zathong is another good choice for the Modern Royale challenge. It can rally your dragons to a high level and defend your territory. This deck can tank Bebe dragon and detruir dragon eggs. Its granularity and control of assauts are very effective. It is also effective in defending your king against enemy dragons. If you’re unable to kill an assaut, it will be useless.

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