PicMonkey Review 2022

Are you looking for the PicMonkey review for Twitter?? PicMonkey is an amazing app for creating and sharing photos with your friends and family. Find out what I thought of it in this review.

PicMonkey is an image building and design app that is owned by the stock image giant Shutterstock, Inc.

Since image processing and producing quality graphics have become a huge priority for digital marketing agencies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even large corporations, an app like this really comes in handy.

You can escape the hassle of appointing someone new for image processing since this app can easily be navigated by non-designers as well. 

PicMonkey Review

This app holds significance when it comes to social media apps including Twitter. A recent survey has revealed that tweets that contain an image are 34% more likely to be retweeted and receive more traction as compared to tweets without images.

Additionally, when you tweet links, having an image supporting the same is also likely to push the viewers to visit the link, thereby increasing the website traffic.

Find out more about the details of the app. 

PicMonkey Review

Pricing Plans  

Initially, there is a 7-day free trial that can be availed to explore the features of the app and decide if it is the right fit for your organisation requirements. Moving forward, they offer three pricing plans that users can switch between, or cancel anytime. 

  • The Basic Plan is priced at $72 annually (or $7.99 per month) for people who are just starting out with 1GB of storage, image downloading, adding images and trimming limited templates, and touch-up tools. 
  • The Pro Plan is priced at $120 annually (or $12.99 per month) that is directed for growing business, and apart from those basic features, they additionally provide unlimited storage, reformatting and background removal options, brand kit, animations, premium stock access, font choices and priority email support. 
  • The Business Plan is priced at $228 annually (or $23 per month) for established businesses that require collaborative tools. They receive numerous brand kits, premium email support, file managing systems, options for collaborative editing, and team facilities like feedback, shared folders and permission options. 

Apart from this, they also offer a free mobile version that does not require any subscription price, but their options and possibilities of editing within the app are limited.

If you are a single user looking to create limited content to update your Twitter feed regularly, you can avail of this option. Investment can begin once the idea starts taking shape. 

Primary Features 

Photo editing is the chief usage of this software. The process is simple and requires only four steps. Start by activating a blank canvas and picking the picture that you have chosen to edit.

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You can even take a plain colored image to go more creative with the text and design on the app. There are multiple stock images to choose from too. 


The editing part is intensive and entails innumerable options to choose from. There are some basic elements such as adjusting the colour, contrast, and sharpness, and you may even crop or resize those images.

Further, you can enhance the graphics by adding shadows, gradients, outlines and more in a slider format. Finally, you can download and share the image with others in JPEG and PNG format for all plans and PDF for the pro and business plans. 

They provide an automatic resizing tool that is used for formatting the image for popular social media sizes (you may find one for Twitter thumbnails too). You can just upload and let the app take over.

There is another interesting facility like ‘colour changer’ that helps customise an element of the picture, like a hoodie and turn it into any colour ranging from red, blue, pink, green and more.

There is also a background remover that can help remove the clutter and focus on the primary element of the image. There is also an auto touch-up option if you want to leave all the hard work to the AI. 

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There are a range of graphic designing tools to elevate your visual copy for your brand or organisation. The brand kits are an additional facility, but there are several functions you can perform manually.

It has a friendly interface where you can add layers to the pictorial elements and animate them. You can also go through pre-existing templates or add logos, fonts and textures one after the other. Twitter is also riddled with memes, and these facilities can be well utilised for the same. 

Another advanced set of possibilities are created with the ‘touch-up’ option provided by the app. With the touch-up tools, you can modify certain specific elements of the picture such as facial features, and even sharpen or fade according to the requirements.

One of them is a ‘Natural Smile Retouching’ option, which can help with artificial whitening of teeth as well as changing the lip colour as per requirement.

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Digital makeup is yet another interesting feature where you may add hair colour, eye colour, and more. Removing blemishes and other features you want to do away with (such as wrinkles) is also an option within the app. 

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The business aspects are also handled by the app well by looking at the tools used to improve the ‘professional presence’ of the brand, or organisation. They present pre-designed templates and also provide a space to manually customise one’s own. 

For example, while setting up a twitter account for professional purposes, you can design your logo that may be the ‘user icon’, the cover image presenting the mission/vision of the organisation, and have a uniform posting pattern by fixing a colour palette, consistent logo, font sizes and more.

You can create a specialised stylesheet taking the elements available in the app into consideration. You can also design specialised ads for twitter taking the appropriate theme out of the available ones.

Logo designing is usually a comprehensive exercise that has been simplified within the app. Some of the options provided by the app are – stock images and videos, collage, graphics, textures, design themes, colours, add text to her photos, and photo effects. You can even add animation options and collages for specific posts. 

Here is a quick overview of the features of the app: 

  • Photo Editing (colour, contrast, sharpening, etc.) 
  • Photo Shaping (shaping, cropping, auto-adjusting dimensions, etc.) 
  • Photo Alterations (whitening, eye/hair colour change, AI makeup, removing blemishes, etc.) 
  • Colour Changing (changing specific visual elements) 
  • Creating Motion Visuals 
  • Graphic Designing (logo designing, templates, brand colour palette, etc.) 


To navigate the presented tools and features, there are certain spaces embedded within the app for feasibility such as: 

  • Tutorials: There are pre-recorded videos in the app that present step-by-step instructions on how to go about the process of designing graphics as well as images. 
  • Resource Centre: It is yet another knowledge source, where all the resources are curated and presented. The topics are diverse, and you may find answers to almost everything. 
  • Print Shop: They also provide printable materials for generating concrete output for the created designs. 
  • Mobile App: A miniature version of their services is placed within the mobile app that is handy and precise in function. 

Support Facilities 

They have a separate section addressing the doubts that a user may have regarding the features. In case of difficulties, they may also provide troubleshooting solutions. There are certain predetermined solutions in the website for FAQs.

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Certain common topics include cancellation of a subscription, upgrading or downgrading it, collection of taxes, information about countries that cannot access PicMonkey, and import and export of files, to name a few. 


The most prominent competition providing similar facilities is Canva. They provide many of those facilities for free, and their pro plan is also reasonably priced with additional options.

However, PicMonkey does have more diverse tools and functionality when it comes to image editing and has an upper hand. Visme also offers similar solutions with slightly advanced technology, but the price is extremely high as compared to PicMonkey.

PicsArt is also another alternative dealing with AI-powered image and video editing. There are other creative collaborative platforms that may also act as alternatives to PicMonkey with similar functions. But it stands out in terms of its accessibility to non-designers. 

Final Verdict 

They provide a range of options within the app for free, and hence it is a good starting point for future clientele. They provide a multiplicity of features within the same platform making it convenient for the organisation to handle the visual media.

In terms of Twitter, it can help in growth and conceptualising the brand with a uniform tone and message. It has a user-friendly interface, with thousands of templates, collage options, and putting in images from multiple sources.

Their cloud services also help in retaining those valuable designs. It is simpler for someone who is new in the field and is in the nascent stage of designing and branding. 

While opting for the premium features, several users have noted that they do not use the features regularly, and if that is the case, they want more flexible options with the duration of the package.

There is an error in logging in after the upgrade that has also been pointed out by several users. There is no option to apply any image as a background, but you may work around the loopholes if you are technically sound.

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