Promo Republic Review 2022

Want to find the Promo Republic Review? Then read this review to find out everything you need to know before downloading it.

The Promo Republic is an efficient social-media planning and publishing tool that caters to all kinds of businesses, agencies, and even freelancers. Its features can be availed using both webs as well as mobile applications. 

It combines the utility of various apps and enables you to not only post your content with a predetermined schedule but also design your posts.

Its compatibility with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter makes the process even more hassle-free. 

For users who are just starting out with social-media handling, or handling Twitter for that matter, it offers a recommended schedule for each of the social networks that can be adhered to or modified as per convenience and requirement. 

Its interface is quite similar to Canva and inculcates creativity within the users. Another added benefit is, you can modify your schedule based on the time zone of the area the post is for, so it can be used by users for their international clients as well. 

The creative suite within the software is extremely handy as it comes with over 100,000+ creative ideas to have your digital material sorted. 

This also helps ease the dependence on a graphic editor and makes the operator of the software self-sufficient. 

You can also keep a check of the performance of your posts and figure the scope for development using this software. 

Promo Republic Review

Promo Republic Review

Pricing and Subscription Plan 

The Promo Republic has created a varied pricing plan, by taking into consideration factors such as requirements, size of the organization, budget, users and more.

There is an initial 14 day plan to try out for free to explore the software features which include a calendar, graphic suite and more. Further, there are three payment options:

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  • The ‘Small Business’ plan priced at $49 monthly includes the provision for 10 social media accounts to be managed by a single user, post boosting and enhancement, measuring the statistics, and curating graphics to name a few. 
  • The ‘Agency’ plan priced at $79 per month includes certain features in addition to the previous one such as comprehensive reporting, team permissions and content approval workflow. There is also a facility of having a dedicated success manager and has an option for ten users to work at once. 
  • The ‘Multi-location’ plan has a customizable pricing situation depending on the facilities that have been availed. It presents exclusive offerings like business profile reports, digital assets management, graphic editor, detailed insights, specialized support and training for the desired location, and much more. 
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Apart from these plans, you can avail of their premium offerings such as a white label platform, listing management, and local ranking reports.   

Basic Features 

Their primary feature is to enable secure and prompt publishing of tweets and posts in the registered accounts, and it covers most of the prominent platforms. 

The calendar is also dynamically designed to accommodate every kind of schedule and is open to modifications.

It can be customized based on the user requirements and the display can be weekly, monthly or on a specific day. You can view the previously designed calendars as well as plan events in advance. 

Providing creative prompts is another major facility that the software provides in the form of pre-designed posts, animated graphics, contests, inspirational quotes, and even written articles to name a few. 

In the graphic section, you can create any type of post and there are set dimensions for different purposes such as Facebook cover, Instagram reel, Pinterest board, and so on.

You can also manually select those dimensions. For an additional cost, you can acquire some business templates for use. 

promorepublic doterra

You can schedule all your tweets in advance, have care-free weekends and be in control of your media. 

For multiple accounts, it may be hectic to check the interactions on each platform individually and also be prompt with the responses. 

Hence, the software provides a specialized social inbox that can be used to directly interact with the audience. There is a provision to work in a collective manner if you are a team of people handling the social media for a particular brand or organization. 

Main Features: 

  • Social Media Publishing in platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin
  • A flexible calendar to manage the publishing schedule 
  • Inventory of themes, templates and creative ideas 
  • Social tool for audience interaction 
  • Automated scheduling to plan posts in advance
  • Provision for collaboration 
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Measuring post-performance and analytics 
  • Connection with up to 30 social pages and involvement of 15 users 
  • Featured plans suit individual requirements
  • Involvement in social media strategy and troubleshooting
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The software has a simple interface for ease of use. Beside its logo, it has a tab containing a calendar, post ideas, editors, statistics, inbox, and services.

It also has a search option, a notification tab, a profile, and a troubleshooting option. Even the graphics are laid out in terms of different categories to avoid clutter. 

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Once you select an option to create a post, you can choose the platform (Twitter, in this case) and then start drafting your tweet. You can add everything ranging from images, videos, GIFs, emoticons and more. 

You could choose to post it immediately or schedule it for a later time, and even queue it after a certain number of tweets. Please note that the re-queue option is disabled for Twitter.

For Instagram, you can even add the first comment in case you have a longer caption that doesn’t fit into the word count. 

The calendar tool may appear to be slightly complicated in the beginning, but you can control the interface by enabling or disabling several options. For example, there are labels for various content types such as humor, motivation, knowledge, etc. 

There’s an automatic generation of schedule which is subject to change according to your suitability. You can change your display to either individually view the schedule of one platform, or an overall schedule including all the registered ones. 

The inbox not only helps with the interaction with the social media community but also to decipher the kind of engagement the post has been getting. 

There is a filtration system to differentiate the good reviews from the bad so each can be tackled differently. It is primarily optimized for Facebook, but it works perfectly well for Twitter as well. 

Composing posts with its in-built graphics definitely makes this software indispensable in terms of functionality. The templates within the graphics are also divided among various niches like beauty, travel, technology, sports, etc. 

The UI is exclusive for the creation of these posts, and the articles presented in the idea section help get over creative blocks. 

For tweeting a picture, the users can first choose their background from either within their stock images or upload independently.

The software doesn’t offer plain background and hence if you require so, you can acquire it externally and upload. Once they are published, the statistics can be analysed. 

They are also trying on new features in the beta version such as extensive brand reputation management. It provides access to your brand’s condition and you can get real time updates and in case of crises and tackle it immediately. 

Key functions of the software:

  • Clear interface to navigate multiple activities 
  • Flexible scheduling pattern 
  • Space for curating posts 
  • Differentiation of good and bad reviews acquired by the web 
  • Generation of statistical reports
  • Brand reputation management (for beta users)
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Twitter and other Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are improving creative control and introducing features like posting schedules, and detailed insights to get the users to manually use it without any third-party apps like Promo Republic.

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Further, there are also platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, and Hootsuite which have already developed their niche and have a loyal audience in place.

These spaces also help the marketing and social media team with useful resources, but Promo Republic still has some advantages in other aspects to deal with this competition. 

Final Verdict 

It is a well-functioning software that can definitely be appreciated for its flexible interface, and for bringing several minute elements of social media marketing together within one platform.

For people who are unwilling to have a separate graphic team, making use of the in-built features helps produce quality content.

It is also easier to set up an account and then subsequently connect the social accounts to a single profile. It is simpler to navigate through it as well.

It works for people who like to plan their posts and even the ones who are instantly deciding on the same. Since multiple users can be connected at a single time, the flexibility can help bring together different people who maybe have different working styles. 

If you want an ‘all-in-one’ kind of product, this is an ideal pick and given the features that it provides, it is worth the pricing plan that it offers. 

However, there are some limitations too. It doesn’t offer any options for re-sharing the content which is also an essential part since many businesses share their client experiences on Instagram by ‘adding it to their story’. Organizations that frequently use Twitter may also find it difficult to retweet relevant posts. 

However, Promo Republic does take its limitations into consideration and constantly works on it in updated versions. Hence it is worth trying out, to exploring its multitude of features if nothing. 

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