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This game allows you to create your own fantasy team and choose who the best players are. The program is highly customizable, so you can customize scoring methods and even set points down to fractions of a point. It also offers a “preset” option, which allows you to copy popular scoring methods from other websites. You can also earn bonuses for milestones like 100 rushing yards or receiving touchdowns. There are several modes that you can play to maximize your fun, including league, practice, and championship modes.

Williams and Ekeler

In the NFL, Williams and Ekeler are two sleeper players you need to keep an eye on. The former is the Chargers backup running back, who is owned in 11.4 percent of ESPN leagues. He is a great option if you need injury insurance for Melvin Gordon. Ekeler only played a few games in high school, but he impressed his fantasy football friends last year. The Chargers will be looking to use Ekeler to handcuff Melvin Gordon.

Both Williams and Ekeler have upside and will need time to develop. Both can contribute to the offense, but their skill sets are different. Williams will most likely contribute on special teams. His speed and athleticism will allow him to make an impact as a return man or gunner. The Rams have a need for help at this position and could use a versatile back with speed. He has good hands and should be able to get plenty of carries in the offense.

Williams is an exciting sleeper, but the team needs to find ways to get him on the field. The team’s offensive line is in desperate need of help, so Williams’ upside should be at least a few years away. The Chargers also need some help at receiver. While Williams is a decent player, he has struggled in recent years. As a rookie, he accumulated nine receptions for 166 yards and a touchdown. Ekeler is a more reliable option at the position.

The Chargers are a tough opponent for running backs. They have allowed a touchdown in eight straight games. If Melvin Gordon is active, Javonte Williams maintains his RB2 upside. And if Melvin Gordon is out, Javonte Williams will remain a great sleeper pick for PPR formats. In addition to being a sleeper, Ekeler and Williams are solid options for PPR leagues.

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Palmer is another Chargers sleeper. He might start if Allen is out, and he could be a great option in a 3-wide set. While he has limited touchdown upside, he is a solid sleeper play in deep leagues, especially in PPR. The Chargers have a good offensive line, so they might have to turn to Williams and Ekeler for additional targets.

Chase Claypool

If you want to make a smart investment in a sleeper play football player, consider the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, who could reach the 1,000-yard plateau by 2021. In a pass-happy offense, Claypool’s strong running ability could lead to big plays downfield. And he’s only a rookie, so the Steelers have ample time to develop him. But, there are some warning signs that might cause you to shy away from Claypool in fantasy drafts.

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Claypool’s first two seasons are nearly identical. The only major difference is in touchdowns. In his rookie season, he scored 11 touchdowns, while he scored just two in his sophomore season. Despite the wide receiver’s lack of experience, his snap share is incredibly high for a tight end, as he played on 66.7% of snaps. In addition, he had 13 targets in the red zone during his rookie season.

In fantasy drafts, Claypool was a bust last year. While he was a solid WR2, he struggled with drops. Claypool had 12 in his first two seasons and seven last year. Still, he should be a top-36 wide receiver with better touchdown luck. Claypool is currently ranked at WR28 on Fantasy Pros. His average draft position is 71.0. If you’re looking for a sleeper play football player, don’t forget to take him seriously!

Assuming he stays healthy, Claypool’s fantasy value will probably rise. With the addition of George Pickens to the Steelers, Claypool should receive more snaps in the slot. His limited time in the slot could result in defensive mismatches, and he could make big plays downfield. Meanwhile, he’ll be able to make more big plays when he’s surrounded by other talented wide receivers.

Despite his lackluster preseason performance, Claypool remains a sleeper in fantasy football. He’s still young enough to improve on his sophomore year. In 2020, he was a WR19 and finished as the 49th overall pick. A sleeper play football prospect who can turn heads in fantasy football drafts. With the added upside of a stacked wide receiver class, Claypool’s upside is very high.

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Chase Claypool is a Pittsburgh Steelers sleeper

The Steelers’ recent moves have shifted their attention to the wide receiver position, where Claypool should see a boost in snaps. Despite his recent release, Claypool finished his first two seasons as the Steelers’ WR37. His most memorable play came against the Vikings in Week 14. Because of this boneheaded play, many fantasy football owners passed on Claypool. However, his upside is still untapped, and he could rebound to become a decent Fantasy starter by 2022.

The Pittsburgh Steelers started two tight ends this season. Chase Claypool lined up outside to the top and bottom of a screen. He beat Von Miller on a slant route, then cut outside to stiff-arm the defender. Claypool is a sleeper play football candidate in the Steelers’ 2018 draft. His catching ability is one of the biggest reasons why he is a Pittsburgh Steelers sleeper.

In his debut against the Jaguars in preseason play, Claypool caught one target for 29 yards. He has battled shoulder injuries throughout training camp, but he appeared fully healthy and played through the game without further injury. While Claypool’s rookie season wasn’t all that impressive, it’s easy to see him as a top-25 fantasy WR once again. There are many factors to consider with Claypool, and he has some shady traits to look out for.

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In his rookie season, Claypool compiled 245 more air yards than he did in his sophomore season. His average target depth was 13.3 inches, and he was a sleeper for fantasy football owners in 2020. While his average YAC was up, his target share dropped to 18.7%. Claypool’s two seasons are similar, but there is one significant difference between the two: he scored on 8.3% of his targets in his rookie season and 1.9% in his sophomore year. Despite the lack of touchdowns, he had 13 red zone targets.

In 2021, Claypool was a dominant running back for the Steelers. He rushed for 96 yards, second only to Benny Snell. Claypool’s combination of speed and physicality has allowed him to become a more reliable threat on end arounds and jet sweeps. One of his most impressive runs of the year led to a field goal. Claypool should be a Pittsburgh Steelers sleeper play football

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Chase Claypool is a Dallas Cowboys sleeper

It’s hard to imagine a player on the horizon who has as many potential fantasy points as Claypool. The Notre Dame product had an impressive rookie season, finishing with over 800 yards receiving and 16 yards rushing, and 11 touchdowns. And he was able to do all of that even without starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Claypool is only going to get better in his second season, but he is already a top sleeper play in his own right.

Claypool’s snap share was down this year, but he still saw plenty of action. His overall snap share was at eighty-two percent, and he ranked 26th in total routes run. Although he struggled with catching passes at times, his production was strong. He was ranked 31st in YAC (276) and 33rd in target share (18.7%).

Although the Steelers will focus on the running game in the coming years, Claypool could have a more explosive season in 2021. The offense is expected to prioritize the run game, and Claypool’s numbers could be much higher than those of Ben Roethlisberger. However, his numbers will not be as impressive as they were in 2020, and the Cowboys will be much more focused on the run than they were in the past.

Claypool’s recent injury has caused some concern, but the Steelers aren’t worried, as they believe that the issue is not as serious as some have suggested. It’s also unclear if Claypool will be limited in practice Monday. If he’s healthy, Claypool is a top sleeper for the Steelers. However, his injury will not prevent him from playing in the first two games of the regular season.

While Chase Claypool has the potential to be a breakout candidate this year, his rookie season was marked by inconsistency. After a dazzling debut, Claypool struggled to make an impact in Dallas. He posted a WR2 efficiency ranking, which helped his value in the fantasy football community. Despite that, his atypical stats were not enough to make him an elite fantasy football sleeper.

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