Top 8 Action Games Android

I suppose I should preface this list by saying that yes, the action genre could really be applied to just about anything when it comes to mobile gaming. I mean, even Candy Crush has a lot of action involved, doesn’t it? Fruit Ninja? More of an arcade game but the basic premise of the game is action as you slash your way through a variety of different fruits to victory – a game that becomes even more furious when you challenge a friend and play split-screen. So I guess this list could feature just about anything, but I’ve decided to stick to the kind of shooting and fighting games that are so popular these days and count for so many of the millions of Play Store purchases and downloads every single week. So yeah, if you’re not really a fan of shooters then it’s probably best to sit this one out! Here’s a look at some of the best action games currently available for the Android platform from Google Play.

8. Kings: Mere Mortals ($1.99)

This one only recently came out but I decided to throw it in there anyway, just because it’s so much fun and I love the polygon approach to the design of the game world and the figures. This is really a combination of action from a third-person perspective and puzzle, since you have to solve separate challenges in order to make your way through each level. The Find the Portal game mode is probably the best thing about the game in that it makes you hunt around the game world in order to find it, and the worlds themselves are truly a wonder of 3D modelling and light and color. Perhaps the most exciting looking of all the Android games released in the past few months! – Download on Google Play

7. Shadow Fight 2 (Free)

This one is a lot of fun, and anything that involves ninjas is okay with me! This is essentially a 2D beat em up at heart with ninja elements thrown in to keep it interesting and to maintain some kind of tone throughout. I don’t think I’ve found a beat em up on mobile devices which is as fun as this one – probably a disappointment since I think the format suits it quite well, and it’s the kind of retro genre that is so popular these days among players. There is an RPG angle also involved in Shadow Fight 2 which, to be honest, doesn’t really work since it just reduces the game time where you are beating opponents to a pulp and that’s what a beat em up is all about, right? – Download on Google Play

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6. Blitz Brigade (Free)

Are you a fan of Team Fortress or Team Fortress 2 on iOS devices, because we sure are! There are a few iPhone games that we’d kill to see on Android, and Team Fortress is near the top of that list. Fortunately, we have neat alternatives like Blitz Brigade which really captures the same ideas and gameplay and even has a similar artistic approach to the way the game looks. You take on enemies in  a six-versus-six format, with a bunch of different maps and classes to choose from. – Download on Google Play

5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout ($3.99)

This FPS or First Person Shooter series is probably the most popular on Android, and this latest installment is the most polished example yet. It’s a typical macho style FPS with lots of quick action and a nice multiplayer mode. It’s not exactly original, but is a nice chose for all you shooter fans out there with Android devices. – Download on Google Play

4. Call of Duty: Strike Team ($6.99)

Call of Duty is a household name all over the world these days which is perhaps why this one has done so well in terms of downloads on the Play Store. It takes the typical FPS approach that we’ve come to associate with other COD games and puts it on mobile, with explosive results. I played this for about 3 days when I first bought it and never did fully grasp the FPS controls. Then, on the advice of a buddy I switched to a different view which is more like third-person but gives you a much wider look at the battlefield, and really preferred the experience. It really allows you to appreciate the full size of the game world and lets you see everything happening up ahead before it reaches you, which is a great advantage to have. The top-down view is also useful and, when combined with the third person view mentioned before, really turns this into something of a fast paced RTS game than anything else. – Download on Google Play

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3. Galaxy on Fire 2 (Free)

Cue the typical sci fi shooter than brings together futuristic elements in order to create a fun and original action game, right? Well yes, kind of, but Galaxy on Fire 2 also has pirates as well as aliens -what other game can say that? Besides, this game doesn’t really line up with other stuff we’ve got out there in terms of genre, and instead could be described as a 3D open space shooter that really expands the game world to define an entirely new genre experience. The combat and graphics are great, and really what the game is sold on these days, but the aspect I love most about GOF 2 is the trading aspects where you must barter in order to purchase new materials for your ships and then apply them accordingly. It offers a new angle and really makes you think about the management of the game rather than simply blindly shooting everything around you and not caring about anything else. – Download on Google Play

2. Batman Arkham Origins (Free)

This is another one that kind of defies any genre identification, and could be perhaps best described as a brawling game where you take on different thugs and enemies and witness the close hand to hand combat that can be seen in the latest Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. It’s really a great idea for the mobile platform in that it reduces the gameplay mechanics and control system to something a lot more simple, which suits the platform down to the ground. The graphics are also excellent and really show off what Android smartphones and tablets are made of – and of course, is a great pick for all your Batman fans out there! – Download on Google Play

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1. Hitman GO ($4.99)

So, Hitman GO, developed by Square Enix as a continuation of the Hitman franchise but also… well, not. Hitman GO is an action game in that you control the same assassin as he takes people out, but is actually more of a puzzle game. There is much more strategy involved than in any Hitman game seen so far and probably, in any of the action games mentioned on this list so far. The whole thing is also turn-based, which is like the opposite of the approach of most action games which look to throw the player into the action and don’t allow that action to let up until the level is completed or the player has died and must respawn. The best thing about Hitman GO however is the visuals, which are beautiful model-style aesthetics unlike anything else you’ll see on your mobile phone. Placing this at number one is challenging most action gamers to expand their horizons a little, but when did that ever hurt anyone? – Download on Google Play

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