Top 8 Activity Trackers iPhone

Just one look at the amount of money and effort Apple has pushed into both the Health side of things and their smart home technology in recent years will tell you where their priorities lie. To be honest though, all these recent updates to HealthKit on the iOS 8 are a little late, since there are so many developers that have already been evolving their activity and health tracking apps for a while now. The latest trend relates to accessories that allow you to keep an accurate feed of all this info, and the developers have all come up with an official app that ties into these fitness or activity trackers in order to provide the best possible feedback. But what are the best accessories out there? Not just those that are designed to track your movements or the distance that you have run in the last hour or walked in the last day, but how much sleep you’ve had – or how many calories you ingested at lunch? We recently took a bunch of these activity trackers for a spin, including products from the likes of Fitbit and Garmin to come up with a Top 8. What do you think?

8. Fitbit One ($94.89)

It’s hard to fault the Fitbit One, even now, which is why it should still be one of the go to choices for lists like this. Fitbit can continue to come up with excellent products like the Fitbit Flex, but the One remains one of their best offerings. It’s just a shame it hasn’t dropped much lower than the $100 mark, despite being on the market for some time now. The Fitbit One is basically an upgrade on the Fitbit Zip, with much of the same functionality plus some added features thrown in for good measure, such as the ability to track your sleep movements. – Buy from Amazon

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7. Misfit Flash ($51.49)

The Misfit Flash is one of the better waterproof activity trackers out there at present, and is also one of the more long-lasting with a battery life that lasts a good 6 months. Unlike the Jawbone Up Move, it comes with a wristband out of the box and can be placed on your wrist or clipped on your body. It also works with a range of different devices, including both iOS and Android. The lack of a heart monitor could be a big drawback for some users, however! – Buy from Amazon

6. Garmin Vivofit ($79.97)

Garmin is a name that I became aware of due to their work on in-car devices and accessories for traveling, but more and more often these days you will see these developers branching out and developing their technology to create a broad line of different devices. The Garmin Vivofit is actually a great little fitness band or activity tracker, though the display on the front could have done with being a little more complicated. – Buy from Amazon

5. Jawbone Up Move ($38.79)

While the Jawbone Up Move is one of the more affordable activity trackers out there these days, and is great since it allows you to wear it on your wrist or clip it to your clothes, I’ve always been turned off by the basic design. Perhaps this is why they went back to the drawing board with the Jawbone Up 24, and came up with something entirely different. Another drawback here is that it can’t be worn in the shower or swimming, and the wristband is actually sold separately.  – Buy from Amazon

4. Fitbit Flex ($90.14)

Fitbit Flex

The design of the Fitbit Flex is one of the best out there, and anyone who knows this site will know how much of a sucker I am for nice aesthetics. I’ve been critical of Fitbit products in the past precisely for this reason, but this latest Flex model is a massive improvement. It’s also deceptively strong, since it looks on the surface to be something that looks good but perhaps isn’t so rubust – let me tell you that this isn’t the case! The Fitbit Flex is designed to track steps, the distance travelled as well as calories burned and will also give you a general figure for the amount of minutes you have been active for throughout the day. So that even if you are cooped up in the office or running from meeting to meeting, the Fitbit Flex will be constantly tracking your movements to provide you with an accurate reading of your activities, and how many calories you’ve burned off, even without working out! – Buy from Amazon

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3. Jawbone Up 24 ($65.00)

Jawbone UP 24

While the Jawbone Up Move is undoubtedly one of the nicer options out there, the Up 24 is a real improvement – actually, it’s hard to class it as an improvement when the two products are so different! Much like the Fitbit Flex, the Up 24 really looks the part but is incredibely robus, here taking the form of a basic bracelet. The compatibility on this one is better than a lot of the rival activity trackers out there, for it works well with MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and a bunch of other apps. It’s also supported by Apple’s default HealthKit app, which is a nice advantage. If you do invest, it would be perhaps best to download the official Up app and use that to track everything from the steps your have taken to the kind of food you are eating on a daily basis. – Buy from Amazon

2. Withings Pulse O2 ($99.99)

Withings Pulse O2

I’ve really become a massive fan of Withings recently, but mainly down to their groundbreaking work when it comes to health-related products. Their sleek wireless scales and heart rate monitor are wonderful to behold, and I suppose it’s only a natural progression to move from this kind of stuff to the fitness or activity tracker that we see here. The Withings Pulse O2 is one of my favorites because, as with the options from Misfit, you can easily pop it out of the band and wear it as a clip. Some had expected the price of the Pulse O2 to go down with the release of new activity trackers from Withings such as the Activite Pop, but if anything the price seems to have gone up slightly! You could still probably get one for under $100 depending on where you look, but Amazon currently has it listed at around $120, and that’s directly from Amazon and not the Marketplace! – Buy from Amazon

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1. Misfit Shine ($73.97)

Misfit Shine

Continuing on what I was saying previously regarding aesthetics, the products that have been released by the Misfit range in the past few years are by far the best looking and also some of the most ergonomic activity trackers out there on the market right now. While the earlier Misfit Flash is an excellent option, and even moreso now that you can pick it up so cheap, but the Misfit Shine will always be the superior example of wearable tech. While built from aircraft grade aluminium, it’s actually one of the more slight and unintrusive trackers out there. It measures your steps, the distance travelled on foot or perhaps biking, and the calories you burn as well as the duration of your sleep and your sleeping pattern.- Buy from Amazon

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