Top 8 Adventures Games Android

Adventure is such a broad name for a genre that it could really be applied to so many different sub-genres. The moderns strategy game is in many ways an adventure in that it starts you off on a piece of land and then invites you to explore a small map before settling on a spot for your base and a place to build up your army. Likewise, arcade games that offer a rolling, linear game format could also be considered adventure games in that you are discovering new levels each time. With this broad term in mind, I’ve come up with what I believe to be the best adventure games currently available for Android devices. Some of which are currently free to download and play from the Play Store with optional in-app purchases, and some of which are paid alternatives but well worth the money!

8. Gemini Rue ($4.99)

Gemini Rue takes elements of film noir and puts you in a cyberpunk universe, applying all of this to the point and click format to create something that is wholly original. You play an ex-assassin by the name of Odin as well as an hospital patient named Delta-Six whose paths are destined to cross. It’s a compelling, brooding sci-fi mystery game that really immerses the user in a grimy underworld and will have you hunting about for clues in no time at all. I’m a big fan of the old point and click games and I think this format really suits them well – Gemini Rue is an excellent example! – Download on Google Play

7. Shattered Planet (Free)

Another sci-fi option, Shattered Planet allows you to explore a hostile planet with the intent to salvage specific pieces. I like the tile-based approach to the art and setup, which reminded me of the recent hit Bastion, and it really works to give Shattered Planet a personality of its own. The format of the game is also turn-based, which may discourage certain players who would prefer for things to be straightforward and with lots of action involved, but the approach will be familiar to anyone who has played a game from the popular Final Fantasy franchise. – Download on Google Play

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6. Yesterday (Free)

Yesterday is another point and click game with adventure elements that puts you in the shoes of a film noir detective set on uncovering the mystery behind a New York serial killer. It should be noted that this is a game more oriented towards older or more mature audiences, so I wouldn’t advise putting it in the hands of your kids. The themes and some of the graphics on display are quite intense. I’d say that the best thing about Yesterday is its storyline and artwork, which seems to improve as the game moves on towards its climax. Creating the right balance is always key to this kind of game, and the developers behind Yesterday have managed it with ease. – Download on Google Play

5. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut ($4.99)

Spot the theme yet? This game is the latest in the Broken Sword series, which range from $4-$5 and are all worth checking out. The premise is always the same, putting you in the shoes of a detective who must find clues and solve puzzles in order to advance. I’m a huge fan of manga and anime myself so the artwork in this game is right up my street. I also love Paris, which is one of the games main backdrops and has been beautifully recreated for the story here. Again, this is a point and click game which I believe to be a format that suits the mobile platform and its limitations down to the ground! – Download on Google Play

4. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery ($4.99)

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery is perhaps the most beautiful game to make the list and you won’t find more better looking in the depths of Google’s Play Store. It is really an audiovisual experience wrapped around an adventure game, with pixel art and fantasy elements that will seem only nostalgic for the veteran gamer. The game world is the best thing about this, and is a joy to explore as you take control of the protagonist and attempt to solve a range of arcane puzzles. The soundtrack is also great, and is very much a part of the game experience itself rather than something to be ignored or switched off. The narration can get a little frustrating if you’re not into that kind of thing, but it’s worth bearing when you have a game like this on your hands – as is the price of $4.99. – Download on Google Play

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3. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition ($9.99)

Those that have been around the block a few times will know of Baldur’s Gate and the legend that it has spun in video game history. It is perhaps the archetypal adventure game, with strategy and role-playing elements that all work towards creating something that these days is considered an institution – an engaging game full of poise and longevity that will keep you hooked. This latest upgrade for Android devices offers a similar level of gameplay – I’d say probably around 60 hours in all, and is a nice companion or homage piece to the PC series which is so fondly remembered by so many. If you’re a fan of the Baldur’s Gate series, you should definitely give this one a go! – Download on Google Play

2. Machinarium ($4.99)

The final point and click adventure to make the list, Machinarium was developed by Czech developers Amanita Design who are also the brains behind Samarost and the recent hit Botanicula. In fact, I’d have included Botanicula on this list as well since it definitely ticks all of the boxes, but it does share many of the elements found here so is probably worth simply mentioning (if you like this one, try Botanicula and also Samarost!) Each of the games produced by Amanita so far have been point and click affairs, with an emphasis on gorgeous art and immersive two-dimensional game worlds, and Machinarium offers much of the same. You control a rusting, hand-drawn robot in an odd steampunk kind of world who must find his way through this oppressive landscape in the name of love. – Download on Google Play

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1. Minecraft ($6.99)

No game has quite reshaped the landscape of modern video games like Minecraft, which is of course ironic since much of the gameplay within Minecraft involves… well, reshaping landscapes. The premise behind Minecraft is exceedingly simple: you mine blocks of material that can be combined to create other materials, then build a house and more. The game is the definition of a sandbox title, and is revolutionary in that it started life as such a small project and has grown thanks to the input of millions of players over the years. The latest editions for the mobile platform such as the one seen here are quite a distance from those original alpha and beta versions, but the spirit of the game remains intact. That being, an exciting and fully immersive block-building adventure game that draws on all kinds of classic video game elements to create something that is new and inventive and exciting. It’s sad that so many Minecraft rip-offs have sprung up and now litter the Play Store, but I suppose that’s the kind of thing that comes with universal success. Minecraft is turning heads all over the world, and it’s easy to see why! – Download on Google Play

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