Top 8 Alarm Clock Apps iPhone

If you’re the kind of iPhone user that, like me, relies on their smartphone to wake them up every morning, then it’s likely you’re quite familiar with the uses and of course the limitations of Apple’s own built in alarm clock function. The alarm clock on the iPhone is good enough for most people who simply want something to wake them up each morning, but what if you were to look at some of the third party alarm clock apps currently available on the iPhone? These can vary in quality, but generally bring more to the table than Apple’s default app. In many cases, they redefine the idea of the alarm clock app, as is the case with Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock which places as a lot more emphasis on waking up healthily in the morning rather than simply just waking up on time. This particular app monitors your movements throughout the night and then wakes you up when you’re ready, simply by looking at a small alarm window and picking the best moment to sound the alarm. Neat, huh? We take a look at some other third party alarm clock apps for the iPhone:

8. SpinMe Alarm Clock ($1.99)

SpinMe Alarm Clock is exactly what you expect it to be; an innovative little alarm clock app that has been featured on a bunch of different tech websites such as BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, TechCrunch. It was even featured as part of Apple’s What’s Hot! page, which helped the app to gain a bunch of dedicated followers almost overnight. The idea behind the app is to get you out of bed, simply because it’s so complicated to actually turn the alarm clock off each time! – Download from iTunes

7. Red Clock ($1.99)

We’re huge fans of great looking UIs here at Top 8, especially of the minimal variety, and you’d be surprised how many alarm clock apps there are out there that seem to susbcribe to this approach when it comes to visuals. The Red Clock app by morethan Apps is one of the best looking alarm clocks we ran into when making this list, and is minimal both in design and the presentation of its features. – Download from iTunes

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6. Smart Alarm Clock ($1.99)

Then you have the Smart Alarm Clock by Plus Sports, which boasts what it describes as “the most advanced alarm clock algorithm to date”. While I’m not sure exactly what that means, the Smart Alarm Clock app is a nice little option and is packed to the brim with neat features such as stats that can be checked as soon as you wake up, showing you your sleeping patterns. The app also has the ability to pull music and use that as your alarm signal in the mornings, and there is even weather info that can be delivered as soon as you wake up. – Download from iTunes


Speaking of beautiful alarm clock apps, one of the best looking out there at present is the UNIQLO WAKE UP app. This app is an innovative new social alarm clock app, with custom music that chang depending on things like the weather to offer a unique wake up experience each time. – Download from iTunes

4. CARROT Alarm ($2.99)

We’ve mentioned quite a few CARROT apps in Top 8 lists, including both their attempts at a weather app and a fitness app. The CARROT Alarm presents a similarly efficient approach, and actually works as a nice companion to these other apps so is one you might want to look at if you already own one or two CARROT apps. The main difference between this app and all other alarm clock apps on the iPhone is that the CARROT Alarm app talks you out of bed, rather than use music or some kind of annoying sound. It has been described as a “hilariously twisted AI construct who wants nothing more than for you to get out of bed everyt morning”. This will include pleading, threats, and even bribes such as ice cream should you get up and out of bed when she asks. – Download from iTunes

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3. Wake Alarm Clock (Free)

Wake Alarm Clock is another excellent option, if you’re looking for an app that rolls up different functionalities into one useful alarm clock app. It has three basic alarm styles and lots of different alert sounds, so it will no doubt appeal to just about everyone. If you prefer to respond to your alarm in the morning with a slap and flip, then there is an option for that; likewise, for a shake and a swipe. And if you’re like me and prefer to wake up to the sound of music, the integration here with iTunes means you can allow the app to pick a song from your library in order to wake up to. The interface isn’t as simple nor as usable as some of the other alarm clock apps listed here, but the different features of Wake Alarm Clock more than make up for these drawbacks. There is Siri support to set your alarm by voice, and 12 built in alarm sounds with additional ones available via in app purchases. – Download from iTunes

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Free)

As mentioned previously, Sleep Cycle Alarm clock is an option that really goes back to the drawing board when it comes to general alarm clock apps and indeed alarm clocks in general. With this app, you put your iPhone on your mattress and it analyzes your sleeping habits, quickly working out how long you typically sleep for and when you begin moving around, signifying some movement towards wakefulness. This is when you should be waking up, since it is a lot healthier and avoids dragging you out of a deep sleep and resulting in you feeling drowsy or annoyed. With this information, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app then wakes you up at a time when you’re in a light sleep phase. As such, you give it a window to wake you up in and the app will choose the best possible moment. It’s a fantastic approach to the alarm clock and really rethinks and reinvents what we’re currently used to. – Download from iTunes

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1. Rise Alarm Clock ($1.99)

We here at Top 8 do love ourselves an app that goes above and beyond its duty in terms of interface and design. Now, you might forgive the developers behind an alarm clock app for making all about functionality rather than beauty, but those behind Rise Alarm Clock have done the opposite. Here, they’ve taken a minimalist approach to the idea to create something that is strikingly different when compared to most of the other apps listed here. The interface is clean and simple to use, with basic colors and shades used as well as simple swipe gestures. In terms of functionality, you can set specfic alarms and then implement a quick nap alarm just by shaking your iPhone and switching to a preset nap timer. The app works as a clock for your lockscreen, too, in both portrait and landscape mode and certainly brings a bit of color to your device. There is also the nice option to play sleepy music within the app so as to help you drift off in the evenings. – Download from iTunes

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