Top 8 Antivirus Apps Android

In terms of securing your smartphone or tablet from prying hands, password and lockscreen apps are among the most efficient and effective on the market. There are also specific password apps that allow you to put pass codes to all the purchases you make using your device, making it practically impossible for anyone to tap in and use your payment sources. What about securing your device digitally, though? We all know the measures that users go to in order to do so physically, but what about protecting your files from the threat of viruses or malware. Antivirus apps are something that most people don’t really consider, choosing to associate the idea more with the desktop or laptop computer than the mobile device. But as we’ve seen on iOS in particular in recent months, the threat of mobile viruses is very real, and perhaps even more potent than on any other platform given the fact that everything is connected these days. We take a look at some of the best antivirus apps for your Android device, including the more simple options to the complete package.

8. AVL (Free)

I know that many of those reading this will prefer to get their hands on something small and simple that does a job. Something to protect from malware, but without all the bloated self-importance of a big antivirus package. Think, Malwarebytes for the PC! If that’s what you’re after, AVL is an excellent option since it’s about as barebones as they get. There is no anti-theft tool, or ID protection, but just a basic app that protects from the looming threat of malware on a day to day basis. We tested it on both an Android smartphone and tablet, with the app scoring a 100% when picking up potential threats. – Download from Google Play

7. Norton (Free)

By far one of the most venerable names out there when it comes to antivirus protection is Norton, which has years of experience in the field. This mobile security app will protect you and your Anrdoid devices against rheats such as malicious malware, the loss or theft of your device, and websites that are designed to steal your info as you browse the web. There are a bunch of excellent options and features here, including the ability to use SMS to remotely lock your lost or stolen phone – so really the complete package as far as mobile security is concerned. – Download from Google Play

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6. Lookout (Free)

Lookout is worth considering, if only because you get not just the antivirus but also a bunch of other features for free. This is all then combined into a single interface to make things easier for the user, with anti theft options to help you find your phone and anti malware features to protect your mobile device from malicious apps designed to steal your data. There are even some nice functions thrown in that you could find useful, such as the ability to back up your contacts. – Download from Google Play

5. ESET (Free)

This one is something of a new entry, but should definitely considered up there among the best antivirus and mobile security apps. ESET is free to download and provides real time scanning of your apps to detect malware and to nip it in the bud when the problem first arises. There are also a bunch of anti theft tools included to help you should your phone fall into the wrong hands. – Download from Google Play

4. Avira (Free)

Avira is another one that boasts a 100% detection rate and is one of the most reliable mobile security apps out there. One thing that sets Avira apart, at least for me is the fact that it seems lighter and more subtle than many of the other options to make the list. When we talk about footprint, it means the effect that a given app has on your device – one that is running in the background. I always feel that apps that do background tasks should be as anonymous as possible, and have no effect on what you are doing in real time. That they should be seen and not heard, if that makes sense! And Avira is one of the very best in this department. – Download from Google Play

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3. AVG (Free)

I’ve been a subscriber to the church of AVG for some time now when it comes to desktop and laptop computers. As a free security suite, it has just about everything you could ask for when it comes to protecting your computer from external threats. That said, I do like to back it up with a basic anti malware program such as Malwarebytes. This mobile version of AVG offers much of the same, with a lightweight security suite that does exactly what it claims and doesn’t drain your resources in the process! – Download from Google Play

2. 360 Security (Free)

360 Security is a mobile security app developed by successful Chinese developer Qihu, who broke onto the scene in 2013 and turned heads with a flawless AV-Test in the September report, blowing away many more established apps. By the time 2014 rolled around, you could see that the developers had been hard at work because that score was quickly bettered. With 360, the emphasis is of course on delivering a wide and all-encompassing protection for your mobile device. It will detect threats in real time, and is one of the more lightweight apps out there when it comes to performing background checks. You won’t even know the app is there, but then that could work against you because it is certainly one of the most elegant and clean interface designs you will come across when it comes to antivirus apps. – Download from Google Play

1. Avast (Free)

Avast is another huge player when it comes to antivirus and security software on PCs, so it makes sense that there is also a potent mobile version of the same suite. This one offers an excellent range of tools and features: practically anything you could want when it comes to antivirus, malware, web shields and all that kind of stuff. It actrively scans URLs as you are browsing so as to thwart any kind of malicious sites before you visit them. There is also an excellent anti theft feature here, which is actually built upon an old app that Avast acquired which was known as Theft Aware. The feature is hidden on your device and cannot be detected by outsiders, but allows you to actively control your smartphone using SMS. This means that if you lose your phone, you can lock it or locate it or even wipe it simply by sending a message. And that’s not all! You can make your phone emit a siren sound, lock the SIM card and even prevent USB debugging. What more could you want from an anti theft app? As for the antivirus, this one is one of the best around and has an extemely light footprint when compared to other apps. If you’re looking not only for a good antivirus app but also some kind of complete package that will bring everything into one place, Avast is your best option. – Download from Google Play

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