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It was a long, dark period for iPhone users when the device suffered from no default turn by turn navigation apps, and but a few decent third party options that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Finally, Apple seemed to come to the rescue with Apple Maps but we all know what happened there: the launch was a disaster, yet Google soon came to the rescue with Google Maps which worked so much better. It’s still the favorite navigation of so many users around the world, but what are the other Apple Maps alternatives worth checking out for the iPhone? We recently took a bunch of these navigation apps for a spin so as to come up with a definitive list of alternatives and below is the resulting list. Of course, there are many different navigation apps out there to choose from so the chances are we’ve forgotten something: feel free to suggest your own favorite in the comments, or of course go ahead and tell us why we should be using Apple Maps rather than looking for viable alternatives!

8. Sygic (Free)

Sygic allows you to download free offline maps in over  100 countries, giving you things like route planning guidable, info and thousands of useful points of interest to look out for along your route. There are also free map updates for those who need them. If you need 3D maps, turn by turn voice guided navigation, and things like speed limit warnings, you will have to upgrade however to one of the different map packages as provided as an in app purchase. The app offers new users a free 7 day trial of these features, too, so you can decide whether you like them before investing actual money in the app. The maps themselves are powered by TomTom and once download don’t require an internet connection in order to work, meaning that your turn by turn navigation isn’t affected by the access to a WiFi connection or a 3G signal. – Download from iTunes

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7. Komoot (Free)

If you’re looking for a navigation app that is specifically designed for the great outdoors, focusing on activities like hiking and biking, then Komoot is the direction to go in. This app is a great resource for those who are often traveling across country, with topographic apps that can be downloaded to your iPhone and turn by turn guided navigation. The offline maps are not only useful but also crucial here, since those biking and hiking will know how difficult it is to find a 3G connection and maintain one in places where coverage is patchy at best. – Download from iTunes

6. Scout (Free)

Scout has been a favorite in Europe for some time but now supports the whole of the US, offering things like free turn by turn navigation, points of interest and lots more. While the app does require an internet connection in order to function, you can actually download offline maps through in app purchases of a nominal fee and this is something we would strongly suggest doing, especially if you’re traveling somewhere you don’t know well. It’s great, since it means that you don’t have to rely on an expensive roaming 3G signal in order to get you through, but buying separate maps can become quite expensive if you’re embarking on a road trip across several states. Still, Scout is full of useful info such as the ability to find the best gas prices and parking garage prices closest to you.  – Download from iTunes

5. Citymapper (Free)

CityMapper is a name that many more will probably know now, given the quickness with which the developer has updated their app for Apple Watch integration. As it stands, the iPhone version is also well worth checking out, and is particularly useful if you are heading out across a city with public transport involved in your journey. The app is also integrated with services like Uber and Foursquare, Yelp and Twitter, meaning that you can book a cab on the go and the live transit updates are always timely and reliable. The app features things like real time bus timetables, and will let you know if there are any distruptions to the service. – Download from iTunes

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4. MapQuest (Free)

MapQuest is another excellent one to look out for if you’re seeking Apple Maps alternatives on the iPhone. It’s a solid mapping service that offers turn by turn navigation and a lot more, with some great integration featuring services like OpenTable and GrubHub to help you immediately find a place to eat in your area, then pull up reviews and ratings, book a table and be on your way! – Download from iTunes

3. Waze (Free)

Waze is another favorite navigation app for turn by turn directions, excelling in one particular area. The service is a crowd driven one, relying on the support of its dedicated users to report up to the moment traffic data and ensure that you avoid any significant traffic in terms of roadworks, accients and simply the bottling up of trafifc. As you can imagine, it’s a fantastically useful app to have during rush hour and can really make the different when it comes to avoiding traffic in built up areas. While the interface can seem somewhat cluttered, the turn by turn voice navigations are great; likewise, the user reported data can be patchy in areas but it’s worth it if you get to avoid things like cops trying to bust people for speeding on your way home from work. It’s also great at helping you find a gas station along your route. – Download from iTunes

2. HERE Maps (Free)

Nokia’s HERE Maps seems to be going out of its way to prove that it is a better alternative than the likes of Google Maps, and in many areas it does have quite a strong case. The app was recently acquired by German carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler and powers the GPS systems in these automobiles, as well as the whole map system behind such apps as Facebook, Foursquare, Bing and loads more. HERE Maps goes into great detail cover things like public transit, indoor maps, traffic details and the rating and reviewing of different locations. – Download from iTunes

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1. Google Maps (Free)

In terms of navigation apps, I’d say that Google Maps is probably as close as they come to perfect. The quick search option allows you to find just about anything, and even if you punch in something like the name of a restaurant then the search will find it and come up with several different routes to choose from. Up to the moment traffic info is integrated into these routes and the system is great at intelligently rerouting you should you make a mistake. It also has a good voice for turn by turn navigation that is probably easier to understand than Siri, too! There is access to public transit info which is something that you don’t get with other turn by turn navigation apps. As navigation apps go, there’s very little to be critical about with Google Maps; the lack of Siri integration comes as expected but as mentioned, doesn’t cause much of a problem.  – Download from iTunes

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