Top 8 Astrology Apps Android

While I’ll admit to not knowing much about Astrology or Horoscopes, there is a huge industry for it these days and that much at least is reflected in the Play Store and the sheer wealth of different apps that bring your daily horoscopes to mobile. Each app will typically offer something slightly different, with some apps looking to simplify the thing for a brief daily reading as you might glance at in a newspaper or magazine, whereas others go all out and look to analyze the position of the stars so as to predict in a detailed fashion well into the future. No matter what level of interest you hold in astrology then, there will definitely be a mobile app out there to suit you and your needs and interests. We recently took to the market for Astrology apps and tested most of the major available apps in order to come up with a list of the best options. Check it out below, then jump to the comments section if you have another astrology app to recommend us!

8. Astrologer (Free)

We’ll start with this nice little astrology app that may seem quite simple on the surface, but is laid out that way mainly to provide something that is easy on the eye and something that newcomers will find easy to navigate. I can confirm that after going through so many of these astrology and horoscope apps over the past week, that things such as design and layout and aesthetics are not really at the top of the list when it comes to their developers. So many of the apps will typically provide a great deal of information and tell you just about everything you need to know when it comes to horoscopes, but look awful! Thankfully, Astrologer is a sharp departure from this: you can easily see all the zodiac signs on a list, as seen above, each of which will contain things such as personality traits, physical appearance and characteristics depending on each sex. The app will provide you with your daily horoscopes, but you can easily switch that to a monthly look. – Download from Google Play

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7. Galaxy Tarot (Free)

For those who are more into Tarot reading than Horoscopes, Galaxy Tarot (which again proves what I said about these developers focusing content rather than looks!) might just be the app for you. With it, you can learn a whole lot mroe about your future and enhance your tuition when it comes to reading Tarot cards. Rather than a mere tarot reading app, it actually offers what is a fairly in depth resource or encyclopedia which can come in very handy for the uninitiated and answers a lot of questions that you might have. You can look at specific themes, browse the entire deck, and look at the specific meaning of each card with the tap of a button. – Download from Google Play

6. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone (Free)

While many people will point towards Susan Miller’s official app Astrology Zone as the best on the market when it comes to getting full horoscopes, and has certainly benefitted from a recent redesign, it is one of those apps that is aching for you to subscribe and spend money. Still, the basic free version of the app is nice enough. – Download from Google Play

5. Personalized Astrology (Free)

Personalized Astrology is another app that looks awful (mentioned above) but excels in the area of content and management of conent, simply because it looks to better personalize your astrological experience. With this app, you can get a free personalized birth horoscope, and the app does daily horoscopes well, too. There is also complicated stuff like biorhythm compatibility, whatever that is! And some nice astrology charts as well as detailed reports on your individual forecast, each of which has been personalized for you – hence the name of the app itself! – Download from Google Play

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4. Daily Horoscope (Free)

Daily Horoscope is certainly one of the more comprehensive horoscope and astrology apps out there these days, and has been around for quite some time. In many ways, it is that experience that has helped to create such a detailed app today, and led to it becoming perhaps the most popular of all the options currently found on the Play Store. You can get a daily horoscope through the app (hence the name) for the current and the following days, and there is a nice widget that you can put on your home screen and check periodically for new information. There are even custom colors to choose from for the interface, and you can alter the size of the font if you wish. Not many of the astrology apps we came across offered this kind of customization when it comes to the interface itself, so that’s nice to see! – Download from Google Play

3. Zodiac & Astrology (Free)

Speaking of interface, while it is a bit gaudy, none of the apps we’ve come across in the creation of this list were quite as visual as the Zodiac and Astrology app. The main interface presents all of the zodiac signs separated into their own individual categories, with different readings depending on which traditions you follow. There is a Chinese zodiac reading for daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly horoscopes – so you can really get a lot of info on the future, if you want to. There are also some admittedly quite rushed other features such as a nice palm reading area, tarot reading, sign comparison feature and a whole lot more. The app doesn’t really do one thing well besides its advanced time periods for forecasts, but it does a whole lot of things! – Download from Google Play

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2. Horoscope (Free)

The names of these apps, I find so funny. It’s like there was a mad rush to find the best name, and as such you find that there are a bunch of different variations, all of which look to take advantage of the massive interest in astrology and physical need that some people have to view their horoscope each and every day. With this basic Horoscope app, you can get a simple outline of your daily horoscope or look at the entire week and even month for a forecast. The app will update itself and inform you when there is new information, and you can even go into detail with lots of different categories such as love, work or health if you require some kind of specific information. – Download from Google Play

1. My Horoscope (Free)

Again, My Horoscope isn’t the most inviting app to look at when thinking of interface and design, but it certainly rules the rest when it comes to personalized content. You can read daily forecasts, which appear as soon as you open the app and set your date of birth. Another great thing that sets this app apart from the rest is that it organizes your specific predictions so that they can be beter accessed, not just by Zodiac sugns but by “decantes”, which is essentially based on your specific date of birth that gives you a more accurate reading. – Download from Google Play

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