Top 8 Free Astrology Apps for iPad 2023

We all like to know what’s just around the corner, which is perhaps why the horoscope section of your local newspaper is still so popular and the App Store remains filled with horoscope and general astrology apps that will deliver that kind of info direct to your smartphone or tablet.

Yet, there are so many horoscope apps out there right now that it’s difficult to know where to look first – especially if you’re new to the thing or have only recently purchased a mobile device.

Of course, the best place to look is often the brand name apps such as astrology personality Susan Miller’s own app or the official app for, to name but a couple. With such apps you can typically rely on the standard being fairly good, and most importantly that the app is regularly updated and that the content you will receive is worth receiving!

Other than that, there are one or two astrology apps out there worth checking out and with this list, we’re going to check them off for you.

Free Astrology Apps iPad

I should note at this point that I’m not well versed in the world of horoscopes and astrology, but here goes nothing!

8. TimePassages (Free)

Lets start off with AstroGraph Software’s TimePassages, which isn’t the best looking app in the world with its white on black interface but the free features more than make up for this lapse in the visual area.

This is an award winning astrology program turned free iOS app, and is excellent for astrology beginners as well as those who are more experienced. The free features include the ability to access accurate and insightful personalized horoscopes each day, with those generated specifically for your unique birth chart which is something that few competitor apps offer.

There is also the ability to calculate the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign whhich might interest some users. You can also go ahead and create your own bright and colorful birth chart, though this will set you back around 99 cents each time. – Download from iTunes

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7. Free Horoscope (Free)

Free Astrology Apps iPad

The Free Horoscope app from SF Factory is notable as being one of the few astrology apps out there currently for the iPhone or iPad that also works with the Apple Watch. It is iOS 8 compatible and also has the first horoscope widget available for iOS 9, which shows that this is a developer with its finger on the pulse.

Features include the ability to generate your monthly, seasonal or annual horoscope for 2015 or 2016, as well as set up your star sign profile and zodiac element profile. You can get free Tarot readings for free, and the iPad version of the app even includes a host of astrological articles for your perusal.

While the Apple Watch version of the app is limited in its functionality in comparison, it’s still an excellent way to keep on top of your horoscope and check it at a glance.  – Download from iTunes

6. MyHoroscope Pro ($3.99)

Free Astrology Apps iPad 2023

The MyHoroscope Pro app is one of the more expensive astrology apps out there at present for iOS devices, but there is a reason for this.

The app will provide you with a daily horoscope prepared by an astrology expert with over 12 years experience, feauring all the signs and their 3 decanates, as well as real time updates and no annoying ads.

This is perhaps the biggest selling point here – the lack of ads – since these can become the most frustrating thing about the other free astrology apps currently out there on iOS. One drawback here is that the MyHoroscope Pro app was specifically designed with the iPhone in mind, so is not optimized for the iPad.  – Download from iTunes

5. The DailyHoroscope (Free)

Max Binshtok’s The DailyHoroscope app wins our own personal award for the best looking astrology app out there for the iPhone or iPad, and is actually one of the most popular horoscope apps on the App Store at present. It is free to download and includes such features as a daily zodiac horoscope, zodiac sign compatibility – perfect for those with romance in mind, as well as a Chinese horoscope for 2015 and 2016.

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With this app you can get to know your Druid horoscope, scroll back if you miss a day and even share readings with friends and family with a few taps. The best thing about this app, however, aside from its lovely interface and design, is the fact that you can customize colors and fonts as you wish! – Download from iTunes

4. Horoscope (Free)

Horoscope2 - Free Astrology Apps iPad

The Horoscope app from Telemaque is another great horoscope app for the iPad, with the ability to get free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly personal horoscopes on your Apple device.

This one is also compatible with the Apple Watch meaning that you can get your horoscope updates direct to your wrist, and there’s even a romance compatibility feature that allows you to see which people are right for you and who to avoid. For iPhone users, there is also a live chat reading to put you in contact with experts from across the country.  – Download from iTunes

3. Everyday Horoscope (Free)

Free Astrology Apps for iPad

The Everyday Horoscope app wins the award as perhaps the most versatile horoscope app out there at present, with a whole host of different horoscopes available in aa single app that is free to download for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

We won’t go through all of the horoscopes it offers since there are too many, but the Finance and Astroslam horoscopes sound particularly interesting. There are also horoscopes dedicated to your dog or cat, so that you can involve them in your astrological discoveries! – Download from iTunes

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2. Zodiac Star Signs (Free)

The Zodiac Star Signs app is another one worth checking out that leans towards the romantic by helping you to discover your perfect compatibility with another person, though it does offer a lot more than just that.

With this app, every horoscope is updated by a professional astrologer on a daily basis, you can receive all kinds of personalized horoscopes including those based on money, love, health and lots more. You can access tomorrow’s horoscope early and even yesterday’s if you missed it, and finally the app allows you to easily share your discoveries on Facebook with friends and family if that’s the kind of thing you like to do. – Download from iTunes

1. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone (Free)

If there’s one app that I can vouch for that will provide the average user with tons of excellent content and insight, it’s this one by’s Susan Miller. As with all astrology apps, it’s all about the content at the end of the day and this app will provide not only quantity but also quality.

It’s full of interesting information regarding your personal astrological sign, and is packed with excellent features such as the ability to integrate with such social media services as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike other horoscope apps, this one works all year round and provides a steady stream of updates and info that will no doubt be to your liking. It also offers sage wisdom, and gives users the option to contact Ms Miller any time for extra advice and information. – Download from iTunes

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