Top 8 Authentication Apps iPhone

Given all these highly publicized leaks of personal details, security apps and tools are the big thing right now and if there’s one term out there that could aptly be described as something of a buzzword, it’s “two factor authentication”. This is basically just like adding another wall between your data and any potential hacker or malicious piece of software, generating a random code and then using this as part of the authentication process each time to ensure that only you are able to view your files – even if your device falls into the wrong hands. There are many authentication apps out there at present, beginning with Google Authenticator (where we begin our list) and moving through simple two-factor authentication apps to those with added features and depth. Many of these two factor authentication apps actually support Google Authenticator, or are based on this platform, while others will even work with Apple’s Touch ID system in order to further secure your data behind another login system. We recently tried out a bunch of authentication apps for the iPhone and came up with some favorites.

8. Google Authenticator (Free)

It seems the most logical place to start here would be the Google Authenticator app, which is a good base but very limited if you use different native apps and platforms. There was also a problem a few years back when using the app with an iOS update would wipe stored accounts, which hasn’t exactly helped its peceived reputation among the public and tech users in general. The good thing about the Google Authenticator app is that other developers have used it as a base, or at the very least a drawing board from which to create their own improved efforts that make two factor authentication a lot easier.  – Download from iTunes

7. FreeOTP Authenticator (Free)

FreeOTP is perhaps the most similar of the available authentication apps to Google Authenticator, which we mentioned above and is the app that started it all. FreeOTP is similar but does excell in a few areas including the interface which is much easier to use. If you are the kind of user that prefers open source when it comes to providing your smartphone with two factor authentication then this is the alternative app for you. – Download from iTunes

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6. Multi-Factor Authentication (Free)

The Multi-Factor authentication app by PhoneFactor (the app was previously simply called PhoneFactor) helps you to secure business and personal accounts by verifying account sign ins. When someone attempts to log in to one of your accounts, you will receive an alert on your iPhone and can then use to accept or refuse it. It’s a nice and very simple alternative, though does require an active Microsot Azure account in order to work.   Download from iTunes

5. SAASPASS (Free)

SAASPASS is another authentication ap worth checking out, offering (in their own words) security without the passwords. The main idea behind this app and what sets it apart from other competng apps and service is that it tries to remain anonymous. By this I mean that it does all the work in the background while you go about your business and are not even involved in the process. The app will also conveniently work with your Mac and PC to allow you to unlock your computer, and even works with Proximity authentication to unlock your Mac when you are close to it. – Download from iTunes

4. Toopher (Free)

Toopher is another app that supports every platform that Google Authenticator does, but does feature a bunch of extras for such partner sites as WordPress and MailChimp among others. If you log into an app or a platform that is a partner with Toopher then you will automatically receive a push notiication with details on both the account and the computer requesting the login, which is an excellent way to keep on top of who is using your accounts and to immediately nip any security breach in the bud, so to speak. You can then decide whether to allow this login or to deny it with the tap of a button, and no 6 digit code necessary. There is also the excellent option with Toopher to bypaass two factor authentication when you are in a place that lacks the potential security threats that you might have, say, in the mall or when at work. Toopher will check on your location, figure out that you’re at home and then bypass the whole two factor process. And this location check is only done when you receive the notification, so doesn’t adversely affect battery life. – Download from iTunes

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3. Duo Mobile (Free)

Duo Mobile is one of the more logical alternatives if you’re sick of using something like Google Authenticator, mainly because it doesn’t use this platform but instead has its very own Duo Security two factor authentication service to work with. This generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications making authentication a one tap affair, and a lot more convenient for those with little time. As with many of these two factor authentication services, the whole setup process can be rather arduous and unforgiving, but if the security of your data is at stake then why settle for anything else? – Download from iTunes

2. Authy (Free)

Authy remains one of the most impressive authentication apps out there, and perhaps its best aspect is the fact that it supports so many apps and different platforms. At present, Authy supports all those apps supported by Google Authenticator, so that means Gmail and Facebook and Evernote, also Dropbox and a bunch more. You can then install Authy on multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer and sync your tokens between them. The app will also give you the option to backup your accounts to the cloud, but you need to enable this since it is turned off by default. The thing we like most about Authy however is that unlike some authentication apps it allows you to get tokens offline or when you don’t have good service, so you will never have a problem logging in. The app also supports PIN and Touch ID meaning you can lock this great authentication app behind a further added layer of protection. When used with the Mac app, it will also conveniently bypass Authy if your iPhone is within Bluetooth range. – Download from iTunes

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1. Lockdown ($3.99)

Lockdown boasts a lot less features than Authy, but we like it for its simplicity and the fact that it supports a range of platforms and is also compatible with both Google Authenticator and 1Password two factor authentication. The app also has a range of nice benefits that may suit those looking for an alternative to something like Google Authenticator. First of all it allows you to sync your information via iCloud to multiple devices and soon to Lockdown for Macs. It also allows you to backup two factor authentication apps in a range of different ways, including AirPrinting or emailing barcodes of your accounts, which ensures you can then easily rescan accounts into the app or transfer these into other two factor authentication apps. Some platforms that Lockdown works with are Dropbox, GitHub and of course your Google account, among others. – Download from iTunes

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