Top 8 Beauty and Fashion Apps Android

One area of the mobile app world that we have perhaps been guilty of overlooking since starting this site is the beauty and fashion apps category that has actually gone from strength to strength in recent years, with big beauty brands such as L’Oréal and others investing in order to get in on the rush for beauty apps. I suppose you could then extend this same category to include shopping apps also, since most of those dedicated to fashion could be classified as such. In this case, the genre becomes a little wider, with more apps to choose from. With this list dedicated to finding the very best beauty and fashion apps on Android, we’ve decided to keep shopping out of it as much as possible – there are more than enough shopping apps out there these days, anyway. Check out our picks below and then feel free to suggest your own recommendations or perhaps your experiences with the apps listed in the comments section below!

8. Grabble (Free)

So, with that all said let’s start with a shopping app! In all seriousness, let’s get the shopping app out of the way first since it’s certainly worth talking about. Grabble is like Tinder but for clothes – do I have your attention now? You basically check out new outfits and then swipe left or right depending on whether something appeals to you or not. You can then grab the items directly from the app if you want to purchase them, or set up custom sale alerts through the app to be told when the price of something has been reduced – perfect for those who are fashion conscious but would rather wait for the best offer before spending money. – Download from Google Play

7. Ulta Beauty (Free)

Ulta Beauty is another of those giant brands that has become infinitely popular these days and as such has to have its own app available for Android users. This app is actually quite similar to the Sephora app which we will come to later on, with the ability to search through the different products that Ulta sell and access things like product reviews, descriptions and that kind of thing. And you can also sign in with your Ulta credentials and view the state of your rewards, if you’re a returning customer and want to take advantage of that kind of thing. – Download from Google Play

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6. Beautylish (Free)

Beautylish represents one of the more impressive options out there for Android users when it comes to finding cosmetic inspiration. I actually spoke to someone recently about this and she said that YouTube and Pinterest are the best sources of inspiration for those that go looking online for different kinds of makeup – though, Beautylish is the best app. With this app, you can get tutorials that really help you to learn more about the products you are using. You can browse photos, videos and articles in order to find something. You can also make notes of the products being used in tutorials so that you can purchase them later on. If you want to know how to use a particular product, simply search for it and you will see any relevent tutorials and how to videos. – Download from Google Play

5. Makeup by Modiface (Free)

L’Oréal made headlines with their app that allows you to see what certain products would look like when applied to your face, but there is another app out there that offers the same thing. In fact, ModiFace have created a series of apps dedicated to nothing but this concept of envisioning different makeup styles with out actually applying the makeup or even buying it in the first place. Makeup by Modiface is one of those, and boasts advanced facial recognition technology to better capture your features before you start creating makeup masterpieces. It’s one of the easiest apps to use on the list, and is great even for those who are not well versed in mobile apps. Once you’ve taken a selfie, you can grab products to apply them or even choose from a bunch of preset celebrity styles.   – Download from Google Play

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4. Pose (Free)

It might well be that this list is crowded with beauty apps, but that’s only because there seems to be more innovation in this area than when looking at fashion apps. One excellent fashion app worth checking out however is Pose, which is not only a great way to show off your daily looks but also a good way to find inpiring new combinations. You can subscribe to your favorite fashion bloggers, brands and celebrities and even tag them in your photos so as to give your fashion creations more exposure. – Download from Google Play

3. Sephora to Go (Free)

It would be impossible to come up with a list of beauty apps without at least a passing mention of Sephora. With this official app, you have access to all the info you can find on the website in terms of product details, photos and of course reviews. You can search through the app in order to find the product you’re looking for, or even scan a barcode with the app in order to identify the product immediately. You can also become what they call a Beauty Insider with the app in order to receive access to special rewards and discounts. There are also some useful tutorial videos that can be accessed through the app courtesy of Sephora TV.  – Download from Google Play

2. Makeup Genius by L’Oréal (Free)

I mentioned previously beauty giant L’Oréal’s entry into the app world with Makeup Genius, an app designed to let you try out (preferable their) products before purchasing them. While I can’t really get in line with the primary objective of this app which appears to be to sell more products, I do love a good innovative app that offers people something new and that appears to be the reason the Makeup Genius has become one of the popular apps of the moment. With the app, you simply take a selfie with your Android device and then apply different cosmetic products in order to see whether they are right for your face or your skin color. I’m told (by a friend, ahem) that the colors can vary sometimes with the app and that a particular shade might be different in real life, but I suppose that’s to be expected and often depends on the photo you take. Either way, if you like the look of something you can actually buy the product through the app itself.  – Download from Google Play

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1. Beautiful Me by Modiface (Free)

Beautiful Me is another app by ModiFace, but this app is dedicated not to applying imaginary makeup but the care of your skin. The app uses the same facial recognition technology that we mentioned previously when discussing their Makeup app, yet is designed in this case to analyze your skin color and the state of your skin in general. You simply take photos and feed these into the app, then the app itself will tell you how well your skin is aging, what kind of foundation you require and lots of other useful stuff. – Download from Google Play

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