Top 8 Best Calendar Apps iPhone

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be significantly lost without the range of different calendar apps and productivity and generally organizational apps that I use on the iPhone on a day to day basis. These apps have really grown in terms of popularity and functionality in the last few years, with so many great features available. The market for calendar apps in particular is very competitive at the moment, which raises questions over which are the best calendar apps currently available for iOS users. We recently posed this exact query and looked to answer it with a Top 8 list, running through many of the main contenders that can be found on the App Store, as well as trying lots of others in the hopes of finding the next big app. Ultimately however, it was the bigger names that rose to the top of the list, with developers like Readdle of course featuring. Again, as we always start these lists, our picks are entirely subjective and things like calendar apps are typically only good if they suit your specific needs. So be sure to let us know your own favorite calendar apps, either here in the comments section or on Twitter.

8. Week Calendar ($1.99)

Let’s kick things off with Week Calendar, which seems like a good starting point and offers a lot of different view options so that most users will be satisfied with what they see. You can assign different icons to your events so as to distinguish them at a glance, or even color code them if that’s your preference. If there’s one thing that characterizes Week Calendar when compared to similar apps, it’s that most of its views have a wealth of information on one screen, meaning that navigating is less of a hindrance since it’s all there in front of you. – Download from iTunes

7. Pocketlife Calendar (Free)

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If you’re looking for a simple option that gets the job done, then Pocketlife Calendar isn’t a bad place to start. It has easy views for the day, week and month ahead, with a plus sign that allows you to add an event. Plus, everything you have in front of you is available in one menu, so there is no transitioning between menus in order to find what you are looking for. You simply click the icons at the bottom of the screen to toggle between different views, and you can even add color coding to differentiate between the different kinds of events. – Download from iTunes

6. Super Calendar ($9.99)

There’s also Super Calendar, which is a good option for those who like to customize. These customizations have been criticized in some areas for being too concerned with the superficial and less the functionality of your calendar, but we love it! You can customize just about every part of your calendar, from the images displayed on the background to the fonts that are used and a whole lot more. So if you’re keen on making your calendar unique to you, and not just with icons and color coded highlighting, then check out Super Calendar.  – Download from iTunes

5. Pocket Informant (Free)

Pocket Informant is a calendar app that boasts a lot of features, from weather widgets and color coding and just about everything you can think of. While it’s not as easy on the eye as a bigger app like Sunrise, for example, the feature-rich nature of this app is undeniable and practically cements its place on most lists, we’d say. – Download from iTunes

4. Google Calendar (Free)

Google Drive is perhaps the one app or service that I rely in more than any other in both my personal and professional life, when it comes to sharing files and collaborating on stuff and just generally keeping things organized. It therefore makes complete sense to look at something like Google Calendar, which ties in well with Drive, as a viable option when picking a calendar app for your iPhone. Typically, you will need a registered Google account in order to take advantage of things like the Drive and Gmail, but you can actually use Google Calendar without one, which might be a plus point for some people. The main page shows you a fairly intuitive list of the things you are planning on doing today, offering you a simple at a glance look at the week and month ahead, too. Adding events are easy enough, though location tagging and sometimes even adding specific times can be complicated. – Download from iTunes

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3. Calendars 5 ($6.99)

Readdle, which is the developer that brought you that excellent scanning app, actually has two calendar apps available on the App Store at present. There is the stripped down and minimal version, which might be good for some free users, but Calendars 5 is by far superior in terms of features and functionality, and is therefore our pick as one of the best calendar apps for the iPhone at present. There is natural language input in this one, meaning that you can just scribbled down an appointment or meeting or date and the app will do the rest. The list views and task management take Calendars 5 into productivity territory, and make it one of the more powerful options out there. – Download from iTunes

2. Sunrise (Free)

Sunrise is another of the best calendar apps on the iPhone, and is particularly great when it comes to communicating with or connecting to your existing calendars on things like Gmail and Facebook. You can sync these personal calendars with ease, and even add the schedule of your favorite sports team or quickly import TV listings, for example, so that you never miss a game or a show. Adding an event is easy and the switching to week or month view is seamless. Another great touch that really sold me on Sunrise when first trying it was the customization options. That is, not so much the layout and design of your calendar but the ability to add different icons to correspond to each event, which is an excellent little feature and helps to really personalize your daily calendar. – Download from iTunes

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1. Fantastical 2 ($4.99)

If you’re looking for the best calendar apps that won’t cost you any money, then it’s perhaps best to stop reading at this point. Fantastical 2 will set you back around $5 at the time of writing, but it is $5 that is very well spent, at least if you ask us. The app allows you to quickly enter in appointments using natural language text, that means you simply jot down an appointment as you fix it and the intuitive app will do the rest. It’s an excellent little feature, and one that saves me a lot of time on a weekly basis. Typically, it can be an arduous process adding events and times, but this input method means you can quickly tap in text and save it, then let the app decipher things like the location, the date, the person you are meeting and the reason for it. The bi directional interface means navigation is a breeze, and there is built in support for Reminders and even a widget, so that you can get notified about stuff and won’t risk missing an appointment. – Download from iTunes

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