Top 8 Best Sports Apps iPhone

There are lots of different sport apps out there these days, but most are designed with one thing in mind: getting information to you, the sports fan, and getting it there fast. This is why so many of these sport apps and news apps pride themselves in up to the minute info, not only news stories and breaking info but also things like scores and even statistics. We recently took a bunch of these apps for a spin and found out that they tend to follow the same kind of formula: that being, to engage fans in the best way they knew how, and to ask you to pick your favorite team once downloading the app so as to receive tailored news and scores. If you’re a football fan, you can narrow your updates down to just the football news, or just those that pertain to a specific division or team. Of course, this all changes depending on the app you’re using, so each app is slightly different and it might take some searching to find the one that suits you best.

8. Fancred (Free)

Fancred is a sports news apps that combines the latest sports news with social media. It is by far the most interactive of all the sport apps you will find on the iPhone at present, allowing you to upload photos, write comments and add articles about your favorite teams. You would typically need a laptop or desktop computer to do all this, but here you can do it through the app itself. You can begin by creatig a profile, using your email or Facebook account, then pull those people from your contacts list to see which people are using the app. You will then have a feed that is full of the latest sports news, not so much from biased news sources but from likeminded fans. Players will also get involved in order to bring teams and fans closer together, which is great. – Download from iTunes

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7. Thuuz Sports (Free)


Thuuz Sports is another of those sport apps that allows you to focus in on your specific team, ensuring that you won’t ever miss any action. As with many other apps out there, this one also has a specific feature that sets it apart from the rest, and here it is the focus on buzz and fan excitement that make up the week of any sports fan. The system will pull online buzz and integrate it into the app, and the app will also provide an excitement rating from 0 to 100 for upcoming games. This is great for the sports neutral, meaning that you can mark on your calendar the games that are going to be fun. – Download from iTunes

6. Forza Football (Free)

If you are a football, and by that we mean a soccer fan, Forza Football is the way to go. It will provide you with sports news, match schedules and there is a great online community that allows you to really get into the thick of the action and discuss the latest games with people. The app will give you up to the moment updates of your favorite teams, and there are notifications for everything from goals to cards – a great app for soccer fans everywhere!  – Download from iTunes

5. ESPN (Free)

The official ESPN app seems to inspire equal amounts of love and hate, but we here are lukewarm on it. If you’re already a fan of ESPN and the way they present the news on their website and social media in particular, then the app will no doubt appeal to you. As it stands, you cant really mention sport apps without at least one passing mention of ESPN: the latest update to the app can be a little clunky at times but is still one of the best direct sources for news. At the time of writing, and we all know how these things can change, ESPN has a series of different apps: one to stream video content, one to monitor your fantasy team and this one, the main source of sports news. And as mentioned above, the app starts with you picking your favorite teams – meaning that you don’t have to go through news that you don’t give a darn about. There is a good social aspect here, too, meaning that you will see not only breaking news but also breaking tweets in the sports world! – Download from iTunes

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4. TheScore (Free)

TheScore app excels when it comes to delivering the latest game updates, which is perhaps the most important thing for some sports fans. It will give you not only breaking in game info and stats but also general sports news. There is an event calendar that will allow you to look up game info from the past, even check on the statistics from past matches and that kind of thing. These stat breakdowns are very impressive and do go deep, it has to be said, so even the sporting stat junkies out there among our readers will enjoy this one. – Download from iTunes

3. Sports Feed (Free)

The Sports Feed app is very similar to the ESPN app, only without all the clutter. Again, you sign in and pick your favorite teams, then turn on notifications to receive up to the moment info. There are two main pages to toggle between here, which is a setup that I believe works very well. There is the main page with sports news that is pulled from around the web, and then a live scores page that you can refresh to get instant updates. The great thing about this app is that when you do pull web articles, it will give you a version of the article that is tet only, and without the all those pesky ads. The schedule feature is also neat, taking your favorite team and then showing the next times they are playing. – Download from iTunes

2. Team Stream (Free)

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I’ve been a fan of The Bleacher Report for some time, and really love the way they report the sporting news. Much of this is transferred over the the app, which has been aptly titled Team Stream for its particular focus on team news. Yes, unlike the general approach of many sport apps, Team Stream will ensure that you get the latest news related to your team and nothing else. This means you don’t have to go through all the news you’re not interested in. – Download from iTunes

1. BreakingSports (Free)

We’ll be honest here: the sport apps market right now is full with average products, though there are one or two apps that stand out as worth noting. Most of these at this point are third party sport apps, one of which is Breaking Sports. This app does exactly what the name suggests, delivering to you all the latest news, scores, injury reports and a whole lot more. You can follow not only your favorite teams but also your favorite players, so you never again miss out on that important piece of news. The app has also been updated to work with the Apple Watch, so thaty ou can get all the latest breaking sports news on your wrist, too. – Download from iTunes

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