Top 8 Best Weight Loss Apps iPhone

It’s still that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are being maintained and inspired individuals flock to the local gym in order to shed a few of those festive pounds. Fitness and weight loss apps are these days popular to the point of distraction, as are the different fitness accessories that you can find, such as activity trackers and the like. Most of these tend to vary in what they offer, from those that are designed for planning and sticking to a workout regime, with added motivation along the way, to those that are specifically for weight loss and eating healthily. Fooducate is slightly different in that it looks to educate you on what you’re purchasing in the supermarket, rather than acting as a straight calorie counter app. There are others such as MyFitnessPal that look to do both, both allowing the user to count the calories that they take on with each meal and also tracking their workout activities. We recently took a bunch of these apps out for a spin in order to work out the best weight loss apps on the iPhone, and here is the result!

8. Diet Hero ($1.99)

So, the Diet Hero app is less about counting calories, which we all know can be pretty boring, and more about planning your meals in a proactive manner. You tell the app what foods you like and the app will tell you how much of it to eat and what to eat, which of course means you can simply punch in the few things you have in the fridge and get good suggestions. You simply share your height, weight, gender and the amount of weight you want to lose in what kind of time span. It’s then of course up to you in order to meet those goals! – Download from iTunes

7. Sworkit (Free)

Sworkit is a fairly basic daily exercise and fitness app that is great when it comes to adapting itself to your specific schedule and workout around your responsibilities. The tagline No Gym, No Excuse really says it all, for Sworkit is good at providing workout routines that you can do at home or even in the office, but is pretty relentless when it comes to encouraging you to complete goals, etc. Many workout apps will limit the workouts you have access to before upgrading, but Sworkit gives you access to all its free options and then allows you to choose to uprade to Premium if and when you’r ready.  – Download from iTunes

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6. Nike+ Training Club (Free)

The Nike+ Training Club app is as slick and as fitness aware as most of the Nike apparel you will invest in these days, and as such makes the perfect companion to your workout regime. That stats are easily displayed so that you can see them at a glance, even when engaged in a workout session, with nice motivational shots of athletes in the background – all wearing Nike, of course! You can log your personal records, weight stats and then look through over 100 tried and tested regimes to pick one that will suit you. There are also workouts of the week to test yourself to, if you feel up for a challenge. – Download from iTunes

5. Endomondo (Free)

Endomondo isn’t so much concerned with the food you eat as it is with the exercising you do, and currently represents an excellent way to track your workout progress. Whether you are running, walking or working out, Endomondo is there for you every step of the way with its interactive menus and easy to use interface. The basic screen when running for example is really nice, offering you a look at the duration, the distance you have traveled, as well as the overall pace and the calories you have burned so far. There is also GPS tracking, meaning that you can set up courses to run and the app will keep tabs on your progress. There is also a great community tab which will put you in touch with like minded workout fiends. – Download from iTunes

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4. Pact (Free)

Pact is among the free weight loss apps available at present and is designed with a unique selling point in mind when it comes to motivation. Put simply, the app allows you to earn money by competing so called packs related to working out or eating healthily. If you want to eat more vegetables for example, then you simply set yourself a task and then get your success approved by the Pact community by submitting photo evidence. You can then earn between $0.30 and $5 a week! – Download from iTunes

3. Fooducate (Free)

As mentioned at the outset, there are obviously lots of different facets of weight loss apps, from those that offer a workout regime to those that help you to diet by counting calories. One app that stands slightly apart from this is Fooducate, which simply seeks to educate its users as to the real nature of the food you are eating and the products you are ingesting on a day to day basis. This is broken down to give each thing you scan a rating, so you know if it’s good or bad for you. You can then use the app to scan barcodes as you drop items into your shopping trolley, ensuring that the items you buy are good for you. It’s surprising when using the app just how many things I had been previously eating and thought were healthy, but which are actually not that good for you after all. While Fooducate won’t directly help you to lose weight, it is a great way to open your eyes and improve your eating habits. – Download from iTunes

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2. MyFitnessPal (Free)

MyFitnessPal is these days something of an institution, with millions of users worldwide. The app works its butt off, for lack of a better word, so that you will feel more inclined to do so yourself. The stats page is very cleanly designed and easy enough to read, even for the most basic of users or beginners when it comes to working out. As mentioned above, MyFitnessPal is one of those weight loss apps that looks to do it all, not only when it comes to calorie counting and meal tracking but also when it comes to exercising and maintaining some kind of workout routine. – Download from iTunes

1. Lose It! (Free)

As straight weight loss apps go, I think that Lose It! is perhaps the most direct and also the most effective in many ways. It’s an excellent way to manage the calories you take on board every day, giving you a basic budget and then tracking your progress when it comes to spending that budget, ensuring that you are not taking on too many calories. The database for entering foods is fairly comprehensive, though the whole process of adding the things you’ve eaten can be arduous – especially if there’s guilt involved! I love the My Day screen, though, with its easy to read ring display that shows just how many calories under your budget you are. The planning feature is also great, since you can look to the future and even challenge yourself by looking at the many different community challenges that are available. – Download from iTunes

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