Top 8 Bible Study Apps Android

Bible study is a subject practiced by thousands of kids across the United States, which (added to the fact that the Bible remains the best-selling book in the world) is perhaps why the market for Bible study apps is so lucrative right now. There are many developers looking to innovate in the area, and create apps that are both true to the word of God and appealing to Christians, but also that are accessible for children who would perhaps rather turn to an app or piece of software as a studying tool. One simple way that Bible study apps have helped kids is that, just by having a digital copy of the good book that is accessible at all times, the weight is already lifted from their shoulders as they don’t have to carry one to school each day. Such apps will also allow for the user to listen to an audio version of specific passages in the Bible, which is excellent for those who wish to learn passages by heart. We take a look at some of the more impressive Bible study apps available on Android devices.

8. (Free)

The app has been one of the more impressive Bible study options out there for some time, offering a huge range of features and functions that will appeal to both younger Bible study students but also adults. It’s the kind of Bible study app that will appeal to just about anyone, whether you are a pastor or teacher or even someone new to the Bible’s teachings. We didn’t have quite as much time to explore the features of the app, which probably tells you just how much this one has to offer. – Download from Google Play

7. SermonAudio (Free)

SermonAudio might have arrived at the beginning of this list, but it’s our number one when it comes to audio apps for Bible study. It’s also great for those who like to read the Bible daily, even adults, but don’t always have the time to do so. If you are in the car, driving home from work, or perhaps out for a run or exercising in the gym, simply power up SermonAudio and listen to the Bible’s teachings even when you are busy doing other stuff. An excellent companion app to have, and perfect for those who would rather listen than read. – Download from Google Play

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6. Bible for Kids (Free)

The big ask when it comes to getting kids into the Bible is to make it fun and engaging, which is obviously some task considering the book is so old and the words sometimes difficult to decipher. Fortunately, there are many developers of apps out there who have made it their sole objective to do just that: to make the Bible more engaging and accessible to kids, and one good example of this is the Bible for Kids app. With this app, you get colorful cartoons and stories that are free to download, all of which look to make the Bible more fun for the younger generation. It works simply as a storytelling app, but there are also important lessons involved as well as some exciting games included. – Download from Google Play

5. Bible Gateway (Free)

Then there is the Bible Gateway app, which is another multi featured Bible study app that contains over 90 different translations of the good book – so, perfect for those who are looking to learn it in another language, or those for whom English is not their primary language. There is the ability to listen to an audio version of the bible in English and even more interactive options such as the ability to make notes while you ae reading and also to develop a detailed reading plan. Another excellent feature here is the dictionary option which basically helps to explain what is being said if you’re not so sure, so perfect for those who are perhaps newcomers to the Bible. – Download from Google Play

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4. She Reads Truth (Free)

When it comes to Bible apps for women, the clear winner is She Reads Truth, which is basically an app that offers an updated series of reading plans. It’s also a direct connection to an active female community of devout Christians, was made by women for women. It’s also one of the better looking Bible apps out there at present, with a clean interface and design. So if you’re a young woman studing the Bible at school or even outside school, this app is one you want to check out for your Android device. – Download from Google Play

3. Daily Bible (Free)

The Daily Bible app is one of the more established on Android devices, but it has been updated over the years to add new features and generally stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Bible study apps on the Play Store. The problem is that, while the developers have added many different features such as the ability to create a reading plan and switch between versions, the interface itself hasn’t been updated and is such rather dated and clunky. Still, there is a lot of functionality here that will appeal to most users, and the index function is of particular use when it comes to searching through the Bible for particular passages. – Download from Google Play

2. Bible+ by Olive Tree (Free)

The Bible+ app from Olive Tree is by far one of the best Bible study apps available across mobile platforms at present, and – backed by HarperCollins Christian Publishing is also one of the most reputable option. When it comes to apps where you are spending a lot of time reading content, I’ve always found that the cleaner the interface and UI is, the better. My favorite eBook readers on Android follow this motto, and the same could be applied to the best Bible study apps, too. Olive Tree’s Bible+ app has one of the more concise layouts out there, and without the annoying clutter you might find on similar apps. Still, while this UI is somewhat stripped down, that doesn’t mean the app is found wainting when it comes to features and functionality. You can highlight text with customized highlighters and then search through said text, which is of course a great feature to have if you’re studying the material. You can also alter the font and color schemes, which makes it one of the more customizable Bible study apps out there.  – Download from Google Play

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1. Faithlife Study Bible (Free)

The most impressive option out there for Android users these days when it comes to Bible study is the Faithlife Study Bile app, which provides a wide array of study tools on your mobile device. First of all, it has many popular versions of the Bible to choose from, including NIV, NASB and ESV – and others. The app does advance past text however, offering about 400 photos, videos and infographics which may prove very useful in your Bible study efforts. There is also a very useful dictionary function which is a great way to better understand the passages you are reading, and may be particularly useful to newcomers and those that want to dive in for the first time. – Download from Google Play

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