8 Free Blogging Apps for iPad 2023

Blogging apps can come in very different shapes and sizes, from those that are designed solely for the creation of your own personal blog, to those that can be very useful in this particular area.

There are a whole host of blogging clients out there to pick from these days when it comes to starting a blog, but a few of these have risen to the top and are considered the ones to choose from  and many of these have their own app, so as to bring at least a fraction of desktop functionality to your mobile device.

Personally, I’d like to see more blogging apps developed with platforms such as the iPad in mind, or at least Android tablets that have a similar screen size: those that aren’t quite as limited as your typical smartphone, and as such could be used very effectively to manage a blog.

Free Blogging Apps iPad

We’ll take a look at some of the better blogging clients on this list, as well as a few other apps that can be very useful when it comes to maintaining and indeed promoting your blog, such as Google Analytics which is great for audience insights.

8. Blogger (Free)

Not even that long ago, Blogger was among the most popular among those platforms chosen by users to set up their first blog. This is back when having a blog was the fashionable thing, and there was a lot of emphasis on ease of creation and things like customizable themes, etc.

Blogger is now owned by Google, of course, which might cause one to expect improvements and updates but the fact is that the Blogger app hasn’t been updated for quite some time. It still gets the job done, of course, but if you’re looking for a more detailed experience then perhaps check out a third party app that is built to deal with many diffferent blogging accounts including Blogger, such as Blogpress. – Download from iTunes

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7. Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox, in my eyes, should be mentioned here alongside Evernote as one of those apps that can come in real handy when you are struggling with your own blog. Both apps are fantastic when it comes to their cross platform capabilities, and work well on the iPad as a result.

Dropbox can be particularly useful if you’re one of those bloggers that has a lot of content. If you run a music blog for example and are constantly uploading content for your listeners, then Dropbox can be a good alternative if you’re looking for somewhere to store and stream it from – though, perhaps something like SoundCloud would be better in that particular case. – Download from iTunes

6. Hootsuite (Free)

If you’re the kind of micro blogger that sees social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as key parts of maintaining a connection between the content you are publishing and the audience that is reading it, then Hootsuite can help a lot.

Hootsuite is basially a mobile suite that allows you to manage all of these social accounts, giving you full control over how your content is shared and what kind of feedback you are receiving.

You can schedule content to go online whenever you wish, and keep tabs on your audience; those that are new to it and those that are losing interest, so as to better the content you are releasing. – Download from iTunes

5. Tumblr (Free)

As micro blogging websites go, none come with quite as much allure as Tumblr which has fast established itself as the number one name in this area. For those new to the world of blogging, Tumblr is the platform you would go to if you don’t have a lot of written content to contribute but have lots of images or videos to share.

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And even if you don’t have original content to release to your audience, Tumblr works through reblogs which means you can quickly construct a fantastic little image-heavy blog built solely with graphical content reblogged from other sources. It’s really one of the best sources of artistic inspiration out there these days, besides perhaps Pinterest which works in a similar way. – Download from iTunes

4. FastFeed for Tumblr (Free)

While not exactly a blogging app per se, I thought I’d throw FastFeeed onto this list because it has really redefined my browsing experience and made the whole thing a lot less painful.

Developed for Tumblr, FastFeed places an emphasis upon opening multiple tabs at the same time which streamlines the browsing experience, keeping the controls for these tabs out of the way so as not to clutter up the screen. You can view your feed in both landscape mode and portrait mode, or lay it all out in front of your in a flow-type format or a grid-based layout. – Download from iTunes

3. Google Analytics (Free)

As mentioned above, another fantastically useful app when it comes to audience insight is the Google Analytics app. Simply link the URL of your blog or website to Analytics and have it constantly updateed with the latest stats.

This means you can view all kinds of things regarding your audince, such as where in the world they are logging in from, how long they are spending on each page and a whole host of other useful information. – Download from iTunes

2. Squarespace (Free)

It baffles me somewhat that Squarespace hasn’t become more well known in recent years. This blogging client isn’t as popular as the likes of WordPress and Blogger, but has quickly developed something of a reputation thanks to its clean design and emphasis on beautifully crafted interfaces.

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It’s a web building platform first and foremost, but can work equally well with small blogs: one thing I’ve noticed that people seem to be after these days more than anything is a platform where they can create a quick blog that will look fantastic with minimal effort, and Squarespace certainly allows users to do this.

The blog allows you to create and edit posts using their inventive Layout Engine, and is great when it comes to toggling between specific pages. – Download from iTunes

1. WordPress (Free)

Call me old fashioned, but there is still no blogging platform nor indeed blogging app that quite compare with WordPress. This is by far the most popular blogging site in the tech industry, down mainly to its clean design and the fact that their default themes work very well if you’re thinking of creating a magazine style news website.

Perhaps the best thing about WordPress is that it is very much a feature rich environment, meaning that it is created for those looking to start a proper website and provides all the tools you would need to do so. This of course means that even if you are starting a small blog about your gap year, for example, you still have all those things available to you.

The iPad app makes it possible for your to upload things and manage your blog on the go, as well as check your stats. It also represents a great way to find new stuff, since you can discover other WordPress blogs and then track them in your personal feed. – Download from iTunes

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