Top 8 Blogging Apps iPhone

While blogging becomes difficult when using the iPhone and is typically something that is done using desktop or laptop computers, there are still a whole host of blogging apps out there with which you can manage your site. The most popular of these are the official apps of respective blogging sites such as WordPress and Blogger, but there are some other third-party alternatives to consider. Again, most of these do offer the ability to post to your blog using the iPhone app but as you know, writing great amounts of text isn’t really advised when it comes to the iPhone’s keypad. People will often queue up posts when they are away, and then manage the blog from their mobile using one of these apps.

8. BlogPress ($2.99)

BlogPress is a blogging app for those that would prefer to organize and manage several blogs on different platforms at once. Whether you are on Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, or others, you can easily monitor all accounts here and also seamlessly integrate them into your profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other apps, BlogPress is also quite useful when it comes to posting new blog updates, and even has a simple HTML quick insert feature to make creating content from your smartphone easier than ever before. If you are someone who often uses their iPhone to take photos or videos and then uploads them to your blog in the form of an update, then this app will also allow you to do that through YouTube. – Download on iTunes

7. Hootsuite (Free)

Following a similar vein is Hootsuite, which allows you to manage multiple blogs at once and is ideal for those who produce small amounts of content but do so regularly – micro-blogging is the technical term! Hootsuite is primarily concerned with the content you post on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, , allowing you to share and schedule posts from these accounts all under the same app-shaped roof. I think it is the scheduling feature that attracts most users to this app, in that people with commercial Twitter accounts for example are always looking for a convenient way to set up posts that can be published automatically – a feature that is central to Hootsuite! – Download on iTunes

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6. Blogger (Free)

Blogger remains one of the bigger blogging platforms out there today. Its free app for iPhone contains much of the functionality that users have become used to on the website. One great thing about this app however is that you can use it to manage content on other blogging platforms as well, so that you don’t have to switch! The app allows you to do a number of things, such as compose and publish new posts, switch between blogs, embed images from the gallery or from your iPhone camera roll, and even take detailed location information and include this in your post. It’s a convenient app, and remains one of the best when it comes to creating personal blogs of your family vacation, for example. – Download on iTunes

5. myPANTONE ($9.99)

An expensive option, myPANTONE costs a steep $9.99 from the iTunes Store, but promises to lend a whole new world of color to your existing blog. If you’re one of those bloggers for which content wins over presentation, then this is probably one to avoid, but if you like design then this could make the difference! PANTONE is described as the international language of color and has been so for 50 years. It generates harmonious color combinations automatically, which is perfect for those who don’t quite have the designer’s eye and could do with some help! – Download on iTunes

4. Squarespace Blog (Free)

This is one of the lesser known blogging platforms out there, but it stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of aesthetics. It allows you to create very elegant sites and blogs with ease, with an emphasis on layout and design. If you’re tired of the main blogging platforms out there, why not try this pretty alternative? I really can’t stress how great the interface of Squarespace is and how great even the simplest of blogs can look, but it also boasts a range of powerful features when it comes to the creation and management of multiple blogs. Particularly, you can create and edit posts including photos from your iPhone, as well as manage any comments your blog may have received while on the go – marking anything that might be spam with the tap of a screen. – Download on iTunes

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3. Google Analytics (Free)

When it comes to monitoring traffic on your blog or site, there’s no better than Google Analytics. Simply download it for free from the iTunes Store and then spend a while connecting your site to an existing Google account – the result is a great level of detail when it comes to discovering all about your site’s traffic and users. This is really an indispensable tool for your blog, and one that you won’t be able to do without once you’ve tried it. Your blog stats are neatly separated into different categories, such as Acquisition – which details the visits you receive, and Behaviour – which tells you what these visitors are doing once they begin navigating your blog or site. Of course, the Google Analytics iPhone app is more of a streamlined and stripped-down version when compared to the web interface, but it’s still great! – Download on iTunes

2. Tumblr (Free)

What more is there to say about Tumblr these days? It’s a fantastically popular micro blogging site with an emphasis on short posts, such as image sets or quick updates – perfect for today’s generation! The free Tumblr app for iPhone lets you add and edit content, and even browse and hit like on posts while offline. Yes, I think that is my favorite aspect of the Tumblr iPhone app: the fact that, unlike other social media apps, you don’t have to be constantly online in order to interact. You can post things, reblog things and much more with this app – even when you’re out of 3G or WiFi range – and the app will simply update Tumblr to reflect your actions once it finds a connection. Perfect for those long journeys on an airplane, or when you’ve only got a small amount of battery left and need it to make some important updates. – Download on iTunes

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1. WordPress (Free)

Kind of a cheat entry in that WordPress is by far my favorite site for blogging, therefore the app falls into the same category without having to do much – almost by default! Nonetheless, the WordPress app for iOS has an array of useful features with which you can manage your personal blog or site, from the ability to add posts, images and videos to the moderation of comments. I’ve found, since creating and maintaining quite a few blogs in recent years, that inspiration can strike at any time – therefore it’s create to have an app that allows you to take this inspiration and apply it to your blog or site directly from your iPhone and without the need for desktop or laptop computer. It’s great for those who have high-maintenance blogs that must be looked after at all times, even when you’re on the go or out and about! – Download on iTunes

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