Top 8 Social Planning Apps For Android

We admit that the term social planning apps is quite a general one, and that really it could be used to describe just about every mobile app that you use when organizing some kind of social event, from messaging and communication apps like Skype or WhatsApp to navigation apps in order to work out how to get somewhere, shopping apps in order to buy supplies for a party, for example – the list is really endless. There are also those apps that will inform you of events in your area, which is great if you’re planning on checking out a concert or show. Apps like Fandango are excellent for movie goers who wish to book their tickets online early and check on film times, etc. And then of course you have services like TripAdvisor and Yelp that work to collate different establishments like restaurants and hotels and then provide users with a platform to rate and review these places, so that you know which ones to stick with and which ones to avoid.

8. Planito (Free)

In terms of social planning apps that try to offer the whole package, I think the best place to start is probably Planito. This Android app is one of the simplest ways to quickly throw together hangount plans with friends, whether you’re looking to just kick back with a movie at home or go to a concert in the city with perhaps dinner afterwards. One of the annoying things about trying to organize such a thing is that different people use different apps, and even if you’re all on Facebook Messenger for example then you’ll still need to switch to another app in order to find event details and that. Planito trys to give you everything at your fingertips, meaning that you can make plans and everyone will receive any changes to these plans through an immediate notification. The app also supports group chat, meaning that you can respond to any changes immediately with a group message. – Download from Google Play

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7. Bizzabo (Free)

If you’re an event planner who is often juggling several different things at once, then Bizzabo is a free event planning app that might interest you. It allows your attendees to see everything, from your mobile agenda to fully understanding your network capabilities. And what’s more, there is an excellent social aspect to this app since it integrates well with social media to ensure each event is getting the right amount of attention and buzz. You can use the app to send out real time announcements, which is great if you often find such details changing at the last moment and wish to immediately communicate these with your attendees. – Download from Google Play

6. TripAdvisor (Free)

As mentioned, TripAdvisor is a fantastic tool to have when it comes to planning things to do socially. It can be invaluable when you are in a town that you don’t know when it comes to finding things to do, but is equally useful in finding new things in your own town, too. First of all it works as a good reference app in that it allows you to check things like the opening times and even the menu of a given restaurant, as well as look at photos of the restaurant from the inside and the outside. It’s an excellent app for suggestions and when looking for something close to where you currently are, but TripAdvisor really excels when you take into account its social aspects. The app allows you to interact with other users, post reviews and ratings and photos of places you’ve attended and a whole lot more. – Download from Google Play

5. Google Maps (Free)

Some kind of navigation app is also a must when it comes to planning a social event big or small, and as such we’d recomment Google Maps. While the app on Android can be limited when compared to using it from a desktop computer for example, it is still an excellent way to scout locations before you set up events, send screenshots and waypoints or journeys to others to ensure they can find their way with no problem at all. There’s often so much involved when it comes to planning a day out that you don’t take into account the actual getting there part, and of course the finding a place to park the car part, too! – Download from Google Play

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4. Who’s Down (Free)

Google also recently launched a Who’s Down app which is basically a good way to find out if peple are around and willing to do things with you. Often, when you’re looking to grab a bite to eat with friends for example, you find yourselves messaging each of your friends individually and then waiting for a response. This can be arduous and annoying, whereas with Who’s Down you can quickly find out if someone is available and post a general status update inviting others to join you if they like. The app will show you who is available and who isn’t, so you know who not to target for an invite. It’s a simple app when all is said and done, but I wonder why other developers haven’t focuses on the same thing. – Download from Google Play

3. Hangouts (Free)

We are risking to turn this whole list into a Google love in right now, but another good app to mention in terms of communication is Hangouts. This app is excellent when it comes to video calls with friends, and is slightly more adept than Skype in certain areas when it comes to multiple user video conferences. As such, you can simply set up a conversation with your friends and title it as the social event you’re trying to plan, then invite others to join in and jump on line. Then you can all research the place you want to go while at the same time chatting face to face.- Download from Google Play

2. GroupMe (Free)

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Another good app for multiple user communication is GroupMe, which is primarily text based messaging but is great in that it is built to support lots of people chatting inn one room at the same time. It also allows invited users to begin chatting through the app, but otherwise to chat via SMS if they haven’t yet registered and signed up which can save some time. While the app is excellent when it comes to embedding content within the chat window, it would be nice to see more in terms of embedding things like navigation or location info and that kind of thing. – Download from Google Play

1. MeetUp (Free)

MeetUp is one of the best apps I’ve found when it comes to meeting people in your area, but there is a given emphasis on finding new people to hang out with rather than organizing social events with friends that you already communicate with. It can be especially useful if you are new to an area and perhaps don’t know many people, and there is a huge range of different categories of meet ups, one of which will undoubtedly suit you. It’s a great way to find like minded people in your area, and set up events to invite others. – Download from Google Play

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