Top 8 Business Apps iPhone

We often look at your smartphones as personal extensions of ourselves, but they also play an important role in the world of business – our professional, as well as our personal lives. Whether you are a person looking for work or the owner of a business who is looking to make things more efficient, there is plenty of choice and plenty of apps that offer different business-related features! We run through our Top 8 general business apps, which are likely to be useful to the average professional who relies on his or her iPhone in the office as well as at home.

8. Scanner Pro ($2.99)

There’s nothing worse than juggling pieces of paper for your job, now that we’re in the digital age. Scanner Pro was developed by Readdle costs $2.99 to download but can be a very useful tool when it comes to transferring your documents to your iPhone. You simply use the iPhone’s camera to scan the item, then you can share it at will. We’ve all been there: scanning documents is something that becomes unavoidable on occasion, both in the office and at home – but who has a scanner these days? Why run around town looking for someone whose scanner you can borrow when Scanner Pro brings that functionality to the palm of your hand? – Download on iTunes

7. Facebook Pages Manager (Free)

Social media is a big part of business these days, and the Pages Manager app from Facebook can be indispensable when it comes to promoting your product or business. It is a great way to monitor the overall interest also, providing you with detailed stats and visitor info for each post your make. The chances are that if you own a small business, especially in the world of restaurants and similar establishments, then you will have a Facebook page that gives out all the necessary info and keeps customers updated on events going on in your business. Facebook Pages Manager makes the organization and maintenance of this page easier than ever before! – Download on iTunes

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6. LinkedIn (Free)

LinkedIn is perhaps the biggest business-based social network out there, keeping you connected with all of the important people in both your personal and professional life with an emphasis on building your career. This is the official app, and is available for free download for your iPhone from the iTunes Store for free! If you have an existing LinkedIn account, you simply grab the app and enter your details to receive much of the website’s functionality at your fingertips. It’s also great for small businesses who wish to network with others in the same field, and is a lot like Facebook Pages Manager in this respect – only, with a more professional and official premise. – Download on iTunes

5. Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox remains one of the biggest and most popular third-party cloud storage companies out out there today, and a great alternative to that which is provided by Apple. With the free app, you are given 2GB of storage for free, and can earn even more storage space depending on how often you use the service. I’ve always found both Dropbox and Google Drive to be useful, especially since the latter ties in with all your other Google stuff (email, etc.) but it is the hosting power behind Dropbox that makes it so indispensible. If you are typically used to juggling huge files for work and editing them on the fly, whether images or documents or presentations, you will know how important it is to be able to host these files efficiently and allow others to access them immediately. – Download on iTunes

4. PayPal Here (Free)

PayPal Here is the popular app created by PayPal, allowing you to accept and process payments on the go. PayPal has always been associated with eBay, but it has recently branched out to more physical and less digital methods of payment. Despite the cost, of which many are critical, PayPal remains the best way to manage digital payments for your small business. Even if your website is basic and contains a primitive online shop, you know that with PayPal you will be protected when it comes to sending and receiving payments – buying stock and selling stock. PayPal Here allows you to process credit and debit card payments with a card reader, send invoices and track payments. – Download on iTunes

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3. HotSchedules ($2.99)

If you are a small business owner, HotSchedules could be a very useful app when it comes to managing your employees. With it, you can communicate work schedules with your staff: send them alerts and any changes to the routine. Employees can also log in and communicate with one another and even pick and swap shifts, which makes it a much more general platform that invites both management and staff to interact and share their ideas or simply communicate. While HotSchedules is therefore a valuable business tool when it comes to personnel, it’s also a great team-builder. You may be an employee among hundreds, but the HotSchedules service puts you in contact with any colleague or management at the tap of a button. – Download on iTunes

2. Evernote (Free)

Evernote is a popular note-taking app that is available for iPhone, allowing you to take notes and share them with any other device. There are also ways to record voice notes and add locations to these notes, to know where you were when you recording them. The free version allows you to upload 25MB of notes per month, which we’ve found to be more than enough for simple note-taking. Of course, you could argue that a simple word processing app would suffice in order to note down any ideas that you might have or to-do lists, for example, but Evernote is specifically designed to make it much easier to lay this all out efficiently. You can create lists at the tap of a screen, then set up reminders for these lists so that your iPhone will tell you when things need to be done! I really can’t stress how much easier Evernote has made not only my professional life but also my personal life: I’m great at noting things down that need to be done but terrible at remembering them – thankfully Evernote is there to do the remembering for me, so I can simply concentrate on life at home and at work. – Download on iTunes

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1. AdobeReader (Free)

Everyone knows about PDF files these days, and the best way to edit and develop them is through Adobe’s range of apps. As such, AdobeReader is an essential app for those in business who must work with PDF files daily. Thankfully, it is free to download and install for your iPhone from the iTunes Store, but also on a range of other platforms meaning that it is easy to continue work across devices. If you are editing a PDF file at work, for example, once you finish your shift and close down your work computer the changes to the file will be saved. You can then sync this to the cloud and continue working on the same file using your iPhone, as though nothing has changed! It’s therefore perfect when it comes to making last-minute changes to such files when on the run between meetings or being transported from one place to another. – Download on iTunes

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