Top 8 Calculator Apps iPhone

If there’s one thing I was surprised about with the recent release of the Apple Watch, it was Apple’s decision to omit a calculator feature. Not that people are generally grabbing for calculator apps on the iPhone, but the popularity and the recent resurgence of Casio watches in recent years seemed to point in the direction of actually putting a calculator functionality in there. Unfortunately, they decided not to but there are a few developers such as those behind the PCalc app who have stepped up to fill the void. We recently took a look at some similar utility apps on the Apple Watch, but what about calculator apps on the iPhone? It’s the kind of category that you wonder if you could actually find 8 decent apps to fill, let alone to form a Top 8 but there are a surprising amount of interesting calculator apps out there. Not just the basic ones, but those offer deeper functionality such as scientific functionality that statisticians would look for and even those that offer the ability to write scripts and such. We recently took a few of these calculator apps for a spin and picked our favorites on the iPhone.

8. MyScript Calculator (Free)

Speaking of those calculator apps that allow you to write math script directly into the interface, perhaps the best of these is the MyScript Calculator app. This app is really the kind of thing we weren’t expecting when looking at calculator apps on the iPhone, since there’s so much depth to it! You write your math equations right into your iPhone or iPad, and then wait for the app to digitally convert these scrawlings to numbers and text. The whole writing process feels surprisingly natural, but there are the occasional hiccup when it comes to recognizing different characters, as you might expect – especially if your handwriting is as bad as mine! There is a handy redo and undo function, too! – Download from iTunes

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7. Tydlig ($1.99)

The Tydlig calculator app runs with the idea that since calculators haven’t changed much since the 1970s, maybe its time to change things up a little. The app brings lots of different innovations to the table, including responsive results and a freeform canvas, as well as the ability to link numbers.  – Download from iTunes

6. Calzy ($1.99)

Calzy is billed as the smart calculator app, though could also be described as the beautiful calculator app in that it offers a stunning updated interface with simple, minimalist design. The app will allow you save frequently used expressions and then jump back to these calculations, which is ideal if you’re the kind of user who often uses the app to calculate everyday things like how much to tip, etc. Aside from this, there is also a few different color schemes included to pick from, should you prefer light to dark, it’s also optimized for use with iOS 8 which sets it apart from some other calculator apps that are yet to catch up. – Download from iTunes

5. Calc Pro Free (Free)

We’ll admit at this point to only having tried the Calc Pro app in its free guise, so we’re not sure whether it is worth paying the money to upgrade to the pro version. Still, even the free version brings a lot of great calculator functionality to the table. Chiefly, this is actually 10 different calculators in one, including a basic option for your everyday needs such as calculating how much you are spending on shopping or on a tip at the restaurant. There is a scientific option which has all the complicated statistical features included, a graphic calculator and a financial calculator with 10 worksheets to take advantage of. The UI here looks great, and all the different calculator options make this a must have calculator app for your iPhone – no matter what you’re using it for. – Download from iTunes

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4. Digits ($3.99)

Digits is described as the calculator for humans, and while we’re still not exactly sure what that means, it’s certainly a great little app with lots of added functionality that goes way beyond what you might expect from a basic calculator app. The main focus of the apps is to keep a digital tape of everything you calculate, and you can categorize the different calculations you make depending on what they are for. Things you buy for the house, or finance and budget stuff, or everything work related; simply store them all on one tape and keep everything organized. The tape browser makes checking on these details easier than you might expect, and then the AirPrint function allows you to print these tapes easily. There is support provided so that you can use a Bluetooth keyboard should you own one, and there are even customization features so that you can change the color of the buttons and such.  – Download from iTunes

3. Soulver ($2.99)

Then we have Soulver, which is described as the notepad calculator and I’d have to agree with that description. It basically presents you with a notepad like interface and allows you to do calculations as though on the page of spreadsheet software, but without the rows, columns andcells. It’s a surprisingly inventive way to do calculations and can be great when doing finance stuff, for example, because it allows you to place everything in the same context and easily pull numbers from different places. It sounds like chaos, and the screenshots suggest the same, but it’s a very useful calculator app to own.  – Download from iTunes

2. Calcbot (Free)

Calcbot is billed as the intelligent calculator on the iPhone and is a nice polished option, with a retro feel. There are audio noises that make you feel as though you’re using a real old school calculator, which might appeal to some but feels more like a gimmick on reflection. Calcbot is a very useful app though and is full of great features, such as the live history which allows you to quickly look back on your previous calculations should you make the same ones often. – Download from iTunes

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1. PCalc ($9.99)

PCalc is still one of the best calculator apps out there, if not the best, currently available for the iPhone. It was fitting then that this was the app that was ahead of all the others when it came to updating their app to provide Apple Watch integration recently. And the Apple Watch version of this app is actually a lot of fun to use, and is great if you’re the kind of user who will typically want to do the same kind of calculations, such as calculating tips to be paid when you go to a restaurant, or working out who owes what on a bill when split between several people. On the iPhone, this is one of the more feature rich calculator apps that you will find today, with all the basic functions you need but also scientific calculator options that will interest more serious users. The app is great for those that want a calculator app but are looking for something more powerful. And while there is a free version available, we would recommend investing in the $9.99 option if you want to make the most of its features and of course the Apple Watch functionality. – Download from iTunes

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