Top 8 Calendar Apps Apple Watch

The at a glance nature of the Apple Watch obviously really suits the kind of productivity and general daily activity apps that are so popular on other Apple Devices, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see many dedicated calendar apps get updated in recent weeks. Nor should we be surprised that Apple themselves took the step of including a built in calendar app of their own upon the launch of their new device. The calendar app on the Apple Watch actually gets the job done pretty well, and is useful enough for noting down important things like meetings and birthdays then getting updated on them even when you are busy doing other stuff. What users really want these days however is an app that is continuous across multiple devices, even if you own an Apple Watch, an Android smartphone and a Windows tablet. This is where the third party calendar apps seen below come in, for they are a great way of organizing your life but also expanding these tools across different platforms. We recently took on some of these titles in an effort to find the best calendar app on the Apple Watch.

8. Calendar App (Free)

I suppose the best place to start when it comes to calendar apps on the Apple Watch is the built in one that Apple have included! As with some of the other built in apps we’ve spoken about so far in different Top 8 lists, this one is fairly simple: you can see what’s coming up over the course of the day or over the course of the week simply by glancing at your wrist, and set up reminders for appointments that you may worry about forgetting. You can then receive calendar invitations from other users and either accept or decline with a single tap of your Watch face, then reply with your reason via email using the preset responses. – More Info from Apple

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7. GoodTask 2 ($4.99)

I’ll admit at this point to struggling when it comes to finding 7 other definitive calendar apps that have been updated in recent weeks to support the Apple Watch, with a few notable and popular exceptions. As such, we’ve gone off the rails slightly to include a couple of what could probably be better defined as productivity apps, though with good calendar capabilities. The first of those is GoodTask 2, developed by Haha Interactive, is a powerful task management app that really reimagines the idea of reminders as we have become used to receiving them. And with the at a glance nature of the Apple Watch, reminders are now more immediate than ever before. – Download from iTunes

6. 24me Smart Personal Assistant (Free)

Another productivity slash calendar app is this one by 24me, which describes itself as a “smart and automatic personal assistant”. There have been many of these so-called personal assistant apps to grace iOS devices over the years, but I’d say that few are as efficient nor a well designed as this one. While the subtle, orange and black on white interface seen on the iPhone version of 24me is not reproduced on the Apple Watch, there is a whole lot of productivity power involved here. The app gives you an at a glance look at your day including the things you have to do: meetings, classes, bills to be paid, etc. Then you can bring up maps to help you reach your destination, get traffic alerts to ease navigation, and even weather updates to work out how best to arrange your day. – Download from iTunes

5. Week Calendar ($1.99)

For those who have used Week Calendar on the iPhone in the past, this update for the Apple Watch should offer few surprises. The app gives a relatively insightful look at the day ahead, or tomorrow’s events, allowing you to keep to your daily schedule with a quick glance at your watch. The great thing about this update to the iOS app is that you can go in and select which calendars you wish to show on your Apple Watch from your iPhone, so as to condense your schedule info into the most important stuff, then use Siri to add any info you consider worthy of adding. – Download from iTunes

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4. Tempo Smart Calendar (Free)

Tempo Smart Calendar is another well designed calendar app, and the same goes for its recent Apple Watch update. There is a certain emphasis here (though the name should give it away) on the minute to minute management of each day, and in fact the app provides some nice functionality when it comes to updating those you are involved with of your whereabouts. If you are running late for a meeting, for example, you can simply use the quick predefined message function to send “running late” or “I’m here” messages from your watch to the people in question. – Download from iTunes

3. Moleskine Timepage ($4.99)

Moleskine Timepage is marketed as the most elegant calendar apps for your pocket and now your wrist, and let me tell you: they are onto something. I love the orange and blue on black design here, the use of logos for weather updates, the easy to read graphs for temperature change, and that’s without getting into the powerful calendar functionality that makes your management of each day and week a whole lot easier. The good thing about this calendar app, aside from the weather capabilities, is that your schedule is presented as a continuous timeline that can be scrolled through at will and makes it easy to flick between a single day and a whole week with a tap of your wrist.  – Download from iTunes

2. Sunrise Calendar (Free)

We here at Top 8 are big fans of the Sunrise calendar app, as you may have already guessed, and of course so are Microsoft given their acquisition of the app earlier this year. The Sunrise update to support the Apple Watch aims, like many of the other examples on this list, to keep things simple and in many ways condense the functionality we’ve grown used to accessing on the iPhone or the iPad. Sunrise is particularly useful if you use Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud, syncing in with all of these different platforms to make organizing your life a whole lot easier. It also connects with social apps such as Facebook and Foursquare and productivity apps like Evernote and Trello to ensure that you are able to pass your schedule info from app to app with ease. – Download from iTunes

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1. Fantastical 2 (Free)

Fantastical 2 has been my favorite of the iPhone calendar apps for some time, but their work updating it for the Apple Watch really puts it out there well ahead of Sunrise, in this user’s honest opinion – and in the opnion of a few others, if Google is anything to go by. As has been established, I do love a good interface and this represents one of the best UIs to be found on the Apple Watch at present, combining simplicity with complicated data to bring a whole new kind of power to your wrist when it comes to scheduling your time. – Download from iTunes

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