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Those of our readers that have taken to photography at some point or another will know, as a hobby it can be one of the most expensive! These days, your average Canon or Sony camera can cost you thousands, that’s if you want to be taken seriously, and all the other accessories including different lenses and tripods will set you back even more money. It used to be the case that there was really no middle ground between these expensive professional cameras and the throwaway ones you took on that school trip all those years ago, but the advent of digital photography changed all that. All of a sudden, you could get a proper camera with a memory card and LCD display on the back for next to nothing, and the price was so cheap that you didn’t really care if the thing go scratched up by your clumsy teenager son. But still, digital photos don’t compare to the real thing, and it was exciting to find when the iPhone was first released that it could capture photos that were a vast improvement on most digital cameras. Many people these days get into photography through using their iPhone, which means that the camera accessory business it thriving. We recently ran through our favorite options for the iPhone, which are listed below:

8. Nova Flash ($59.00)

Getting the right snap is all about the position of the light in relation to where you are shooting and what you are shooting, which is why professional studio photographers spend so much time setting up their lights. With the iPhone, all you have is the basic flash that comes with the phone, so your options are somewhat limited, especially when out and about or in a situation where a must grab photo is in front of your but the light is not. This is what the developers of the Nova Flash realized before coming up with their fantastic little product, which is basically a portable flash that can be carried with you wherever you go and has become a favorite of iPhone photographers everywhere. The Nova will easily fit into your pocket or wallet and features around 40 LED lights on a white panel. It connects to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and syncs with your shutter button from up to 20 feeet away, and can be controlled in terms of brightness and color through the app. – Buy from Amazon

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7. Optrix PhotoProX ($139.95)

As photo stands and cases go, I’d say that the Optrix PhotoProX has the edge over other options when it comes to both the quality side of things and also durability, since it is built to swithstand just about anything. So it’s great for traveling, since you can capture photos and videos in the sea using this fully waterproof device and it also has a bunch of different lenses to choose from depending on what you are shooting! – Buy from Amazon

6. Motrr Galileo ($144.70)

A rather expensive option but an absolute must for those pro photographers and video makers out there, the Motrr Galileo is basically just a motorized rotating base that grips your iPhone and can easily rotate it through 360 degrees, pan and tilt it to all kinds of different angles. You can download the official Motrr app for iOS devices and then use the Galileo and your iPhone camera to all kinds of different uses. You can shoot time lapse video which might be interesting to some, or panorama shots or a whole host of other creative options. You could even turn the thing into a complicated real time audio and video surveillance system, if that’s what you are after It is currently supported by 11 apps and counting, and is a great option for the more creative camera fans.- Buy from Amazon

5. Kogeto Dot ($49.00)

The Kogeto Dot basically allows you to take 360 degree panoramic video with your iPhone, using their snap on accessory lense and Looker, which is a free companion app that can be found on the App Store. I’ve always been a fan of good design, and I can assure you that the Kogeto Dot has that. It fits seamlessly onto your iPhone, and makes shooting 360 degree video an absolute breeze. You can then share your videos to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter using the app, or post them on Kogeto’s own website through their official app mentioned previously.  –  Buy from Amazon

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4. Shoulderpod S1 ($34.90)

Another product that has become very popular among those that like to take good looking photos and videos with their iPhone is the Shoulderpod S1 which is basically a comfortable option for taking steady videos and photos. You can stand the phone up to take photos, attach it to a tripod or use it as a hand held device, with a strap that keeps the thing attached to you and ensures it will not drop. All in all a great option for capturing steady shots of stuff. – Buy from Amazon

3. iStabilizer Flex ($19.20)

One of the more popular breeds of camera accessories out there for the iPhone these days are stands and sticks that are designed to keep the iPhone in place while you take shots. One of the best out there currently on the market is the iStabilizer Flex, which is a universal clamp that holds not just the iPhone but a wide variety of different models. So even if you have other smartphones or want to buy a product that can be used by the whole family and all their different devices, this one is worth considering. And there is also an XL version for larger devices! It’s basically a lightweight tripid with foam covered bendable legs, so that you can twist it and contort it into all kinds of positions, and it will always fit between your things in your luggage easily when you are traveling!- Buy from Amazon

2. Manfrotto KLYP ($45.15)

Manfrotto has become well known for their camera accessories and technical gear, both those for the pro market and general consimer products. It’s no surprise then to see them dip into the smartphone camera accessories market with this one. The Klyp is great because the whole package is comprised of everything you could want when it comes to achieving great results with your iPhone photos, including a small LED flash and tripod adapter, as well as a range of different lenses to suit different situations. – Buy from Amazon

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1. 4-IN-1 Olloclip ($78.39)

Many of the photo fans that begin taking pictures serious with their iPhone look for different lenses, and the Olloclip is I belive the best system currently out there in this regard. The whole thing was built again from the drawing board upon the development of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so you know that the technology is cutting edge. The best thing about this one is that it offers 4 different lenses in one compact package, so whether you are looking to take particular close up shots or wide angle shots then there is a lense to suit each option. Here you get a fisheye lense, a wide angle wone and two macro lenses, with a range of different color options to choose from. – Buy from Amazon

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