Top 8 Car Accessories Android

It seems that the only thing people can talk about at the moment regarding auto manufacturers and mobile technology is the fact that you can unlock doors with your wearable device, but there are developers that have been coming up with devices to please car owners for some time. Armed with a couple of Android smartphones and tablets, we recently took to the road in order to test out a bunch of different accessories to help select those that are worthwhile, and those that aren’t. As you may have perhaps guessed, most of this list is populated by dash mounts and portable chargers, because – and we asked around – these are what most people looking for these days. And while the importance of certain devices really depends on what the user is looking for, so check out our picks below and then feel free to add your own suggestions – or products that you have come to depend on – in the comments section!

8. Satechi Universal CD Slot Mount ($19.99)

CD slot mounts and tape deck chargers seem like a thing of the past, but there are still those that develop them and still those that buy them! With the latter in mind, I think perhaps the best slot mount we found for Android devices is this one by Satechi, which accomodates smartphones in the 3.5 to 5.5 inch range and is a convenient way to attach your mobile device within touching distance. – Buy from Amazon

7. Nyrius Songo Portable ($14.96)

One of the best solutions we’ve found when it comes to wireless audio playback in your car is through Nyrius, who produce a range of different items that make it easy for you to instantly stream music from your Android smartphone, tablet, or really any other Bluetooth audio device. The regular Nyrius Songo is square in shape, but they also have this portable edition which is slightly smaller – still, the same concept remains. You plug it into your car Aux port and then run through some basic setup steps, then you can get audio in your car without worrying about having to dock your smartphone or whatever. The device can also be paired with a handful of different mobile devices, I think up to eight in all, meaning that you can easily switch between your different music collections or listen to your favorite podcasts on the go.  – Buy from Amazon

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6. AmazonBasics Car Charger ($9.99)

Portable charging stations and power banks are one thing, and we often find ourselves carrying around a Lumsing or Anker charger of choice as a backup, but there are also simple ways to use your car to charge your Android smartphone or tablet. Now, there are a number of different brands out there that offer excellent multi port car chargers, but one of our favorites is one developed by Amazon themselves as part of their Basics range. This handy car charger allows you to charger up to two devices at once, which is great for those that own perhaps a work phone and a personal phone or a phone and a tablet. There are others that offer more ports – I think Anker has a nice one with 4 in total – but 2 is probably enough for most! – Buy from Amazon

5. Belkin Hands-Free Car Kit ($47.99)

Another smart little device when it comes to wireless audio playback is this little kit offered by Belkin, who have been at the forefront for some time when it comes to smart car accessories for your mobile devices. I did initially get confused which device we were trying out, since some sites list this as the Belkin AirCast Auto whereas on Amazon it’s simply known as the Belkin Hands-free Car Kit. But yes, whatever you want to call it, this is a great buy for those drivers who would like to cover audio charging and playback at the same time, since it comes with a wireless transmitter and also a convenient USB power adapter. You plug the device into the Aux port of your car and use the Bluetooth to pair it with your Android smartphone or tablet, and you will see the blue ring light up (it blinks when a call is arriving) then plug the USB charger into your cigarette lighter and use that to charge your device while driving. – Buy from Amazon

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4. Samsung Wireless Charging Dock ($76.92)

Docks are great, but docking chargers are even better. Despite all the other brands out there, I think the best one we found is this Samsung wireless charging dock which works with most of their smartphones. The dock can be easily and conveniently mounted to your windshield or dashboard and allows you to power up your device without the added annoyance or plugging the thing in each time. You simply connect a wire to the base of the dock, then use the 3M adhesive pad to mount it, then you’re done! Simply drop your device into the cradle each time you enter the car and get a full charge without having to fiddle with different wires and cables. One small drawback here is that, despite the fact you can rotate the cradle as you wish, the mount seems to work a lot better with thin or no cases around your Samsung device. – Buy from Amazon

3. Kenu Airframe+ ($25.80)

The Kenu Airframe has to be one of the more basic dash mounts out there, but it is also one of the most popular – and with the recent increase in people owning hybrid smartphone-tablets or “phablets” as they are affectionately known, it hasn’t taken long for Kenu to come up with a larger mount for those wider screens. Despite the increased size of the Kenu Airframe+, it is still very lightweight and can be easily clipped onto just about any air vent, then rotated vertically or horizontally or at an angle, depending on what you need it for. We tried using a Samsung phablet with this one and rotated it horizontally for GPS navigation, and it worked great! – Buy from Amazon

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2. Logitech Drive ($48.49)

By far the best smart car mounts we came across for Android devices however are those offered by Logitech: the Drive and the Trip, each of which use a small magnetic strip that can be inserted between your smartphone and its case in order to make wireless charging easier than ever before. The Drive is advertised as a one touch car mount and it really is that; allowing you to place your smartphone just about anywhere, from your dashboard to your windshield. Through our limited experience, the Logitech Trips seems a lot more simple than the Logitech Drive, and you can’t adjust it in the same way. Still, both products offer great options for those looking to wirelessly charge their device when driving.  – Buy from Amazon

1. Automatic ($99.95)

The only thing we can really say about the Automatic Smart Car Assistant is to check it out, and see what all the fuss is about. The benefits it offers for auto owners are limitless, so it would be useless to list them all here. From decoding your dashboard errors to finding the nearest gas station, the Automatic does it all! – Buy from Amazon

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