Top 8 Car Apps Apple Watch

It was interesting, watching and reading about the unveiling of the Apple Watch last year, just what kind of trends were in place and which things Apple was pushing over other stuff. This has of course become more apparent in the ensuing months, but I wasn’t quite expecting the directions the device has taken. Or at least, I wasn’t expecting the market to respond in the way it has. One thing that everyone predicted was the increase in fitness apps, or the fitness angle of the Apple Watch. This was confirmed by the inclusion of two dedicated apps preinstalled onto the device, named Workout and Activity. While Apple did point out their links with big name car manufacturers during the keynote back in 2014, and the fact that the Watch would eventually replace your car keys according to CEO Tim Cook, I wasn’t quite expecting all the other companies to jump on board with their own apps to bring closer to your automobile. Here, we take a look at those official apps from car brands like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, as well as some other useful car related apps to consider!

8. Uber (Free)

I guess that one app we should point out related to cars that has recently seen an Apple Watch overhaul is Uber, which now owns most of the market when it comes to ordering a taxi from your phone. I guess that Uber is mainly proximity based, which is why the new Apple Watch updates make it perhaps a more exciting app to consider. The Apple Watch version of the Uber app allows you to request a ride directly on your wrist, track your driver as they arrive and received notifications without the need to check your phone. One thing to consider though is that the Apple Watch app will set your last selected vehicle option and payment method to default, so you will need to flip out your iPhone to make any fine tuning. – Download from iTunes

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7. MB Companion (Free)

Now, we know that this one isn’t out yet, but it represents one of the more exciting car related apps currently out there on the horizon for the Apple Watch. Of course, these big brand apps rely on you actually owning a Mercedes or a Porsche or a BMW in order to take advantage, but that doesn’t prevent us regular folk from salivating over teh possibilities! The Mercedes car control application is really following in the footsteps made by rival BMW: this MB Companion app was developed by engineers in Silicon Valley and in Germany as a last mile navigation tool. You simply dial a navigation destination with your Watch from the comfort of your own home, and then transfer this destination and the journey details to your car’s COMAND Online infotainment system, which will reflect these changes once the car is turned on!  – Download from iTunes

6. Porsche Car Connect (Free)

Another big car brand jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon is of course Porsche, whose recently updated Car Connect app lets you do a bunch of interesting things on your iPhone and now directly from your wrist. Here, you can track travel time, distance driven, average speed and fuel use. There is also a nice alert to inform you if your doors are locked or unlocked, or if the top of the car is down or up. You can even control your exterior mirrors from the app, because why the hell not? And of course control the climate inside the car! – Download from iTunes

5. Hyundai Blue Link (Free)

While owners of BMWs and Porsches are at this point perhaps enjoying the novelty of having car connecting app on the Apple Watch, the Hyundai folk have had an Android powered app out there for a while. The Blue Link app gives you the ability to lock, unlock, remote start your car from your wrist and a whole lot more, including activating the horn or the lights! – Download from iTunes

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4. Volkswagen Car-Net (Free)

The Volkswagen Car-Net app is one of the most comprehensive of those car pairing apps we’ve seen released and updated to support the Apple Watch in recent months. It has all the classic car app features such as the ability to remotely lock and unlock, check if windows are closed, and of course to find where you parked your car, but there’s more stuff, too. The app will alert you directly to your wrist when your car exceeds a certain sped limit, or drives outside of a cartain radius. This can be especially useful should you find yourself lending the car to untrustworthy offspring! You can also send addresses from your contact list to the on board GPS system and navigate to the address, check your fuel level and activate climate control, and all of this can be done from your wrist! – Download from iTunes

3. BMW i Remote (Free)

This BMW app is one that has made a lot of headlines since the unveiling of the Apple Watch, and for good reason. BMW was actually the first car maker to represent the Apple Watch, which means it has been given something of an advantage when it comes to being featured on the app store and things like that. It does have a head start, but isn’t that much different from the other apps listed – or at least those that have been released by car manufacturers as the official car app of their latest models. To use this one, you need an i3 or an i8 model BMW with the Assist contract, so it’s all a little complicated. Once you’ve gotten over this stuff, the app lets you navigate to your parked car, remotely operates the doors and windows, and allows you to control the climate within the car, all from your wrist! – Download from iTunes

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2. Remote S for Tesla (Free)

For those that are aware of the latest technology when it comes to automobiles, Tesla is a name they will no doubt be familiar with. Entrepreneur and all round genius Elon Musk seems to have earmarked the Apple Device as the latest way to boost the name of his car brand, with a new Remote S app being readied and recently released to allow you to control nearly all the functions of the Tesla Model S. You can honk the horn, flash the lights, control the roof, monitor the charge state of the vehicle – all important when it comes to an electric car, as I’m sure you’ll agree! – Download from iTunes

1. Automatic (Free)

Last but by not means least is the Automatic Assistant by Automatic Labs, which is – as you may have noticed already – a big favorite in the Top 8 offices. This little device plugs into your car’s on board computer and allows you to check and control a whole host of things. It has recently been upgraded to a second gen version, and the company has released an Apple Watch update too, that means you can take advantage of everything that the Automatic Assistant offers, but do so from the comfort of your own wrist. – Download from iTunes

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