Top 8 Car Rental Apps Android

We’ve all had to rent a car at some point, and the process can be a really painful one. If there aren’t hoops to jump through when it comes to actually signing off on the car, it’s finding a place to return the car to when you’re done. The fact is that most people who hire a car these days have no idea when they’ll be finished with it, or where they’ll be finished with it. And sometimes you might be on business in a strange city and need a car to get around, but have no idea which are the best car hire places in the general vicinity. It’s easier within the US, since there are reliable chains such as Avis and Hertz to fall back on. And if you become a regular member of these companies, you can take advantage of certain perks. But most Americans will find themselves needing to hire a car in a foreign country at some point, when they are on vacation or business, which is when things can get a little tricky. We’ve put together a few apps that you can download that will make the process of hiring a car much easier!

8. Orbitz (Free)

While there are a bunch of official car rental apps from car hire companies out there, such as Hertz and Avis, most people will find themselves hiring a car through some kind of third party app. Or, through a holiday planner that offers its vacations as some kind of all-inclusive package when everything, including the flights and accomodation and vehicle hire, is taken care of. Orbitz is one of the best websites (and apps) out ther when it comes to finding accomodation, booking flights and hiring cars all within the same app. So whether you are going away on business or a trip with the family, the app will find the best deals for you. – Download from Google Play

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7. National (Free)

National seems like the best place to start when looking at the official car rental apps of companies, since this is the largest one in the US. And National Car Rental recently went back to the drawing board with their Android app, putting a large part of the process of designing the app in the hands of its customers. The result is a very detailed car hire app that really does brim with the kind of functionality and ease of use that we’re not used to seeing. If you are an existing National customer then this free app will make your life a whole lot easier. If you are with Avis or Hertz, then why not try this one and see what you could save? – Download from Google Play

6. (Free) is definitely my pick if you’re looking for something more general in terms of renting cars around the world. They have an excellent service here in the US but also supply cars to customers in the UK, Spain and Italy among others. So yes, if you are travelling around Europe and are in need of a car, you can do a lot worse than downloading this app for your Android device. You can search for a car using a range of different criteria, and the app will go out there and find the best offer for you given your location, budget constraints and that kind of thing. – Download from Google Play

5. KAYAK (Free)

KAYAK is another of these well documented one stop travel apps that looks to incorporate everything you could need for your travel arrangements into one useful and powerful app. Like the Orbitz app listed above, this one does not confine itself to car rental but also accomodation and flights. The app will search through all the major rental companies in the country you are visiting and then comes up with the best deal closest to the place you are staying. If there is a place to stop near the airport and pick up a car, this app will point you in that direction. It’s all about the logistics and the full holiday package in an app like this, so don’t expect customer service – but you will get a good deal! – Download from Google Play

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4. Getaround (Free)

Now for something slightly different: there have been so many of these services spring up since Getaround was in Beta stage, but I’ve not tried them all so figurede it would be best to include the one. Getaround is basically a peer to peer car rental service, which allows you to skip the middle man altogether and rent a local car directly from its owner. This will of course save you money and gives you access to a huge amount and variety of different cars – not just the usual rental models – but you won’t get the same kind of customer rewards or sympathy should something terrible happen. Of course, Getaround also works the other way so you could even rent your unused car out to someone in order to make the money back! – Download from Google Play

3. Avis (Free)

The Avis app was recently rehauled for the Android and is now a sleek and stylish interface that makes finding a rental car and actually renting one much easier than ever before. With the Avis app, after you have registered witht the company, allows you to create a new reservation or alter any existing reservation with the tap of a screen. You can easily find the closest Avis location to you and they have an excellent roadside service should you get into a spot of bother. Of course, the app would be the suggested choice if you are already an Avis customer, but even if you’re not it’s worth checking out their great deals and prices. – Download from Google Play

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2. Skyscanner – Car Rentals (Free)

Skyscanner is a service and an app that (as the prominent name suggests) started out life as a search engine to find the best flights for you around the world, given a range of specific criteria. They have since branched out to take on both accomodation (hotels in particular) and car hire, as is reflected in this great little app. This is the one I would suggest if you are traveling, since it will always come back with a range of different results no matter what particulars you choose to bombard their search function with. This gives you variety and also means that you can save money, as opposed to getting to the airport and finding that the car hire rates are preposterous. Use this app in advance or as a last minute solution, not just for your car hire but also your hotel and flights! – Download from Google Play

1. Hertz 24/7 (Free)

Hertz is certainly one of the more reliable car hire companies in the US, and they actually have two different apps available. One is a more general app, and ideal for existing customers: then there is this app which is, as the name suggests, slightly different. Here, the emphasis is placed on around the clock support and the ability to hae a car when you need it, no matter when that is and where you are! – Download from Google Play

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