Top 8 Car Rental Apps iPhone

For those who rent a car on a regular basis, it can be difficult to settle on a service that is right for you. One quick browse on the Internet will give you a wide picture of what’s on offer, but then we don’t always have the time for such research – and we’re not always sitting at our computers when it comes to sorting out car rentals – especially when it’s a last minute thing! Fortunately, there are a range of great car rental apps out there which are designed to make the experience a lot more streamlined – easier on your blood pressure and on your wallet! There are official car rental apps for industry leaders in the US like Hertz and Avis, but there are also plenty of third party car rental apps that look to bridge the gap and provide users with a wide field of vehicles from which to choose. Even if the potential customer is in need of something only on an emergency basis. Whatever your need, there will be an app to suit you in our rundown of the best car rental apps currently available for iPhone.

8. National Car Rental (Free)

One of the better first party car rental apps is this one, made as a companion to the National Car Rental service and great for its customers. It represents a great convenience, both for new and returning user: you can easily make, modify and cancel specific reservations, or find and map different pickup and drop off locations. Another great thing that the app offers is special deals that can be taken advantage of within the app, and access to roadside and customer assistance for those that require it. The best feature of the app are reserved for Emerald Club members, however! – Download from iTunes

7. CarRentals (Free)

CarRentals is an app developed by Hotwire and made to resemble the popular and very orange car rental website, imaginatively titled It is notable here in that the app covers not only the US but many other countries beside, and really puts you in the driving seat with over 15,000 listings at your finger tips. Again, this one is a third party app so it basically goes out and picks from the most reliable and well known car rental services to find something that works for you. A good option if you’re an international customer, or plan on renting a car while traveling. – Download from iTunes

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6. Getaround (Free)

I like Getaround, mainly because it takes the same concept that you’ve seen in apps like Airbnb and applies it car rental. That being, to allow users to share vehicles with other users! One might expect some king of lengthy registration process or screening method where you have to sign up and pay a free, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With Getaround you simply open the app and are greeted with a bunch of vehicles for hire provided by real people, and with real prices set by those people. – Download from iTunes

5. RelayRides (Free)

In a very similar vein is RelayRides, which is essentially a peer-to-peer car rental service that puts people in touch with others who wish to rent their car to make money. The best thing about these apps is the price, which can be a lot more affordable than some of the big car rental chains. You can rent a vehicle from as little as $25 a day, $125 a week and $400 a month, with lots of different options to choose from – including coupes and SUVs. – Download from iTunes

4. Hertz Rent-a-Car (Free)

Let’s look at another couple of first person car rental apps in the Hertz app and, just below, the one provided by Avis. Hertz actually has two apps currently available for those interesting in renting cars. There is the general rent-a-car app and also another app to reflect their 24/7 service which has an emphasis on hourly rentals and a service that is always available in over 500 locations across the globe. Of course, the main benefit when it comes to choosing a service like that provided by Hertz is that the brand is so big these days, you will find pick up and drop off points in just about every decent sized town – in the US, at least. With the general Rent-a-Car Hertz app, you can search for locations and vehicles and manage reservations using the app itself. There is also the popular Hertz NeverLost companion included within the app, which is great for those looking for peace of mind in unfamiliar surroundings – very often the case when you are traveling! – Download from iTunes

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3. Avis Car Rental (Free)

Another big name in the world of car rentals is Avis, who also have an official app available. The great thing about this app is that you get dedicated real time price estimates, which makes it much easier to book your car right away. For returning customers there is the ability to redeem reward coupons and much more, and of course the app can be used to request roadside assistance if you happen to be in a jam. I remember using the app a long time ago, but it has received a massive design overhaul since and now looks every bit the part with an intuitive and slick interface on the iPhone. – Download from iTunes

2. Zipcar (Free)

One of the more popular new dimensions of car rental is member services such as Zipcar, which essentially dots cars around the city and then allows you access to them at a price. The app is free to download, but the service only covers certain cities – so do check if yours is supported before signing up! Upon becoming a Zipcar member from around $6 a month, you are given a Zipcard and can then open your app to check out the location of the nearest drop off and pick up point in your city. Upon reaching one of these and selecting a vehicle, the process is pretty much DIY so you can use the app and your card to unlock the card and be on your way. Fare rates can vary, but usually start from between $8 to $10 an hour. – Download from iTunes

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1. Car2Go (Free)

Car2Go is very similar to the Zipcar service mentioned above, though the rates are currently slightly higher at around $15 per hour. That said, things such as fuel and insurance and other stuff is included in the rate, so it’s a great way to just pay for what you want and without all those added complications. You might be wondering with these kind of pick up and drop off rental services, what to do if the car runs out of gas? Well, in this instance Car2Go will give you a card inside the car that is prepaid, meaning that you can fill up the gas tank if you wish. Better than that, Car2Go actually invites its customers to do the dirty work and rewards them with free minutes if they fill up the car while using it! Car2Go is an excellent option for those who rent cars semi regularly though often have no idea when that will be and must rent on short notice. It’s also great for those who hate flat rates, deposits and complicated monthly subscription fees. – Download from iTunes

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