Top 8 Christmas Apps iPhone

Get into the Christmas spirit this year with our great selection of top festive apps – all at a price that won’t be hard on your pocket at this expensive time of the year! This Top 8 countdown takes a look at all the best apps available to download for your iPhone over the holidays and features something that everyone – adults, kids and even sleeping grandparents – will enjoy! These days the Christmas spirit is something that spreads from your living room to the street outside and even as far as your place of work, so why shouldn’t we embrace the holidays with these festive apps that are designed to make your iPhone just as Christmassy?

8. Xmas Sudoku ($0.99)

Sudoku is great at any time of the year, wouldn’t you agree? And guess what? Even Sudoku apps are getting into the Christmas spirit! This Xmas Sudoku app was developed by Dracosoft and is great for both the pros and those who are uninitiated in the world of Sudoku with three modes of gameplay – hard, medium and easy – and over 30 levels. What’s more however, every Sudoku puzzle has been given a festive makeover, with small Christmas icons such as trees and stockings and stars to replace the typical symbols that you might see in any old Sudoku app. If you love the game and are itching to embrace the Christmas spirit, then this is the app for your iPhone, though it will set you back $0.99 from the iTunes Store. – Download on iTunes

7. NORAD Tracks Santa (Free)

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has developed this cool app which will light up your kids’ imagination this Christmas by providing you with an accurate tracking system to check how Santa is progressing as we near the big day. It’s free to download for your iPhone from the iTunes Store, and is ideal for those who love to get their kids into the routine of Christmas: the opening of advent calendars, sending of xmas letters and now, the monitoring of Santa’s progress across the night sky! Having read a little more about the app, it seems that NORAD Tracks Santa is a hugely popular annual program, and this is just the official companion app. – Download on iTunes

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6. Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift (Free)

Another one of those apps that kids will love playing this holiday season – Toca Hair Salon is already popular with young girls, but now it has a Christmas twist on the existing Toca Hair Salon game format. With this slight variation, you can now give either Santa or his Christmas Tree a nice trim and even a blow dry! Still, this app features a bunch of cool additions that kids will love: you can trim hair with scissors or an electric trimmer, pick from 12 hair colours and 8 completely new accessories. Then once you’re done and wish to let someone else have a go, simply use the magic G.R.O potion to make Santa’s hair grow back and hand the app over to someone else! – Download on iTunes

5. A Very Cozy Fireplace HD ($0.99)

The idea of wrapping presents and preparing gifts, sitting on a rug next to a roaring fire while it’s freezing cold outside: just about everyone’s definition of Christmas, but what if you don’t have a fireplace? Fortunately, this app will simulate one for you with a beautiful HD video and audio of a real wood burning fireplace. This one is a personal favorite, allowing you to take the Holiday Yule Log experience with you in your pocket, with high definition video and professionally recorded audio of a crackling fire to get you in the festive mood! You can then stream the image to your HD TV with Airplay on Apple TV, then continue to use other apps while your living room is transformed! – Download on iTune

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4. Christmas RADIO (Free)

Question: what’s missing from this list so far? Answer: infectious holiday music! Christmas is never quite the same without your favorite festive crooners belting out those familiar songs. With this Christmas RADIO app developed by, you can pick from over 50 unique Xmas stations from around the world – all with a particularly festive name, such as the Christmas Carols Radio or North Pole Radio. The app is free to download from the iTunes store, but is a great way to embrace the festive spirit and stream Christmas songs on your iPhone no matter where you are – either by cellular or WiFi connection. And no matter what kind of music you love, there will definitely be something in this app that everyone can dance to! – Download on iTunes

3. Amazon App (Free)

Okay, so this entry is cheating, but there’s no reliable shopping website and app that quite gets us through the holiday season like Amazon’s. With thousands of festive deals and last-minute offers to help you save money over the holidays, it really is something of a festive lifesaver when it comes to buying last-minute gifts, and is perhaps one of the apps I use the most around this period to grab gifts for friends and family. With the Amazon app, the range and selection is so huge that there is very little chance – especially given the good old marketplace – that your item won’t currently be in stock, so no matter what someone asks you for for Christmas, you know it will be on Amazon. Shipping times tend to vary during this particular period, so we would advise ordering stuff in advance if you want to receive it all by Christmas Morning! – Download on iTunes

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2. Christmas!! Countdown to Santa (Free)

If you simply can’t handle the anticipation of Christmas, we’d recommend this great countdown app with all the features you will ever need this holiday season: including an advent calendar, holiday songs and an in-app gift list for your friends and family, ensuring that you will never leave anyone out. Other features include toys, games, festive jokes and songs as well as wintery wallpapers for your iPhone – it really is the most comprehensive Christmas app out there, and with a range of content that you’ll have to work to unlock. That said, you could make it all available to you immediately with the $0.99 “Unlock All” in-app purchase, but where’s the fun in that? This app also includes an in-app purchase to turn off those pesky ads, which is perfect for parents that will be handing their iPhone to kids to keep them occupied! – Download on iTunes

1. ElfYourself (Free)

A silly pick for #1, but we love it and the kids love it! ElfYourself is the perennial best selling Christmas app for a reason, and has become something of a holiday tradition. Turn yourself into an elf in a personalized video, with all new dances and features to make your friends and family laugh this festive period. Developed by Office Depot and Magic Mirror, the app always manages to bring something new each year to make things fun. You simply upload up to five photos of yourself, friends and family, select a dance theme and then let the app get to work creating a silly festive video that can then be shared on social media to inspire a few snorts over the holiday period. – Download on iTunes

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