Top 8 Daily Horoscope Apps iPhone

For those into astrology and who like to check their horoscope daily, there are many different apps out there that offer that kind of content. There are also many that perhaps don’t live up to what they offer, which is why it pays to read up in advance. Often, people simply don’t have the time however to scour the iTunes Store and download a variety of apps in order to work out which is the best – nor do they want to spend money on apps – even a handful of dollars – without knowing whether the app is worth the investment. Thankfully, we’ve taken a look at the daily horoscope apps currently on the market so that you don’t have to! Here are our top daily horoscope apps for iPhone, available today!

8. Mobile Horoscopes (Free)

Mobile Horoscopes was one of the first we encountered when doing research for this list, and to be honest it’s a tidy little app. It has been created by the same developers behind a similar app for Facebook which has proved to be very successful, with over 25 million current users on the social media platform. This app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers much of the same, though with a few new features: you can now read both today and tomorrow’s horoscopes if you aren’t content simply with one piece of guidance. You can also read the horoscopes of others signs besides yours, and set the app up to deliver it automatically to your phone or your Facebook every day. – Download on iTunes

7. Horoscope and Tarot (Free)

Horoscope and Tarot is the official horoscope app of and allows you to see into the future regarding your personal life and professional life, as well as your love life! It offers daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes as well as tarot readings so as to provide both career and romantic advice. The app is free to download for iPhone from the iTunes Store, but I should note that many of its more attractive features are not available without a specific in-app purchase. The new Ask and Astrologer feature, for example, is a premium service that gives you direct access to a professional astrologer in order to answer your questions, but the update will cost you $1.99. – Download on iTunes

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6. My Horoscope Free (Free)

This app was developed by and gives users their all-important 3 decants and also allows you to see up to 7 days ahead! This is a great feature, since it means that you can look ahead into the week to work out if this one will be a winner or one to avoid! It’s also perhaps the nicest looking app to grace our list, with a beautiful interface that will allow you to sign in using your social media account and then share your findings online with friends and family. Unlike similar horoscope apps that we encountered, the updates with My Horoscope Free happen in real-time and are immediately delivered to your phone to be perused, meaning you don’t have to wait for a specific time of the day or week! – Download on iTunes

5. iHoroscope (Free)

This app doesn’t really innovate when it comes to the name, but it does when you consider the contents of the app itself. It allows you to receive personalized horoscope updates, giving you not only birth charts but also answers the more important existential questions you might have with responses from astrologers. By far the best thing about this app however is the new Live Chat Reading feature, which puts you in direct contact with an expert to get the answers you are seeking right away. – Download on iTunes

4. Existence ($0.99)

This entry might upset those who take horoscopes deadly seriously because, well, this app doesn’t! There is even a disclaimer when you start using the app! Instead, Existence is more concerned with the ancient art of star interpretation, which many of those who love checking their horoscope will also be heavily into. This app will tell you about your Zodiac/Constellation formation along with any horoscope readings for the day, and all you need to do is enter some basic info about yourself. You can then share anything you discover on Facebook or Twitter at the touch of a button to find out what others think about your findings. Though, it should be noted that this app is not free as the ones above are and instead costs $0.99 to download and use.

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3. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone (Free)

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone is an updated version of the old Astrology Zones Premier app which was the most expensive horoscope app around at $3.99. Fortunately, this new and revamped version is free to download and use, but a monthly subscription will cost you $4.99 so when all is said and done the price has gone up since the last version of the app. We didn’t bother with the monthly subscription but to be honest there are plenty of cool features available in the free version that will keep you occupied. You can read short daily horoscopes for all 12 signs, which are of course written by Miller herself, as well as brief planetary news and push notifications that can be turned off and on. The monthly subscription however will grant you access to the Astrology Zone, including longer daily horoscopes, relationship compatibility info and much more! – Download on iTunes

2. The DailyHoroscope (Free)

This is the app for you if it’s all about daily updates delivered straight to your iPhone through push notifications. Another nice feature that we found with this app is that it allows you to go back and check out past updates to see how accurate they actually were – definitely an app that trusts its own ability to predict. By far the best thing about Max Binshtok’s The DailyHoroscope app however is the aesthetics: the interface is beautiful to look at and easy to use, with a sleek red background and basic icons for each of the major signs. Features include daily horoscopes, zodiac sign compatibility, custom colors and font size as well as Chinese horoscopes that may give you some variation on what you’ve already read. – Download on iTunes

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1. Today’s Horoscope by Kelli Fox (Free)

So, you want an app that doesn’t cost a lot of money but brings you accurate horoscope updates every day? Then Today’s Horoscope by renowned expert Kelli Fox is definitely the app for you! Not only does it have the standard 12-star sign chart, but also has a great “Forecast” section where you can check up to a week in advance. This iPhone app goes the same route as Susan Miller’s one above, playing on the popularity of figure Kelli Fox in order to sell the app rather than the horoscope info being provided anonymously. We see why this would be a good approach, since many of those into astrology will also know the celebrities in the field. The app is free and simple to use, with a bunch of interesting extras available such as the ability to get free astrology reports, astrological matching, monthly horoscopes and much more! – Download on iTunes

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