Top 8 Dating Apps Android

In this day and age of social media, you might think it would be easier for people to find love. Or at least, we would be in contact with so many people on a daily basis that finding “the one” would be simple! Unfortunately, it is precisely because of the fact that our live are ruled by social networks and online status that people seem to be finding it harder than ever to find love. When you can instantly see what your friends are up to, where they are, and then chat to them face to face at the tap of a screen, physical contact becomes almost redundant. We confine ourselves within a shell and surround ourselves with the things that we find most comfortable, never allowing this existence to be intruded upon. And as such, making it increasingly difficult to encounter someone with the power to make us change all of that in the name of love. This is perhaps why the dating site and app industry is thriving in a way that it has never done before. We take a look art some of the best dating apps on the market for Android users.

8. HowAboutWe (Free)

HowAboutWe seems a great place to start: it is perhaps the best bet for those who still have a social life and don’t much like the idea of awkward opening conversations and a reluctance to suggest meeting up. Instead, the app is built around the idea of suggesting a date idea and then finding people who are interested in that idea from the get go, hence the title of the app. The whole process of planning where to go is streamlined within the app, with suggestions of restaurants and shows that you could take in, and a map to the nearest coffee shop should that be your place of chose. You can use the free account to post, browse and view others’ profiles, but you will need to upgrade to the premium service ($8 and up) if you wish to message people. – Download from Google Play

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7. (Free)

Most comparison lists of online dating sites and apps seem to always describe as some kind of venerable presence in the world of online dating. Almost like an initial site that was there at the beginning of it all, and one that hasn’t really been updated as times have changed. In all honesty, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The app offers one of the bestt freemium dating experiences out there, and is one of the more comprehensive apps you will find. – Download from Google Play

6. Zoosk (Free)

Zoosk is another nice option for those who wish to exhaust all available mobile dating avenues when searching for romantic fun or perhaps something more serious. Zoosk is like a lot of the apps featured on this list in that it learns more about you and is able to come up with better romantic matches the more you use it. There are a lot of mentions of advanced algorithms to find you the perfect match, but in all honestly I think it just boils down to some basic things such as taste and location and stuff like that. Still a solid dating app and certainly worth checking out! – Download from Google Play

5. eHarmony (Free)

All of the dating sites and apps that are mentioned here seem to have taken on an identity regarding the people that use them and the way they are perceived in society. These days, it seems that eHarmony has taken on the role of dating app for older people, and I’d say that is probably reflected in the user base that is skewed to the older side. That said, there are a lot of different features here and it’s worth checking out even if you’re under 30. – Download from Google Play

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4. POF (Free)

I think that the best thing about POF (Plenty of Fish) and the attribute that sets it apart from other dating apps is the simple fact that it provides a wealth of different users to choose from if you are looking for fun or perhaps something more serious. As the name suggests, the database of users behind POF is bigger than any of the other dating sites and apps, meaning that you will never find yourself in a position where you have apparently exhausted all of your dating options through the app. POF has since been upgraded so that it now kind of resmbles a cross between OKCupid and Tinder (both below). You are shown photos or profiles and asked to gauge your interest, then pick a response and allow the app itself to sort your matches and work out the best one for you based on common ideas. – Download from Google Play

3. OkCupid (Free)

OKCupid used to be the dating site and app geared towards the younger and more aware individuals, but that has been perhaps taken over by Tinder in the last year or so. The success of Tinder puts everything else in perspective, and while the basic ideas between so many of these apps and Tinder tends to vary, it becomes difficult not to consider them in the context of Tinder – such is its huge success and reinvention of online dating. The best thing about OKCupid I think is its Facebook connectivity, because so many people use that these days so bringing stuff like photos and profile info is a big plus for many users. Then again, there are some that will wish to keep their private Facebook life and online dating movements apart. – Download from Google Play

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2. LOVOO (Free)

One of the best things about Lovoo is its Live Radar feature that allows you to see other Lovoo users in your general vicinity, and even work out where these people are going. While this sounds more like a tool for stalkers than a dating app, it’s an excellent way of hooking up with likeminded individuals and perhaps finding love when in a social setting rather than just the comfort of your bedroom! – Download from Google Play

1. Tinder (Free)

Tinder has attracted a huge amount of media attention for lots of different reasons in the past couple of years, and it’s easy to see why. In many ways it has reinvented the world of online dating or has at least injected it with a new lease of life. The basic idea behind the app is to go through photos of people and hit yes or no (swiping a different way each time) to reflect how you feel about this person as a potential date. The idea is very superficial, which has drawn a lot of criticism in some quarters, but it’s nice because it gets rid of all those people who constantly pester people who aren’t and would never be interested in them in real life. In order to forge a connection, both parties must have selected like – the problem then that you find is that some users’ profile picture doesn’t reflect who they truly are. While Tinder is perhaps geared towards no strings fun rather than a serious relationship, it should be noted for completely changing the way we go about online dating! – Download from Google Play

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