Top 8 Disney Games Android

When it comes to apps for the Android platform, Disney games and apps are among the best-selling in the world. And what kid wouldn’t want to play a game that features all the colorful characters from thee latest Disney release? Most of these games tend to fit into the same kind of format, with match-three games known as Free Fall titles and the Hidden Worlds series where players have to look at a given Disney scene and spot certain items. They’re also great at encouraging young ones to develop key logic skills, such as recognizing patterns and working their way through activities. More important for parents, however, they’re a great way to keep the kids occupied when nothing else will do! The amount of times these apps and game have come in handy on long road trips, I couldn’t tell you! Here are the top Disney game available for the Android platform!

8. Maleficent Free Fall (Free)

This one is actually one of a handful that Disney have put out in the match-three genre, where players simply have to match up three different items in order to eliminate them on the board. The difference here is that the items are stacked up meaning that they disappear once you get rid of one, which can cause some pretty spectacular chain reactions once you get into the game. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as needing a few hundred more points to beat the level and inadvertently setting off a free fall chain reaction that nets you thousands of points! The great thing for Disney is that this kind of format of game gives them infinite possibilities – simply change up the items and redress the game every time a new film comes out, just as they did recently with Frozen. – Download on Google Play

7. Nemo’s Reef (Free)

Okay, so this is kind of an old game since it’s been a while since Finding Nemo was released through Disney and Pixar. In this one you basically have to build an underwater paradise for Nemo in his friends, inspired by the scene from the movie where Nemo first goes to school and gets caught by some divers. All you kids’ favorite characters are here, including Dory, Gill, Bubbles and many more! There are over 50 different kinds of rare fish to collect, and many different plants and seeds to be discovered that can then be used to decorate the in-game environment. – Download on Google Play

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6. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight (Free)

This is the latest film from Disney, but the game is already proving to be something of a hit! It goes along with the other match-3 games that Disney have produced, using items and characters from the movie but not really developing the idea apart from that. The earlier levels are easy enough to get through, but the later ones become progressively hard, nearing impossible if you’re considering the level of most young players. This is because the game wants you to unlock items that will help you in your quest by making in-app purchases, which is a little annoying. Still, it’s a fun game! – Download on Google Play

5. Star Wars: Commander (Free)

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, and this one really brings back some memories – both of the movies and the real-time strategy games that become so popular in the 1990s with the like of Command and Conquer and others. With this one, the basic concepts of building a base and developing an army hold true, but you get to do so with all your favorite Star Wars characters! From Han Solo to Princess Leia, taking the Rebellion to victory! – Download on Google Play

4. Castle of Illusion ($9.99)

I remember the initial Castle of Illusion game back in the Sega Genesis days, and this one is a nice updating and reimagining of the same ideas. The basic idea is that the evil witch Mizrabel kidnaps Minnie mouse and you must then control Mickey through the fabulous Castle of Illusion in order to rescue her. It’s really the same idea we’ve seen in Super Mario Bros. for years! The 3D world looks great and is a lot of fun to explore, with bright and colorful graphics that will be sure to entertain your kids and aren’t too dark to be considered scary. The version I played was on a smartphone, which didn’t really lend itself to the format. I’ve been told that it is much better suited to tablets, and as the game page on the Play Store suggests, should be played with a controller – that’s if you can afford the uncharacteristically high price! – Download on Google Play

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3. Disney Hidden Worlds (Free)

This is the game I mentioned above: Hidden Worlds, where the player is presented with familiar and iconic Disney scenes and must then take on the role of detective to spot hidden clues and items that the average eye might overlook. I love this one and so does my daughter: mainly because it’s intriguing and teaches kids observation skills, ensuring that they are appreciating the finer details of these pretty Disney images rather than just taking one glance and skipping to the next page as they might do in a picture book. And the best thing about this app is that there is no limit to the Disney films that can be featured – currently there is Brave, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and more, meaning that there will be something for everyone! – Download on Google Play

2. Where’s My Water? (Free)

I didn’t actually realize that this was a Disney app until recently, but deserves to be this high on the list because the mechanics are so great and the game itself is so addictive. I suppose it could be considered more of a puzzle or arcade game, with around 500 puzzles all in all that can be played through in story mode with each character: Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck. The basic idea is to use the water in its different forms and your own creativity to successfully solve each puzzle, with different collectibles and challenges and bonus levels to unlock as you go along. The thing I love the most about this one is that it’s a puzzle game but there’s also something physics-based involved, meaning that you feel as though you are actually moving something tangible around the game world as you play rather than simply shifting little images around. – Download on Google Play

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1. Frozen Free Fall (Free)

This one is by far the Disney game that has seen the most play on my Android smartphone, though that might be down to the evergreen popularity of Disney’s hit movie than anything else. I mean, the movie came out over a year ago and people are still going crazy for the dolls, the dresses and everything else. In fact, it came back to theaters over the holidays in sing-along form and the screenings were just as packed as before. That’s when you know you have a hit movie on your hands! As a game, this basically follows the same idea of all the other match-3 apps, where you must match up similar crystals and ice gems in order to clear the board. Here, you are given different power-ups to help you clear the board depending on the character you are using – Anna has fire and Elsa has ice, for example. It’s a bit crude, but it’s great fun and will keep your young girls occupied for hours at a time! – Download on Google Play

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