Top 8 Dropbox Alternatives iPhone

Dropbox these days has become one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a platform where you can store your files over the web. It is a cloud based storage system where you are basically given a storage space online that you can use for just about anything, from work documents to images and video files. Dropbox typically will give you a free account with a certain about of GBs, so depending on what you want to use it for, this could well be enough for you! If you’re only using it for Word or Excel files, for example, the free account should be good enough – then you can spend more money for more storage space. There is also a nice level of interactivity through the website and the app, meaning that you can actively open your files and view them through the app, then download them with other apps. There are however some that have issues with Dropbox, least not the price, so it’s worth looking out for some nice alternatives. Of course it all depends on what you use your cloud based storage service for, but here are some cool options for your iPhone!

8. Wuala (Free)

One of the best things about Wuala is its very clean and minimal interface, which is simpl and easy to users. It seems to be perhaps best suited to Linux users, or at least started out that way but has since been developed for the worldwide market and different platforms. It’s a great way to backup files and sync them across different devices, and it is one of the most secure alternatives to Dropbox since it offers true file encryption to ensure that your files stay safe and private. The only real problem is that there is a 1GB storage limit, but that may well be enough for most users.- Download from iTunes

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7. SugarSync (Free)

If the interface seen in Wuala above is nice, then the one found is SugarSync is somehow superior to that! It stands apart from Dropbox in that you can keep photos separate and even offers a bunch of different options when it comes to editing files on the web interface. You can sync individual folders, too! As with so many of these different types of app, there is also a desktop alternative which makes it so much easier to store and manage your files, whether at work or home or on the go. You can edit files on your home computer, sync them up and access them on your work laptop, for example, then access them and even edit them through the app on your iPhone. – Download from iTunes

6. MEGA (Free)

I’d say that the one reason people are flocking to MEGA ahead of similar services is that it offers 50 GB of free cloud storage space, which is a lot more than its closes rivals. Another reason that people like is it because it links to Megaupload, which was a huge file sharing site that was based in New Zealand and shut down by the US Government. The founder is famously reclusive, and MEGA seems to share his ideas when it comes to anti government and pro piracy. Fortulately, it seems MEGA is very much a legal alternative and an excellent option if you like Dropbox but would rather have more storage space with your free account. – Download from iTunes

5. OneDrive (Free)

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is Microsoft’s answer to the cloud storage industry and is perfect for users who have Windows on their desktop or laptop computer whether at work or at home, and also those who have a Windows Phone. I’d say that the level of integration is much better when these platforms are involved, but there are apps available for a range of different platforms so if you are a Mac person, you can still take advantage of what this service has to offer. Currently I think thatit provides you with 15GB of storage for free which is of course 13GB more than what Dropbox offers and  you can then add storage space for a price. If you subscribe to Office 365 to use the official standalone MS Office apps, the subscription will give you 1TB of storage for free at no additional charge! The one drawback with OneDrive is that you need a Microsoft email account to use it, and you can’t share stuff directly with people as you can on Dropbox and Google Drive. – Download from iTunes

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4. MediaFire (Free)

Everyone will have come across MediaFire at one point, so the less said here the better. It’s a simple app with automatic photo and video syncing for iOS.- Download from iTunes

3. BitTorrent Sync (Free)

BitTorrent Sync is perhaps the best alternative for Dropbox if you want to share files directly from device to device but without using the cloud! – Download from iTunes

2. Box (Free) is one of the first I remember coming across when seeking out a useful cloud based storage system, even before I first found Dropbox and way back in Box’s Beta days. It’s an excellent way to share, manage and store information and it has a bunch of extra features that makes it one of the best Dropbox alternatives. There is an initial account size of 5GB which is really all that most free users will need, and you can easily integrate with Google Docs and many other similar services. There is the option to upgrade to a business account to get extra storage space, and you can even save different versions of the same file to ensure that you will not lose any progress you have made. One of the best things about Box is that it also works as a great business interface, in that yo ucan log on and comment on different files and folders. – Download from iTunes

1. Google Drive (Free)

Google Drive started life as a fantastic cloud storage and editing service, but has since evolved into something so much more than that It offers free 15GB accounts, but then you can expand that to 100 GB for around $25 a year, accessible from just about every platform and wherever you are in the world. The best thing about Google Drive is how integrated it is, meaning that you can use it on Mac and Windows and even Linux, upload document and spreadsheet files and then edit them through the app or through the web service. And then of course access and share the same files through other Google platforms like Gmail, etc. The thing I like best about Drive however is the small details that tend to set it apart from the rest. Things like drawing out a spreadsheet with a pen and having the app reflect that in rows and columns, and even aice feature that allows you to trace out symbols and allow the app to find the character in question. I use Drive to edit files at home, and have set it up to store these files offline on my computer, meaning that even if my internet goes down, it will still save my last edits and sync them when a connection becomes available. – Download from iTunes

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