Top 8 Educational Apps Android

Educational apps these days can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and can be aimed at different age groups. Generally, those aimed at kids seem to take the form of colorful games that the children will be naturally drawn to but can learn stuff at the same time. There is however a massive industry for so-called brain training apps on mobile devices too, with thousands of new users each and every day. Whether you are looking to find an app that will teach you about a variety of different topics depending on what you learn, or are looking for something to help you learn a new language, or even just wish to find some kind of resource that will give you information on anything at the tap of a button, all of these types of app are represented here. We take a look at what we believe to be the most educational apps for Android devices. Why not check out the list and use the comment section to suggest some of your own?

8. Udacity (Free)

Udacity is another of these excellent sites that offer college level courses in the palm of your hand, and theirs are taught by industry veterans from lots of different fields – including those who have worked with Facebook and Google. Yes Udacity is not just any education app that offers courses, but is instead geared towards programmers and is an excellent way to quickly learn a new programming language through the guide of someone who has actually worked with the language in the past. – Download from Google Play

7. NeuroNation (Free)

Brain training apps are huge these days, and NeuroNation is one of the best out there on the market. The service currently boasts over a million members, and specializes in tailor made brain games that are designed to give you a real brain workout. So many people these days use mobile apps to help work out a fitness model and follow it by exercising each day and then tracking their progress through the app. NeuroNation is much the same, but is concerned with the mind rather than the body – there is also, as the name suggests, more of an emphasis on the social which perhaps sets it apart from other apps such as Elevate and Lumosity, mentioned below.  – Download from Google Play

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6. Elevate (Free)

I did mention it briefly above, but I should repeat that there is currently a huge and very profitable market when it comes to mobile brain training apps. It’s hard to work out why this is, other than the fact that so many people would rather fill their casual time on their mobile device with something that actually educates and inspires rather than colorful games that offer nothing more than a passing distraction. Of these brain training apps, two appear to stand out: those being Elevate and Lumosity. More on the latter later, but Elevate is a great way to improve things like your Listening, Speaking and Writing. It starts you on three limited, free training exercises per day so you can start from there and see if you like it or, more importantly, if it’s actually beneficial! – Download from Google Play

5. Duolingo (Free)

While we have already dedicated a few Top 8 lists to language learning apps, I feel that they are so prominent these days and there are so many people scrambling to learn a new language through their mobile device that they should be counted under the education banner. As such, I decided to include at least one in this list on the most educational apps for Android devices: Duolingo is perhaps the more comprehensive of those currently available, with an innovative and engaging approach to learning a new language and lots of different languages supported. – Download from Google Play

4. Wikipedia (Free)

In terms of a modern resource that could be considered the real encyclopdia of our age, nothing touches Wikipedia. I find myself constantly referring to it on a daily basis for just about everything, which is why having the mobile app on hand is an absolute must. The depths of the website are reflected here in the official Wikipedia app, which is part of the reason why it is rated the highest encyclopedia app on the Play Store currently – but then, who would have expected any different, if we’re being honest? – Download from Google Play

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3. Coursera (Free)

Coursera is another great one to mention: this is the official app of the website, which has proven to be one of the more successful out there when it comes to receiving an online education for free. These days, with the price of education and difficulty to get into schools and then get a job once you’ve graduated, we expect the likes of Coursera to only continue to grow. And what’s more, this isn’t just a small third party thing that promises a nice education: they have actually partenered up with over 100 top universities from around the world to provide a top education that you can receive in your own time and for a price that everyonecan afford. And the selection is massive, too, with over 600 courses in 20 different subjects. There is a schedule to follow, just as there is with any education, but the service is flexible enough that you can learn stuff on your own time. – Download from Google Play

2. TED (Free)

Most people will have come across the TED brand and distinctive red logo by now: the TED videos that you can find all over the Internet offer a great amount of insight into a range of different topics, and are particularly great in that you actually get to witness real people talking about real experiences in any given area. As great as the likes of Coursera are when it comes to replicating the education you might receive at a top university and allowing users to get this online, there is nothing that quite compares to insight and the TED Talks app certainly has that. There is no site on the Internet with this level of resource when it comes to insightful talks by top professionals and people of industry, which is why the TED app is an absolute must for those who see their mobile device as the primary means for educating yourself. – Download from Google Play

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1. Lumosity (Free)

I’d say that with the exception perhaps of Wikipedia, Lumosity is the most household name to make this list of the best educational apps on Android devices, and it’s easy to see why. The app was first launched in 2007 so has been around for quite a while, and the web service has only helped to increase its following. The app is full of exercises and games to help test out the old grey matter, and while the base app itself is free to download, a full subscription actually costs $12 a month which is steep bit worth it. This gives you access to 50 odd additional games on your mobile and on their website, as well as stat comparisons with others and the ability to track your own progress. – Download from Google Play

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