Top 8 Email Apps Apple Watch

One big selling point that the Apple Watch boasts is the ability to check your notifications and messages at a glance, and this of course goes for emails, too. In general, when checking your email via smartphone it can take a while to get to the point: first you have to unlock the touchscreen to get to the email in question, and this is before you get your phone out to check if the email is from anyone worthwhile or is simply spam. Now, even if you’re in an important business meeting or perhaps driving down the freeway, you can easily check with a quick glance at your watch who the email is from and what the email includes, then either respond to it immediately or push it aside to reply to later. Understandably, the release of the Apple Watch has come with a bunch of updated and new email apps looking to get in on the action and make their inbox interface the one of choice for most users. Apple have also released their own Mail app in Apple Watch form which comes preloaded onto the device – but which is the email app that you should use?

8. Apple Mail

Of course, you can’t send email from your Apple Watch but you can read anything that has been sent to you, and Apple have made sure that you have that ability right out of the box with their updated Mail app. Now, setting up email notifications on your Watch can be a little tricky, but the crux of it is basically opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and simply activating the option that mirrors the notifications you receive on your iPhone. Then you can store your iPhone away, safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss any important info that comes through. While you can’t reply on your Apple Watch, you can dictate replies through voice to text, or simply hand off to your Mac if you would prefer to use a proper keyboard! – More Info from Apple

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7. (Free)

I assume that, at least given the name, must be one of the more well-used email clients out there, though I’ve not heard it mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Gmail and Hotmail. Still, they have their own iOS app that has recently been updated for use with the Apple Watch, so that has to be worth checking out, right You can create your own free email account and then pair it with existing accounts to get all of your stuff in one place.  – Download from iTunes

6. Dart Mobile ($0.99)

Most of the email apps you will find on the iPhone and by extension the Apple Watch seem to hold up and emphasize quickness as the main selling point, or reason for choosing their particular client over any other option. Dart, as the name suggests, is no different and prides itself on the ability for the user to set up quick predefined replies so that you can send off a detailed response without having to write a thing – of course quite a useful option with the Apple Watch in mind. These predefined responses are along the same lines as those you might be used to seeing on Apple’s iOS Messages app, in response to questions like “When will you be home?” and “What’s for dinner?”. You simply set up your predefined responses beforehand, and then tap the one you want to send when responding on your Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes

5. myMail (Free)

The idea behind myMail and indeed many of these third party email client apps is to bring all of your various inboxes together and deposit the emails in one place. Now, you could easily do that via the forward emails system in Gmail or just about any other client, but most don’t know how to do this, and email clients like myMail are here to take full advantage. With this one, you can manage all of your accounts at once and present them all in one bright and useful nterface that can be accessed through your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes

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4. TL;DR (Free)

TL;DR, for those not in the know when it comes to Internet-speak, means Too Long; Didn’t Read, which is a term that has spawned from messageboards and social media to basically mean that the person reading the text in front of them has, well, declined to read it because of how long and daunted it is. Really, this is a phrase that has become emblematic with this attention-deficit generation, which typically digests its info in short character bursts on Twitter or bitesize videos on Vine. TL;DR is an email client with an emphasis on this kind of quick digestion of content, taking the text and images from a given email and arranging it in a way that can be easily taken in by the recipient. You can then easily hand this data off to your nearest device, whether it be an iPhone or a Mac, in order to respond fully. – Download from iTunes

3. Spark (Free)

I had expected many of the premier iOS developers to come up with new apps with the Apple Watch in mind, and industry leaders Readdle have not disappointed with their latest productivity app. Spark is a new kind of email app with an emphasis on brevity and ease of use, which has been designed for the iPhone but with the Apple Watch also in mind. This app arrives behind a whole host of fantastic productivity apps produced by Readdle in the past few years, including their excellent scanning app. With Spark, you can quickly plug into your iCloud and Gmail or Outlook accounts so as to bring all of your inboxes together in one place. As such, you won’t need to flick between apps or email platforms again! – Download from iTunes

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2. Mail Pilot 2 ($9.99)

Mail Pilot 2 is a fairly simple email client that appears to have been devloped with the Apple Watch interface in mind, for you can easily see your email info, notifications, and also reply or send emails from your wrist, too. As I say, the layout here is quite simple and no-nonsense but really, given the size of the Apple Watch screen and limitations of the hardware, there’s not much room for anything else. The cool thing about this app as a fully functioning email client is that you can pull together all of your inboxes and also hand off emails to other devices. This is ideal if, like me, the thought of responding to an important email on your iPhone is bad enough, let alone doing so through the Apple Watch! – Download from iTunes

1. CloudMagic (Free)

Anyone who has read the site with any interest will realize that we’re big fans of CloudMagic. It works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, and many more, bringing together all of your messages – personal stuff and work stuff alike – and allowing you to access them in one place. Their recently developed Apple Watch app is an extension of the existing iPhone functionality, and is as useful as ever! – Download from iTunes

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