Top 8 Evernote Alternatives Android

If there’s one note taking app that exists on a higher plane to the other examples out there, it’s Evernote. It’s an app that comes from fairly humble beginnings, but these days represents the one note taking app that most turn to in order to improve their productivity both at home and in the workplace, with a ton of different features and an unrivaled level of compatibility with other apps. It’s also the one app that seems to be available on just about every platform, which is perhaps the one area where other note taking apps fall down. Besides, if you’re creating things like notes, reminders and to do lists then you want to be able to access them at all times and no matter which platform you are using. We recently go thinking about the potential pretenders to Evernote’s throne, with one or two big names coming to the forefront (Microsoft’s OneNote, for example) but plenty of other smaller apps that could possible considered as Evernote alternatives. Check out our picks, and feel free to recommend your own suggestions in the comments section below!

8. Thinkery (Free)

In terms of its features and goals, I think that one Android app that bears a striking resemblance to Evernote is Thinkery. This app is basically designed around the idea that you would forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on. It features reminders, basic to do lists and of course your typical note taking options. I suppose when we consider such apps, we should also speak about their presence on other platforms and the Thinkery web platform is actually a lot easier to use than Evernote’s which gives it some advantage. By far the most impressive thing about this app however is its automated ability to pull info from entered web addresses. – Download from Google Play

7. Omni Notes (Free)

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Omni Notes is one note taking app that some Android users may have overlooked, but we’re huge fans of its clean and simple design – it’s also one of the more lightweight note taking apps out there, meaning that it doesn’t become a drag to edit notes. It’s also great when it comes to batch editing, which is something that so many similar apps get so wrong. The color coding options here are also excellent, for those who love organizing! – Download from Google Play

6. Diigo (Free)

Diigo is one that I hadn’t originally shortlisted for this particular Top 8 since it doesn’t really fall under the classic note taking app umbrella. I mean, you wouldn’t consider it a note taking app in the traditional sense by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, upon discussing the various merits of these apps and their most impressive features, we realized that much of the stuff we do on Evernote can be done with Diigo. This is basically a social bookmarking app that allows you to not only bookmark sites but also add notes to them and create your own library by grabbing and clipping different pieces of content. Very useful for students who will often use the web when researching! – Download from Google Play

5. Wiz Note (Free)

Wiz Note is another nice note taking app worth considering, again with an emphasis on the rapid collection and management of small pieces of content, then of course the sharing of this content. One of the reasons I inluded this app is because of the way its interface is designed: it’s clean and straightforward, which is something that too many note taking apps seem to forget about – of course an aspect that is of the utmost importance when it comes to increasing your productivity, both at home and in the workplace. – Download from Google Play

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4. Fetchnotes (Free)

Fetchnotes is one app that I only recenty discovered but it’s a fantastic example of a text only app that promotes this idea of a clean space in which to work, without the usual distractions. One app we didn’t mention on this list is Letterspace, which is also similar in its approach to design. The UI here isn’t quite as clean and clear as that in Letterspace but it’s better than most of the other apps listed. It’s also another of those note taking apps that works with hashtags as a way to properly organize your notes. I’ve always liked this, and not just as a gimmick designed to appeal to Twitter users. It’s just a quick way to file stuff without a proper folder system. And if you create a given note within the context of a given hashtag in Fetchnotes, the hashtag will be automatically added to the note in question which is a convenient little addition. – Download from Google Play

3. Google Keep (Free)

I’ve read more than a few criticisms of Google Keep as a viable Evernote alternative but surely, given the familiarity that most have with Google’s recurring grid-based arrangement, it’s worth considering. In terms of design, the approach here is very minimal in comparison with some of the other apps listed. It also lacks the features of other apps, but does obviously work well with other Google apps so might be worth considering if you’re a regular user of something like Google Drive or the productivity app Google Docs. The best aspect of this app is by far the color coding options for your notes, and the fact that you can add reminders within the notes themselves. – Download from Google Play

2. OneNote (Free)

Microsoft’s OneNote is perhaps the one no brainer on the list as a potential candidate to replace Evernote on your Android device. This is mainly because it’s perhaps the only one listed here that has a big name backer and can thus easily adapt and change depending on given industry trends and standards. It’s also one of the most wide ranging note taking apps out there in terms of the platforms it works on. I will often pass work off from my Android tablet to my home PC in order to continue working on drafts, but I also have a Windows Phone at work so can keep my OneNote files synced on that, too – though, the app on the Windows Phone is somewhat limited in comparison. – Download from Google Play

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1. Simplenote (Free)

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, clutter can be the biggest drawbacks of certain apps – especially those designed with productivity in mind, where you have a workspace and are moving files about. An app rich with different tools and features will always be appreciated, especially if they are innovative and offer something different to other similar apps, but all of this can be for nought if it gets in the way of doing the most basic of things. Simplenote is an app that takes note taking back to its basics with a clean design and interface that even your grandmother could pick up in a matter of minutes. It should be noted (no pun intended, promise) that Simplenote only supports text based notes, but does allow you to synchronize these across a variety of different platforms – you can also back these up, which can be useful if you’re working with important documents or regularly change devices.  – Download from Google Play

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