Top 8 Evernote Alternatives iPhone

I should note at this point that I’m something of a list freak, in that I like to organize just about everything in life into a short array of bullet points so that I know exactly where I stand. When thinking about going on holiday for example, I have to create a detailed itinerary of each day and what we are doing at each hour of the day, and create a similarly detailed list of everything I need to pack so as to not leave anything behind. The same goes for daily life, when doing chores for the day – it’s great for those who have a terrible memory like myself, whether that involved remembering to pay a bill or to pick up the dry cleaning, or even specific stuff like what kind of vegetables to buy at the supermarket. By far the best app on mobile devices when it comes to taking notes and making lists is Evernote, which has gained a huge following since its inception. Like all big apps however it does have its detractors, so it’s worth perhaps looking at some nice Evernote alternatives for you and your iPhone!

8. Skitch (Free)

I suppose that we should kick off a list like this by outlining the other apps that those behind Evernote have produced, which generally seem to revolve around the same theme of taking notes and sketching stuff down. There is Evernote Scannable and Evernote Food, which allow you to quickly scan in  documents and make notes relating to recipes respectively. Two very useful apps, as I’m sure you’ll agree! One slightly different alternative that Evernote have produced however is Skitch, which is a cool new idea that allows you to basically snap things, sketch on them and send them to others in an instant. Perfect for brainstorming and people who are creative! – Download from iTunes

7. Awesome Note ($3.99)

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As for third party apps, I think a good place to start would be Awesome Note which is perhaps the most expensive iPhone app to make the list at $3.99 but is not just a note taking app. Indeed, it has a powerful array of different features that allow you to organize your life in an interactive and efficient manner. I think that this aspect really is the best thing about Awesome Note: the idea of having a full package, and the versatility to provide users with not just the ability to take notes but also create lists, make diary entries, receive reminders and plan trips with the itinerary planner. I tested this app for a week and already find myself referring to its calendar feature regularly, which integrates with all the other stuff in the app. – Download from iTunes

6. WorkFlowy (Free)

It seems that many of the apps we tried out as Evernote alternatives are those that relate to organizing work, often in a collaborative environment, and also organizing your personal life. Workflowy definitely falls in the former category, and while it can’t really be seen as a full on replacement because it lacks many of Evernote’s most useful features (image clippings for one) there are some excellent features here that are well worth taking advantage of. The web interface is sublime, and the app is available across a  range of different platforms besides. When it comes to managing files and syncing and sharing them with colleagues, as well as planning things, this is one app to check out. – Download from iTunes

5. Day One ($4.99)

Day One is more of a journal app than a note taking app, but I love it for its beautiful interface and the fact that you can easily keep track of just about everything that is going on in your life, no matter what platform you are using, where you are in the world and how much free time you have! – Download from iTunes

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4. Simplenote (Free)

Simplenote is a lit more basic than Evernote, or at least it seems that way with an interface that is perhaps the most accessible among all those we tested out on the iPhone. Even those who are not used to mobile devices and touch screens, let alone note taking applications should have no trouble loading up Simplenote and finding their way around its advanced menus. While Simplenote is stripped down when compared to other apps and only provides the ability for text based notes, there are some who would prefer not to have all the added features that so many of these apps look to offer. Sometimes its great to get a simple note taking app, rather than something like Awesome Notes above that promises to let you organize your whole life through its menu structure. That said, you can integrate Simplenote with other apps and easily share your notes across platforms and applications. – Download from iTunes

3. WizNote (Free)

WizNote is another nice piece of note software that, as you can see from the screenshot above, has a lovely clean interface and works almost like a clipping book where you place notes down on and then can arrange them how you see them. One drawback with some note apps is that you can’t always tell what a note is about until you open it up and have a look. The nice preview function on WizNote means that this is no longer an issue, since you can get a nice look at what is on each note before opening it up and taking a look. This makes managing your notes and to do lists and stuff a whole lot easier than ever before! – Download from iTunes

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2. Quip (Free)

Quip is a nice note taking app that is available across a range of platforms, including iOS and Android but also on your Mac and PC, as well as online. The tool is designed specifically with the idea of collaborating on the process of making and altering notes, and most of the key features here relate to this. So whether you are collaborating with others to plan a child’s birthday party, or with more specific professional stuff such as work related meetings, Quip is a nice open environment to take notes and modify them on the go. You can fill folders with files, share them with others and there is even an integrated chat function which is great for brainstorming. – Download from iTunes

1. OneNote (Free)

In the absense of Google Keep, which was a nice note taking app but has since become defunct (Google Drive is a nice note taking alternative, if we are considering apps in more broader terms) Microsoft’s OneNote is perhaps the best and most comprehensive of all the Evernote alternatives on the iPhone. It is a superb way to make notes, even if you are not one of those that uses Microsoft products. Though, the app does become a lot more efficient in terms of integration if you are on a Windows PC, or use a Windows Phone, or simply use MS Office for your work stuff. The best thing about this app is the ability to use web clippings and turn them into notes, and it also supports other third party apps like Chegg, among others. – Download from iTunes

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