Top 8 Expensive Games Android

Have you ever seen one of those articles that look at the most expensive apps and games on the Play Store? Some of the entries are hilarious: apps that seem so cheaply produced and developed that you wouldn’t go near them otherwise – in fact, I’m sure that these articles that point and laugh at some of the prices are the only reason that people know these apps exist. Some apps and games have prices upwards of $100, with the most expensive being even more than that and featuring nothing more than a button in the middle of the screen. It’s a testament to the freedom of developers on the platform that they can charge that much, but then it begins to resemble eBay – with crazy prices all over the place! But what about the games that are expensive but actually worth checking out? We take a look at some favorites!

8. Dragon Quest VIII ($19.99)

I suppose that I should preface this list by stating that most of the apps to grace it will be those developed by Square Enix. I’ve seen a few news pieces recently speaking about the high price that the developer maintains when it comes to selling apps on the Play Store. To their credit, Square Enix make a decent case for charging this much: namely, because most of their titles on Android in particular are actually ports from other platforms, in which case they would charge much more per copy of the game. While I don’t exactly agree with prices being this high, there’s no doubt that the games are of the highest quality. The Dragon Quest series in particular is so much fun as an RPG, and there are currently 8 different titles available to download from the Play Store. This one just happens to be our favorite! – Download on Google Play

7. RPG Spectral Souls ($11.99)

RPG Spectral Souls is another role playing game, though this time developed by HyperDevbox Studio and with an isometric viewpoint. I’d almost suggest that any developers of RPGs that go straight onto the Android device that charge this much for a copy are taking advantage of those developed by Square Enix which have more right to such high prices. This one however is kind of a revamping of an existing PSP game and one that has had lots of success in the East. It’s actually right up there with the other RPGs I’ve played on mobile devices, and offers lots of hours of gameplay for the price of $11.99. – Download on Google Play

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6. Deathsmiles ($11.99)

Deathsmiles is a departure from most of the apps mentioned on this list in that it is not an RPG, even though it gave me that impression before first playing it. No, it’s actually a classic shoot em up arcade game by Cave which found its way from the arcade to the Xbox 360 in 2007. Again, this is a port so that’s what probably explains the high price. The difference being that the mobile version has controls optimized for touch screen, as well as an entirely new character that introduces more RPG elements. – Download on Google Play

5. The World Ends With You ($17.99)

This is another Square Enix title, this time developed initially for the Nintendo DS in 2008 and then ported over to Android. Unlike some of the others mentioned here this one is more of a side-scrolling arcade fighting game, though with some RPG elements. The combat system here is fantastic, and really lends itself to the mobile platform in a big way. Likewise, the art has been updated slightly and is now truly high definition, something that shows the bigger your screen. – Download on Google Play

4. Chaos Rings II ($13.99)

Sticking firmly with Square Enix as we ride out this list, Chaos Rings II was actually developed by Media Vision and distributed by Square and is undoubtedly one of the greatest RPGs to have found its way out of Japan in recent years. There are fantastic 3D graphics, though I do tend to prefer the top down perspective of some Final Fantasy games. This game revolves around the question that mars so many JRPGs, that being would you sacrifice your loved one or someone you hold dear in order to save the world? Like so many of the Square Enix games on here, this one is a turn-based battle system so may not be what some players are into. I’ve noticed more and more often these days that players are interested only in the action, whereas RPGs like Chaos Rings really emphasize the important of strategy and patience. – Download on Google Play

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3. Final Fantasy III ($15.99)

It was always going to come down to this: the obligatory inclusion of Final Fantasy games, updated and rereleased on the Android platform though with a price that is closer to what people paid when they were first released back in the 1990s. At this point, considering that there are currently around eight Final Fantasy titles available for download from the Google Play Store, it becomes about preference. Personally, some of the greatest experiences I’ve had when it comes to RPGs are tied into Square’s earlier FF titles, such as Final Fantasy III which first saw the light back in in 1990 for the original NES and has been reupdated and reimagined countless times down the years. The fact that there is still a market where a company can charge $15.99 for a game that is essentially 25 years old just shows how timeless there titles really are. – Download on Google Play

2. Soulcalibur ($13.99)

Another one of the all-time greats from Japan, and the one beat em up that really broke the mold for me. I remember Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat well, even Virtua Fighter had its moments, but Soulcaliber seemed to take all this to another level entirely. The game was first released by Namco back in 1998, taking the arcades of Japan by storm before finding a home on the Sega Dreamcast with a 1999 port. This is where many of the fans of Soulcalibur (including myself) first came across it, with all the colorful characters and fun moves that are still stored away in our memories somewhere to this day. Personally, I find it so nostalgic to play these games now and so interesting to see how the likes of Namco have updated their famed title for current audiences – I just wish they weren’t so expensive! – Download on Google Play

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1. Final Fantasy V ($15.99)

Final Fantasy V

This one was always my favorite Final Fantasy edition back in the day, which explains why I had a blast revisiting it on my Android phone recently. Final Fantasy V was first released by Square back in 1992 on the Super Nintendo, which is probably the platform that took up most of my time when it comes to top-down RPG titles – Secret of Mana was even more addictive than this one, but the memories these days have all melted into on fantastic experience, lived all those summers ago! The game has been ported to many different platforms over the years, from the Game Boy Advance to the PlayStation Network and most recently for mobile devices like the Android and iPhone platforms. The one thing we can take away from this is that Final Fantasy games never truly get old, and the concepts and themes they present can be applied easily to life as we live it today. – Download on Google Play

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