Top 8 Finance Apps Apple Watch

One of the things people use their smartphones and tablets for more than ever these days is to do with finance, and the idea of monitoring and maintaining your finances no matter where you are in the world, not to mention accessing them. The latest contactless payment systems such as those devised by PayPal and of course Apple Pay mean that it is easier than ever before not only to purchase things on the go, without the need to carry around cash, but also to have a small business that can effectively function on transactions without the need for an installed phone line or internet line or cash register or whatever. With the increase in pop up shops in just about every city these days, not to mention the popularity of temporary events like music festivals and stuff, these payment systems have really opened the door for many enterprising business owners who can take money for sales with just their iPad, or whatever. The Apple Watch makes this even easier, allowing you to take payments, make payments, and perhaps most importantly of all to check up on and move your finances about with ease, using a range of excellent apps that have recently been updated to support Apple’s new platform!

8. Apple Pay

I supose we should kick off this list with Apple Pay itself, which is of course built into the Apple Watch out of the box and allows you to make and receive contactless payments with ease and of course manage your money. While this seems like a logical step and really one of the main reasons for developing the hardware, putting this ability inside the Apple Watch can’t have been all that easy. Many people have come to the realization in recent months that the Watch is really just an extension of your iPhone, allowing you to do some of the quick stuff that you would normally do on your iPhone, but withou the need to get it out of your pocket, unlock it, etc. So, the ability of Apple Pay is one of the more poweful things that the Apple Watch can do, with NFC or Near Field Communication built in to enable those contactless payments, and of course a new and improved approach to security! – More Info from Apple

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7. Citi Mobile Lite (Free)

Citi Bank was one of the first companies to jump on the Apple Watch when it comes to providing users with the chance to manage their finances directly from their wrist. With this Citi Mobile Lite app which was recently updated to support Apple’s new platform, you can check your balances, see your recent transactions and perhaps most important of all get real time updates on any movements on their credit cards or bank accounts. So, you will not be informed quicker than ever before of any changes to your account balance, which could be all important if they are transactions not authorized by yourself! – Download from iTunes

6. Tangerine (Free)

There are many different banks out there that have their own apps, and that have updated their apps to support the Apple Watch. Though, some of these apps are relatively simple: that’s not the case with this app from Tangerine, which is only really of note if you are a client but is worth mentioning nonetheless. – Download from iTunes

5. Chronicle ($2.99)

Chronicle is a fairly basic bill reminder app that is actually already available for the Mac and iOS devices. The idea is basically to feed the app with all your bill details, particularly those that are recurring and can be tapped into the system so that they appear weekly or monthly. You then basically arrange all of these bills based on the category to which they belong, then get notified of them directly on your wrist with the Apple Watch. You can look for upcoming bills, or snooze the unpaid bill notification with the tap of your wrist. – Download from iTunes

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4. Unspent ($0.99)

Much of these finance apps, or at least those that seem to be proving the most popular among users these days, are those that are budget oriented. So, those that allow you to set up a budget for your home or your business, or just something smaller or more temporary such as a holiday budget, and then allow you to track that – setting up goals and checking them off if and when they are achieved. One of the best budgeting apps out there is Unspent, which seems a small app but is actually very useful for creating one off budgets like that mentioned previously. The Apple Watch version of Unspent extends many of the functionalities found in the iPhone version, allowing you to view budgets and goals and add in each new purchase as it occurs. – Download from iTunes

3. Money Wiz 2 ($4.99)

MoneyWiz 2 is one of those apps that I wasn’t even aware of before checking it out during the research period of this list, but I’m glad I did! Of course, these apps for the Apple Watch are mainly just extensions of the iPhone functionality of the same app, so it really depends on the iPhone version being good, and the Apple Watch version running with that. I’d not tried MoneyWiz 2 before but was pleasantly surprised: it allows you to manage your budgets, track spending, view accounts and a whole lot more. And most of these abilities are also available to access from your wrist through the Apple Watch touchscreen. And there’s even a Mac version of the same app!  – Download from iTunes

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2. Pennies ($2.99)

Pennies is another on that I wasn’t aware of before the Apple Watch rolled around and it popped up as one of the first updated finance apps. It is a fantastic little app for keeping track of your spending: you can set up recurring or one off budgets, then keep on top of them with your app. After you buy something, you then log it in the correct category with a few taps of your wrist, and this will sync it with the iPhone version of the app so you can check it later on. I love the micro management side of things, such as the ability to for example set up a maximum that you can spend on coffee each week and then monitoring this directly on your wrist. – Download from iTunes

1. Mint (Free)

Intuit’s game changing app and finance platform, Mint, has come a long way since it debuted on smart phones and is now clearly the industry and market leader when it comes to providing users in the west with a way to discretely manage their finances from the comfort of their own device. The budgeting app, for that is really what it is once everything has been strippted away, allows you to check your spending and budget info at a glance, and is also an excellent way to keep on top of your budgeting goals. You might have set yourself a target for the month in terms of money saved, for example, and this recently updated app will allow you to track your progress from your wrist, synced with your iPhone version of the app to updated immediately should anything change.- Download from iTunes

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