Top 8 Google Maps Alternatives Android

Google Maps is undoubtedly the leader these days when it comes to navigation tools, particularly on the web and desktop but also on mobile platforms. I’ve never actually used it properly on an Apple device, but can attest that it integrates very well into your average Android interface, meaning that it is hard to argue why one should look elsewhere if they actually own one. But there are many Google Maps alternatives out there, and many of which do offer something slightly different and also better, in some cases. In just about every area of the market there are new and exciting apps queuing up to challenge those that have a stranglehold on things, and will often see things differently to a big tech juggernaut like Google. With Maps, this comes in the form of things like traffic info, seen best in the crowd driven alternative Waze, which can become indispensable as a a turn by turn navigation app when out on the road. What other Google Maps alternatives are there, then, and why are they worth our time?

8. (Free)

Again, it can be difficult to argue the contrary when you have a service as great as Google Maps, and especially when that service comes preloaded onto your smartphone, but we’ll try! First up when it comes to stating the case against would be the app, which I’ll admit to having encountered very recently on Android but it is definitely worth mentioning. As with the previously mentioned Waze (which we’ll come back to later) is crowd sourced, or at least is based on the OpenStreetMap database which is the product of user mapping data. The app provides you with complete offline map support in around 350 different countries, which is great if you’re traveling and won’t always have that 3G connection to rely on. There are also other neat features such as the ability to bookmark places, track your orientation and share your location. It’s also completely free, which is quite rare when it comes to navigation apps that offer offline content like this. – Download from Google Play

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7. OsmAnd (Free)

Yet another app that takes advantage of OpenStreetMap data and another viable choice when looking for Googel Maps alternatives is OsmAnd Maps. This app takes the crowd sourced data and then simply adds its own interface and pushes in a few nice features. One of these that we first noticed when using the app is the Wikipedia info for points of interest, and the sharp turn by turn navigation information which is of course very usedful when traveling – either on foot, with your bike or with your car. Turn by turn navigation can alter drastically when switching between these different methods of transport, but we’re pleased to say that with OsmAnd it stays pretty much the same.- Download from Google Play

6. Sygic (Free)

Sygic is worth noting as a viable alternative to Google Maps since it is powered by TomTom, which of course is already a big name in the world of navigation. The map data here is not quite as good as you might get with one of the many apps we’ve listed here that take advantage of the OpenStreetMap platform, but there is full offline mapping and  bunch of nice features. The point of interest data is pulled from TripAdvisor, which is a move that scores points with us since we’re big fans. The app is free to download and use, but some of the features will cost you: traffic data and access to speed camera locations in particular. – Download from Google Play

5. CoPilot GPS (Free)

CoPilot GPS is another one that’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a Google Maps alternative and aren’t worried about the cost. The app is free to download but you will need to pay in order to access most of the key features. While the mapping data is good enough, we’re not convinced that it’s quite worth considering when there are so many free alternativs out there. Again, CoPilot is a navigation app that leans towards the functionality of your average GPS unit rather than anything else, and may be worth checking out if you don’t mind spending a few bucks. – Download from Google Play

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4. Scout (Free)

Scout is an app that we’ve featured once or twice before, and while it works as a decent navigation app and Google Maps alternatives, there is also something different that sets it apart. That is of course the social aspect, which means you get chat and meetup functionalities built right into the app. While this might be the last thing you need when trying to navigate your way around a busy city, it does act as a nice way to coordinate when perhaps meeting friends at a specific location – when you can’t take your eyes off the map, but also want to stay connected. – Download from Google Play

3. MapQuest (Free)

MapQuest is a mapping platform that has been around for some time, but these days has of course been fully replaced by the likes of Google Maps on the web. There is still a supported app out there however, and it could work as a good Google Maps alternative if you give it a chance. There are high def maps, point of interest info, turn by turn functionality and a lot of other features to worth noting. The ETA sharing in particular is a nice touch, since it means you can actively send your arrival info to friends so that they know how long you’ll be. – Download from Google Play

2. HERE (Free)

When it comes to Google Maps alternatives or replacements on Android devices, I’d say that the one app you hear mentioned more oftent han others is Nokia’s HERE Maps. The maps that it offers are highly detailed and entirely downloadable, which is great if you want maps to be available offline. It is also a navigation tool that is improving all the time, with new feaures and additions that ensure this one is worth checking out. There is key info for points of interest, and a lot of other functions that make HERE one of the better Google Maps alternatives out there at present, and not just for those with a Nokia phone! – Download from Google Play

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1. Waze (Free)

I mentioned Waze previously as one of the better Google Maps alternatives out there, for its crowd sourced traffic info that would keep you up to date with what to avoid on the roads. While this remains the case, it is worth considering at this point that Waze is now of course owned by Google and we’ve seen some of its features integrated into Google Maps recently. While this is good news in that it gives you the power of Google Maps combined with a key features such as traffic navigation, it’s still worth checking Waze out and downloading the app. It’s not the best looking app in the world, but few are when it comes to navigation. Waze is all about the information it provides, however, relaying you with everything from gas station prices to food stops, accidents and police activity on your chosen route. – Download from Google Play

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